Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today is the day i realize my baby Bug is no longer a baby.  
The Bug

With his "Fish"
He can wear a Boys extra small or size 4 small shirt, and his pants size is just in the little boys category too. We are speaking and communicating with words and sentences more, which is fun because he still cant/wont say too much still but enough that you know he is learning and still trying.

Today my Bug went fishing with his PahPah.  He was looking forward to using his "pishing pole" so much so that the other day when my dad was packing up the truck with all their gear.  I drive up to the house and see my bug sitting down at the foot of the garage crying. I mean crying like balling crying. I asked what was wrong and he pointed to his PahPah's truck saying "momma sit sit pishing". He thought they were going fishing and he wanted to make sure he was going with all the fishing stuff but when i showed up he knew that meant he was not going fishing right then and it broke his whole world.

With his "Shark"
The day came today and he got to go fishing.  I forgot to send a heavy coat and a hat but the bugs sweat suit was warm enough with his PahPah doing man stuff.   I was at work but i hear he had fun at the water and he even reeled in three fish! The first fish he reeled in he called it a fish, he held the line it was on, touched the fish, and looked so excited.  The second and third fish were bigger so he said those where "sharks".  I do not know if it was because he had already caught his "fish" or if it was the fact that the other two were bigger, but it was still funny to me.

All in all i know my Bug is not a baby any more and he had a great day.  Even if he does not remember this day i know it means a lot to my dad to have his smart as a whip grandson share an interest of his and do it well.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

3 year old Stats

So our stats

The Bugs Weighs in at 33 lbs and is 38 Inches tall.  He wears a size 11 shoe in kids (and is just about out of those already).

PS my shoe complaint (yes i know i have many more shoes to buy for this boys growing foot)
MAY  i bought him a pair of shoes...3 weeks later they are to SMALL so my dad bought him a full size bigger and the girl said in about month he will be another half size.  AND NO LATER THAN 4 WEEKS PASS and he is in a FULL size bigger...UGH.

SO now we are three months past that and he is just about out of these...OH well some people put ten dollars away per pay check for tires i have to put money away per pay check for the Bugs shoes!

Bugs 4th Pumpkin Patch!

It was about that time again...PUMPKIN PATCH TIME!!

There are two things i LOVE Pumpkins and Penguins so Harvest/ Halloween season and Christmas season make me HAPPY!

A tradition the Bug and i have in October, is going to the Pumpkin Patch at Cal Poly Pomona.  We are two in the thousands who venture out early on Saturday morning to run up and down the field of pumpkins, run through the hay maze, and support the clubs and organizations.  This year we even hung out with the Bugs Auntie KC the entire time we were there.  P.S. im pretty sure she got some amazing pictures of my Baby bug having a blast in the patch so look for those to come soon!

This years patch was good, but not as a great as the previous years yet we still enjoyed our selves!  The Bug ran through a hay maze, painted a pumpkin, pulled his wagon, pee'd in a port-a-potty for the first time, photo bombed others pictures, and picked three great pumpkins!

When we left we had a snack, and he fell asleep in the car as always...after all its tradition hahah.

Later in the evening we cleaned and carved his pumpkin then put a tea light in it and watched it glow on our kitchen table.

It was a great day and as always  i am reminiscing on todays fun times while already looking forward to next years!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Can you Say Friday?

My Bug does random things through out the day that reassure me he is a smart kid that is doing things on his terms...not mine.

I am trying to get him to use his words more so i say words and have him repeat them, but in a question and answer sort of format.  One of the things we do is going through the days of the week daily.  I say what day of the week is it...if he doesn't know what day it is he says "ummm what day is it"...this happens most of the time but in time i figure he will catch on. 

Oh and a little background, on Fridays for dinner i try to do pizza for dinner, he loves pizza. I think its a good family tradition to start something of this nature that he is excited about now, with the hopes that nights like this just continue as he gets older or as our family grows. 

So now onto this morning as i am driving him to his Nana's and this was our conversation:

M: What day of the week is it today?
B: Ummmm what day is it
M: Its Friday can you say Friday?
B: Umm Pizza
M: Yes pizza is for dinner on Fridays can you say Friday?
B: Oh Yummy

This little genus wont tell me its Friday but he will tell me whats happens on Friday because he KNOWS what he gets to eat at dinner on Fridays!

Then i laugh and shake my head saying this is only the beginning of him taking his stubbornness to the limits.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Color, Cut and Paste!

Lately i have been trying to think of things to keep my Bug learning and challenged by using activities i know he enjoys. 

I came up with a matching put the puzzles together type of game with alphabets and numbers, so far it seems to be a fan favorite to him so i am sharing.

Here is what we did:
1. Using word art i made block letters A thru Z, big enough to fill the entire page. Then i printed two copies.

2. We took one copy of our alphabet sheets and colored each letter in.  We said each letter as we colored it and tried to do each letter a different color.
3. Then i let the Bug use his safety scissors and cut the letters out as i supervised. By the end he was getting good at making confetti so i just let him cut the extra strips of paper as i cut the letters out.  That was still a nice part of the activity because he had to work on hand eye coordination, plus using scissors is a good life long goal to know right hahah

4.  Then using a glue stick and the second page of the alpha bet sheet, we glued on the cut out letters to their correct letter.  Going in order, we said each letter we were looking for, we matched up up with the paper so he could see the letter, then we glued each letter on top of the correct letter on the blank paper.

This activity took little prep time, really i just had to type the alphabet on the computer and change the font then print.  The best part (beside the learning and bonding) was that my busy busy Bug did not get bored because we were not doing one montamous thing AND the skills he obtained from start to end were all learning tools.

By the end of the 45 minute activity the accomplishments i observed :
1. We repeated the alphabet 3 times, with sight recognition
2. His scissor skills became way more controlled
3. His "i can paste skills" were defined
4. We went through various speech and sight skills with colors
5. We had fun!

I also did this activity with numbers.  That one did not take so long as we only had 9 numbers we went through.  I know my bug loves puzzles so i think this was a good activity that allowed him to use his skills he likes while getting to learn some other skills. 

This did not take long, it was fun and bonding and we were learning. Some smooth music on in the background and no TV for an hour and half just Momma and Bug moments.  I can definitely see us doing an activity like this on a weekday when we both get home with not just numbers and letters but i can see it growing into works and shapes and so much more.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning to make the Sparks Fly!

Today I gave my Bug a disposable camera that I got from work, thinking of would be a fun 10 minute something to do. Boy was i wrong on how much he would learn and have fun with this thing.

He was using it for its correct function at first, advancing the film, turn on the flash, saying cheese and taking pictures. Then we got home and he ran out of pictures so the flash and button stopped working.

If this was me i would have been done and onto the next toy, but not my Bug.  What does he do next...try and figure out why it's no longer working duh. So the bug went to work. He ripped of the paper covering the camera, then split the camera in two by repeatedly dropping it on my tile floor. Once he got it open it kind of shattered into many pieces. A battery case, a battery, the front and back to camera, then the electronic board that the flash is connected to (note i have NO CLUE on the technical terms for these parts).

I was certain that the camera was trash and he was going to loose interest in it since it was all disassembled, but no the interesting part just started. My bug went to work and put the camera back together piece by piece. Not only did he put it together but he did it correctly! When he pressed the button after assembling the camera the flash went off. His face lite up he looked up clapped and said yaay! Truthfully my heart melted a little because that was a big accomplishment...well to me it is because HE IS ONLY THREE!!

He took it apart again, and when he was putting it together this time he learned that the with out the battery in the camera the flash wouldn't go off.  That's when he started messing with the wires in the camera. He moved the colors around, with the battery not in place and nothing happened.  Then he moved the wires around and put the battery in place and a big spark just popped off!

Total he had thirty more minutes with the camera experimenting on trail and error before he took it apart to build it again.  Then i ended up having to take it away...Yes I ended up taking it away and throwing it away when his engineering skills got too good. Once he started messing with the flash and the wires and a spark flew...I then confiscated it with the quickness and or disposable camera time was over.

I understand more now why this guy gets bored in school. In the schools he was in they sang the days of the week or they are required to sit still on a shape on the carpet.  He could not use trial and error doing things like taking apart a camera or working with things that give him a reward when he built it right like "making the camera flash".  So i am now on the hunt to find things to nurture my Bugs intellect and curiosity to learn in a positive growing way. 

This morning i am glad to say I have a step in the right direction.  I shared my story with my friend at work who hipped me to littleBits . The idea behind these came because the CEO saw that Lego's helped with kids with construction and architecture skills, but there was nothing circuit and electricity wise.  THIS is exactly what my Bug needs, its just a bit pricey for my single mom budget, but if it going to be something that aids in educating my Bug i will make it happen! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy Busy Learning

So i had to take my Bug out of the head start school he was just in, it just wasn't the right program for him. 
Through the couple months he was there i did learn a few things...

A. My child is super smart
       -He puts together puzzles three at time (like mix three different puzzle pieces up in one pile) while all the other kids are trying to do one AND he still finishes before they do! BOMB.COM

B. He gets bored at mundane tasks
       -sitting on the mat of shapes and going through a list of 12 kids to each have a turn to point out a color or shape on the bored...he sees no point. Instead the bug starts handing out books to the kids like hey guys lets keep busy and read. 

C. He likes to stay busy and challenged
     -He sits still at challenges trying to concur them, like trying to use the safety scissor and cut shapes out. Its new and he wants to figure it out and complete the task before you move on to something new.

D. He will act out and find something to occupy him if he is bored. 
     -Everyone is sitting at the table waiting on a kid to finish their food, my Bug decides to go get a toy and sit quietly and play.  (this was a problem with his teachers because it was not the scheduled activity) So when he is told to put it all away and sit at the table break down occurs because he is being forced back into boredom

I think i am going to have a challenge with finding the right school, program and teachers for him as our public education journey begins so i am trying to  find new things to do in between to prepare us for this next step. 

I am grateful that the grandparents is with during the day teach him and show him things that he would not be able to do at school.  which makes me sad for some of the kids who have to only learn within those walls. For example i know the teach kids animals and the sounds they make.  I do the same with the Bug at home like other parents do as well (i assume).  My Bug went to PaPa's and he not only reinforced the names and sounds BUT he took him to the zoo to see and hear.  

My Bug knows snakes say ssssssssssss, but now when you ask him what snakes do he says "Snakes Bite".  He knows now that he can read about lizards and see one behind a glass with no issue, but if it one outside the glass or able to be touched, he is cool and content looking only while he stands behind closest adult.

I guess its through the mud that's where our clear water lies. We will keep filling his mind and satisfying curiosity's in learning.

Happy Birthday Mama

My Bug never ceases to amaze me.

Yesterday was my birthday and i have to say how amazing it was because of all of those in my life who took the time to just wish me well as a start another year in my life.  Apparently i think my bug heard this a lot through the day, because today on the way to Nana's house he surprised me.

This is our conversation this morning:

Bug: MAMA!

Me: Yes Sir

Bug: Ummm (singing) Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday you.

Me: Happy Birthday me?

Bug: YES! (singing) Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday you.

I said thank you grinning from ear to ear because it was the cutest thing. He is learning, he knew the tune to sing to, he knew the words (kinda) and he wasn't being told or prompted he just did it.  Maybe he will think everyday is my birthday and do it everyday HAHAHA

Monday, September 17, 2012

Animal Sounds

Lately i have been working with the bug on recognizing animals and the sounds the make. We are getting good too.

I say what sounds does a Dog Make?
The Bug says Woof

I say what sound does a cat make
The Bug Says Meow

...And we go down the list Dog, Cat, Snake, Bear, Lion, Mouse, Monkey, Bird then we get to fish.

I say what sound does a fish make
The Bug runs around in a circle with his hands at his side saying fishy fishy fishy, THEN he puts one hand on the top of his head (imitated a shark fin) and he starts humming the jaws theme song...Dahdah daahdaah (faster) Dahdah dahdah dahdah!! Then LUNGINGS at you.

When we did this in front of grandpa and i asked the bug "what does a fish make" my dad looked at me and said fish do not have a sound i said well my in my bugs word they do!

I do not know where we we picked this up, but its pretty funny.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Casting like a Pro

My Bug has graduated from learning how to cast and now we on to the more technical things.

He "pish"-es so much at my house that he broke his reel and we had to have PawPaw fix it for him. When my dad was finished fixing it my bug was so excited he started casting in my dads house. He is not use to casting in a smaller area and he sent his line straight through family room, through the kitchen and hit my dad on the head on the dining room.

OF course i found it to be hilarious, my dad well not so much. He shoveled my bug and i out the door with the quickness.  When we were outside my bug did get show him how well he casts. All my dad dropped his jaw, and popped his eyes out saying wow.  I think he casted about 20 feet or so...for a three year old that's something special apparently (can you tell i am a non fishing mommy). 

Now PawPaw has giving us a bobber, so the bug can cast into water.  This way he can visually see what he is doing and maybe it will make the next step of waiting on a fish to bite a little easier.  So this weekend we are going to try and make our way up to a lake or some kind of water for the bug to practice his casting skills!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thankful for ASL

Today I'm so thankful I taught my son sign language as he was a baby.

I'm observing him in school and all though I have that mom ability to speak with out speaking, by using my language and eye contact, our ability to speak through ASL comes in handy too. I can couple my mom eyes, with hand signs and we get the job done.

Today through a little window in the door I told my bug to sit, and was able to give him praise when he say down. It was nice to see his face light up in accomplishment that he understood DVDs did a good job.Instead of him looking as if he disappointed me or was getting upset.

So again today I say, our sign language will continue to grow and be used because its a language that its aiding both of us in different situations.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The challenge has begun...

So i need feedback

Any suggestions on how to get your 3 year old kid to listen to teachers?

I have taken away toys, put my bug on time out when he gets home, striped away "privileges", spanked, and i reiterate "No hitting, no spitting, and be a good listener that means listen to the teachers when they talk to you and be a good boy" EVERYDAY (to the point where he repeats that mantra every time i leave him with someone new) BUT still my little bug defeats the teachers every time. 

He challenges new authority like crazy.  I know where he gets his stubborn strong will, i mean look at my situation refusing to have an abortion and his donor refusing to step in as a dad, so i am not trying to say i am confused at all about it.  I just do not know what else to do beyond stick with consistency because he acts out with other people. 

So i guess i just have enter the difficult part of raising a boy, and i understand its only the beginning, so i will stay in pray and keep on with consistency and time will tell.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fishing with old socks

So i came home tonight and decided to craft.  Found another cool something on pinterest.  

I took old socks, sewed a magnet in the toe. Cut the ankle part of the sock off and stuffed it in the sock for some body, then ties the end of the sock in a knot to close it off leaving a little at the end for my tails. Then i hot glued one eye on each side of the socks and WAAAALAAAAAAHHH fishes!

For poles i bought a 49 cent dowel from Micheal's and cut it in half, braided some yarn together for string and duct taped the string to one end of each of the dowels.  On the end of the hanging yard and attached two magnets wrapped in duct tape.  This way the magnets stay in place (hence why i stitched the ones in the fishes) so no need to worry about anyone accidentally swallowing them.

My Bug has played with these non stop, and everyone who has come to our house has been fishing too... This is a fun easy craft that cost me 49 cents and gave me a use for those mismatched and old socks my Bug has grown out of in the drawer!

Apple Pies In Apples

This weekend i made the delicious little apple pies in apples.  Yes in apples!

Thought i would share because 1. i got my bug to take a bite out of it, and 2. i think i am going to use these to make cider and drink out of this fall at a party.

Here is how you do it:

5 Apples, 1/4 cup of sugar, 1 table spoon brown sugar, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1 ready made pie crust (or u can make it)

Cored 4 apples, peel the fifth apple and sliced it then put those slices(chunks) in a bowl. Add sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon in the bowl, mix it up good, stuff the cored apples with the mixture. The use the pie crust how you see fit to top the apples and bake on 375 until the crust is golden brown (not to long because your apples will get firm and turn brownish if you do it to long) THEN ENJOY!!

I had extra apple stuffing so i rolled it in some extra crust and made little apple pie egg roll things.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


A while ago i bought my bug a play fishing pole, i amamzed to say this toy is not only still in rotation but it is one his favorite toys to play with!

Now we are getting good to, he can cast about 10 feet away from where he stands! Last weekend i was folding clothes and i went to check on him in his room only to find him sitting at the edge of the stairs.  He had moved one of the chairs from his room to the top of the stairs and was casting down the the stairs fishing. When i asked him what he was doing he said "pish" and i just about laughed my butt off.  He knew what he was doing and i was interrupting his concentration.  When he was done he moved his "pish"-ing to my room. He moved his chair onto my bed and was casting from one end of my room to the other, having a conversation with me as he "pish"-ed this time.

He is getting the hand of it all and doing a GREAT job too.  In no time he is gonna be allowed on his Pa-Pa's boat again to do some good ole' fishing soon.

Ice Age 4 & Brave

Another great summer evening came and you know where we went...the drive in!

This is our third time this summer and it is as great as the first time we ever went. This weekend we saw Ice Age 4 and Brave. I cant express in words how much i LOVE the drive in, i but i really really enjoy the drive in!  $5 pizza, popped popcorn at the house and packed up my cooler with drinks and other snacks then off we went on our Momma and Bug summer date night.

My Bug loves the drive in, he can sit in the front seat pretend to drive, bop around to the back seat ask me a question, get a snack, and then go right back t watching the movie.  I love it because i can relax, it is VERY cost efficient, and we are not bothering anyone if we talk sing or whatever during the movie.


I think we take things for granted because to us they are normal.  For example it is normal for some people just to hire a Gardner today to take care of their yard.  for what ever reason this is something that doesn't get questioned but i remember people looking at my mom like she was crazy because she wanted to hire a gardener when i was growing up.  Everyone looked at her like umm thats a waste you have to kids who should doing some yard work with you.

Being a kid i was not gonna argue with her wanting a gardener because i did not want to go to any work out side especially if she was already thinking of giving that job to someone else.  Now as a parent i understand it a bit more.  Not only is it keeping your kid busy but simple things like gardening teach kids so much.  Structure, patience, discipline ...i am glad my brother has that drive because it is being instilled in my Bug.

Potty training

Praise to God we have been pooping in the toilet for a whole week!

Now we just need work on potty training during sleep.  This is gonna be difficult because my Bug sleeps HARD when he sleeps.  He wakes up to 1. come snuggle and 2. eat....Hopefully soon we will add a third reason he wakes POTTY!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Hit No Bit and Good Listen

Last night i discovered my Bug has a major attitude!

I told him to do something and he say ahh man, did his little hulk flex of the muscles, which was normal, but as he turned to walk away he punched the wall twice and kicked a door open.  I was in shock, but not in to much shock that i neglected my job as a parent.  We correct this bad behavior with the swiftness and then reiterated our mantra we say when we pray, when we go to Sunday school and just about all the time when we leave the house with an aunt uncle or sitter..." No Hit, No Bite, and Listen Good".

Its at the point now when i talk to him about his behavior and i say one of those he holds his head down and says "ahh man no hit, no bit and good listen" in disappointment as if he knows he did something wrong.  I believe he does know too. I have introduced it to him he knows what not to do i just have to be patient and consistent with him so he learns how to use those three things (with some please and thank you's thrown in) in all the situations he is faced with. 

I just got to thinking this is a whole new chapter and this little 3 year old is going to have some issues in his life if he doesn't get it together.

Just one more thing that we will be working on together...patience and consistency was and is this years motto still!

Seat and Storage

Pinterest is great.

Last week i was on pinterest a lot and one of the "I Must Do's" i found was from a teachers blog ( To my surprise i found all the stuff to make it and it only took about 10 minutes to make! It was pretty simple and my Bug loves it, to the point where he was mad last night because i would not let him sleep on top.

I bought 4 crates, 6 zip ties, 2 yards of Thomas the Train fabric, and a roll of poly foam. I zip tied my crates together and let me tell you they are a secure in one line as if they are one piece of furniture.  Then i took my fabric and wrapped it around the foam like a pillow case and glued it shut with a glue gun. Last step i sat my bench on top of the crates and its done. Seat and storage for my Bugs room that took literally about 10 minutes to make. 

I am excited because my bug loves it, and it is something i can keep and use for some years. When the theme of his room changes i will just buy another 2 yards of fabric and wrap it around the old theme. I also did not spend a lot of money on it, which is a great thing too.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


My Bugs journal is the good the bad and the gross!

Today is the gross so be advised...

Yesterday the Bug was fighting a running nose, a cough and some chest congestion.  SO i decided to keep him home from school.  He did ok with Nana, so i did not think to much of anything just thought he was getting getting better.  I gave him some night time medicine and he was able to breath and get some sleep.

About 2 am he came into my bed and fell asleep with me, which was normal.  About 3 am he woke up and was talking in sleep.  I thought that was pretty funny because i do the same thing so for all i know we were having a conversation until i woke up.  I went back to sleep and woke up at my normal 5am to get the day started.

I was brushing my teeth when i heard my Bug walking down the hall.  He knew where i was and he didn't run into the restroom like he normally does so i walked into the hallway to see what he was doing.  Here is where things get gross if you have a weak stomach read fast lol. I look down the hall to see my bug standing with legs shoulder width apart and arms out as if he was in mid pause of doing a jumping jack  COVERED in poo.  When i say covered i mean COVERED front to back from his shoulders down to feet. 

He looked so scared i felt bad for him, so i was talking in a normal tone letting him know what we were gonna do and he just kept saying "ok", it was kind of sad.  We stripped his clothes off, wiped him down, and i put him in the tub.  Then I went on an investigation, because i knew if he looked this bad i had NO IDEA what my bed looked like.  I walked into my room to see pools of poo on my bed...POOLS. I mean i still am amazed when i think about it, because i am completely uncertain on how that amount of poo came from one LITTLE toddler!

So at 5:30am i bathed by Bug, washed my sheets, washed my pillow covers, washed my bed spread, scrubbed and disinfected my mattress (thank God for the mattress cover), scrubbed my carpet and the trail of poo that followed.  I was so freaked i put my just about potty trained bug right back in a diaper after i got him clean because i did not know if another explosion was coming or not.

The bug has been doing ok all day so far, but i know it was a crappy way (ha ha ha get it) to start the day.  Its all good now, but when we get home there will be more cleaning and disinfecting (b/c i am OCD) and a budget thats been redone to accommodate new pillows and mattress cover for my room! We will see how tomorrow morning goes...eeewwwwl.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Who cries when you LEAVE the Dentist?!

My heart melted as we left the dentist and my Bug was crying because it was time to go home.  Who cries when they have to leave the dentist of all places!? Apparently my Bug.

I think that allowing a toddler or preschooler to go to a pediatric dentist starting off will allow kids to have a great impression of going to the dentist that builds life long good habits.  This week i found out that HealthNet Dental does not have the same line of thinking and you basically take what you get.  Well as i fight the fight for my son, today i just bit the bullet and paid out of pocket for my son to have a check up at a GREAT dentist office The Tooth Booth. 

The staff was awesome from talking on the phone, to helping us in person, and interacting with my baby Bug.  Their office was tailored to kids from the second you walk in the door.  Video games, cartoon movies, themed rooms, and interactive stuffed animals.  Now i think the interactive little animal was a bit creepy looking with his dentures, but i see the point after my bug was going to town sitting in the chair brushing his dinosaurs teeth.

The staff was great, the explained things to him, let him see it, touch it and hear it before they used it on him. Every room we went into had a TV showing a cartoon movie and had toys like the creepy dinosaur.  My Bug was saying "ahhhh" and showing the Dentist teeth, it was just really awesome. He was even thrilled because they gave him money to use in a machine to get a toy before we walked out!

Walking out the dentist office i am even more excited and confident in my decision to pay out of pocket for a great experience.  This first visit has made an amazing first impression for a life time of good habits that will be formed to follow!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oh to be a kid...

Lately i watch my bug and i think of the things that are new and exciting to him but are just logical and normal everyday things to me...and i laugh.For example, if he falls asleep on the couch one day them magical wakes up in his bed...amazing.

Even the supper cute things get me all giddy, like my bugs imagination allowing him to believe he is a pirate.  Grandpa bought him all the necessary gear for his birthday to aid in this and the bug loves every piece.  We get out of the shower and put our jammies on and all i hear is "yo yo yo yo pirate", in English that translates to the Bug singing " Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me".  So the super cute part, last night he is falling asleep, in full pirate get up attire with his Tic-Toc flashlight and is never land sword by his side, and I hear my Bug dozing off singing "yo yo yo yo pirate".

He is just so amazed and intrigued i love watching him and his imagination at play. My baby Bugs biggest problem in the world is no problem right now and i am beyond grateful i can see him grow in this life right now.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Smart Bug

My Bug is gonna be something special. 

he is a genius and he doesn't like this all toddlers?

He is in a head start program now, they tell him to sit and he runs away. They explain to him he needs to have his listening ears on and do what the teachers instruct him to and he screams.  So of course he was, to say the least, a bit annoying today in school for the teachers. 

Then they got to puzzle time. When all the other kids were doing one puzzle my bug does three puzzles.  Takes them apart and puts them together, at the same time mind you, all before the other kids finished taking apart their puzzle.

His teachers were amazed, i am child is genius DUH! He just doesn't like authority.  Which leads me to the thought...i am going to be in trouble in the future because it seems to me my child is getting bored with the traditional learning routines in school.  These are the times i am going to have to start looking into private or charter schools and scholarships for when we hit grade school.

Or I'm gonna start hitting up aunties and uncles to band together so i can get help with tuition because i can already see this not going so well.

The Camel

My Bug loves to color and paint.  For his birthday his Yaya bought him the coolest little art table with a stool and he LOVES it so much he is just a little artist that creates master pieces.

One i am sharing with you is his camel.

He was painting one day and when he was done he proceeded to hang his art work on the fridge.  SO he got up and asked his uncle to help him put his drawing on the fridge.  My brother turned it and SURE'NUFF we saw his random painting change into a camel in the desert, with a beautiful skyline, mountains and even the camels reflections.

I think its amazing and its a piece of his art that i will frame.
This summer my bug has done a lot of activities thanks to all those he is surrounded by.

He has gone to the: 
  • Drive in theater
  • Aquarium 
  • Johnny  Rockets 
  • Raging Waters
  • Taken swim classes 
  • Knott's Berry Farm 
  • Started school

SO all though we did not go on a formal vacation this year thanks to my Bugs Aunties, Uncles and Grandparents he has been able to experience A LOT of new ad fun things!

Swim Class Review

So we finished out swimming lesson and i have to say it was worth the money i paid for it.  It was through the city and it was a bit more pricey than i thought it was going to be, so i was happy when i was able to see an improvement in my Bug at the end of the classes.

During his classes he learned to:
  • Listen more (we are still working on it but it got dramatically better compared to the first day) 
  • Blow bubbles 
  • Kick his feet 
I have to say all three of those things along with learning basic pool safety like running not walking around a pool, and sitting down to wait for an adult before you enter the pool are pretty good things for a toddler to have learned!

If i find the funds we will be doing swim class again (since we live in an area were we can basically swim all year long), but as for now i am waiting on the magical moment when we can move to the next and do a city sport activity!!  Cant wait to be a team mom its gonna ROCK!!!

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me

We are now into pirates and i think it is funny.

Its humourous because when my Bug says pirates he does not pronounce all the letters and he says it like he is saying "potty".  SO you have to ask him what he was trying to say "did you say potty?" and he gets mad " Ummm NO PIRATE" like c'mon mom really!

We did not use to have cable because basically i do not agree with the prices of cable and if you cant watch it on basic television channels or PBS then hey go read a book, put together a puzzle or go outside...especially if you are a kid. In our new house we have cable though at the demand of others so the Bug has a whole new life of options when he gets his time to watch some television.  Along with being able to watch Thomas the Train on more stations he can now watch shows like Chugginton, Jungle Junction and our new favorite Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Basically its where peter pan left some kid pirates to watch over Captain hook and make sure he doesn't get out of control and to crazy on the island while peter pan is away.

My Bug loves it. he walks around saying "pirate rrrrrr" HAHAH  SO for his birthday his Papa loaded him with all the necessary tools a young pirate would need.  He got a spy glass, a map, a little head band bandanna thing (ya know that all pirates wear), a crocodile flashlight (tic-toc) and the most important thing (that momma dislikes the most) a sword that lights up and makes pirate noises.

He loves it all and now we have to take journeys around the house...yes journeys or whatever they call it that pirates do when they go searching for stuff.  He puts his head band thing on, grabs his map and looks at it then rolls it up and puts it in his shirt.  The you ave to take the spy glass look in it, while pressing all the buttons that make noise and light up, give you the crocodile grab the sword and gesture "come on" as we go look for buried treasured! We never find treasure we just search and search so i think this weekend he might be surprised to find a bedazzled shoebox when he searches if momma can get her act together...that should be a shocker!


Let me preface this post by saying, i am not trying to impose my beliefs on anyone and i know everyones situations are different. I am also not trying to be "preachy" rude or anything negative. So do not get upset take it like a grain of salt or go to the next post.

Today i my ProLife opinions/beliefs where questioned and the overwhelming thoughts through my head thinking about my opinions before my pregnancy and my opinions after having my Bug made me cry to the point where i had no answer or response just tears rolling down my face and my mouth was shut.  I am not an over emotional person but this is a subject where my thoughts and my heart can not formulate and communicate everything i want to say and how i want to say it all.

There are a lot of opinions i have that have that when presented with facts, logic (and sometimes even a lot of reason) that change.  I also have a lot that will never change, like my faith and my belief on abortion.  I know i am surrounded by love and in a completely different situation than most people but i am beyond grateful for being able to hear Gods words and be in his embrace when i found out i was pregnant. I also know i am not in a position (nor will i ever be) to judge another for anything, their life or actions included.

I can only speak for my experience and my life and my beliefs and my opinions. I remember the last conversation i had with my ex that left me in tears praying to the point where the words were not coming out but i just sat there praying and crying...i remember hearing God tell me go don't look back and go.  That is what i did and in the last three years i have not second guessed my Gods words at all. Though times are hard, frustrating and many days are exhausting yet i find it easy to have a grateful over joyed blessed heart for where i am and where we are going.

I am thankful, grateful and blessed beyond measured. I am optimistic because i have an amount of faith that bubbles over and my faith bubbling over allows me to continue to be optimistic. For these reasons i know i can do all things through Christ and i am a highly favored child of God. I have made mistakes and backslide but his love for me is amazing. 

The life that was planted in me and depends on me has a reason and a destiny...and i believe that.  I wont take it for granted and if you are around me you know i am determined to instill all i can in my bug.  Thank you to all those around me and my bug who (along with my faith) give us love, comfort, and security knowing that everything will be more than OK.  I know many woman do not have this luxury, especially those who make the choice to end the life that i believe was given to me for a reason.


It is official...we are now "Team #3"

I still do not believe time fly's because i remember every moment that lead us to this day and i am glad that i do.  My Bug is oh so special and the days get even more spectacular as they pass.

This year i threw my Bug a birthday party in our new house and i am not to bashful to say it was nothing short of amazing!

Candy Chips and ChooChoo's!
My cousin and i counted all the people we remember who were able to make their way out to celebrate and at one time we have about 56 people in our home! 56 people! Love, joy, support and blessings are things i am so grateful to have surrounding us.

Decorated Water Bottles!
This was the first time i have have ever ordered a bounce house for an event and i have to say it turned out well (i was pretty happy for that, after all i was scared it was not going to fit)! We decorated the entire front room with hanging decorations, and even changed all the little water bottles so they matched our party theme as well.

We bounced, we kicked it in the kiddie pool, we ate...all day we ate, then we got to see all the fireworks in the sky around out house as we lite sparklers with the little ones in the front yard.

Cake Pop Train -Thanks Auntie April & Uncle Reggie
Train Cake-Thanks Auntie Jane
It was a great day and i am looking forward to the next parties being just as great or even greater!

Playing in the Pool

Now that we A. have a backyard and B. have no community pool that 5 seconds away we had to do something for summer so one of the bugs aunties bought the the bug a a big pool.  Not only is a big pool for the bug but it is big enough for the adults to get in too!

I can say it was a challenge to blow up, yes we will be getting a pump soon, but this was definitely a GREAT investment and i totally recommend it!