Monday, November 29, 2010

Showing us new things

Today my Baby Bug did two really cute things!

1. His grammy was leaving and he put his hand to his lips and said mwwwwwwwah and blew her kisses! I don't kno where he got that from because I don't do it. And he did it all by him self. Then she was taking forever to leave b/c she kept saying awwww at him blowing kisses and he looked at her waved his hand and said ummm see u later. Lol he was letting grammy kno he blew her kisses and she was in that "I'm about to leave" stage for to long.

2. I said "where is ur nose" and he stuck his finger up his nose lol. This was the first time he responded to me with out saying "here's ur nose!". He knew where it was! So now we move to eyes, my mom said that's easy for him to say. So when u see him just ask him where his eye is first, b/c if you ask him anything after "where is your nose" its gonna have a boogie on it for sure.

One not so cute thing...
He was doing he wasn't suppose to do as usual and I signed "no", didn't say it just signed it, and he knew what I was saying. I could tell b/c he stopped what he was doing and threw a mini "but mom I don't wanna" fit.

My Signing Baby Bug Part II

For the past couple of weeks my Baby Bug has picked up a few more signs. 

One of which is the sign for Milk. This sign is sooo funny to me but also frustrating. 

Its funny b/c he can sign it when he wants it, he comes to you signs milk and then walks toward the fridge. Its frustrating b/c he signs it when he is hungry and thirsty.  When he is hungry i do not give him milk and try to get him to eat food and now he just throws a fit each time i have to tell him no. Which in my mind i know i have to teach him when your hungry you eat not drink, but i want to praise him for signing and doing it well!

Well more signs will come as i keep signing and speaking to him, maybe soon he will start verbalizing words as he signs too!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plugs go in outlets

I had an extra power cord laying around the house, don't know why or what it went to but my baby bug found it. I watched him stare at both ends of the plug with intensity.

Then about 40 seconds later he took the plug over to the wall, pulled out the safety plug cover and plugged the correct end of the power cord up in the wall. I was amazed, I told he not for babies and took the power cord BUT I was amazed!

1. He knew exactly how to get the safety plug thing out that wall-that was a pointless buy if the child ur child proofing from can just take them off.

2. He knew when he studied the plug where it was suppose to go-it was like a little puzzle piece in his head and he found the match.

I was a bit taken back on how to say "don't do that" to him b/c he was right in what he stuck in the outlet but what happens when he trys to stick something else in there.

So a couple days pass and my fan is in my living room. Its not plugged in as it has been freezing where we lately. Once again my baby bug finds the plug, takes out the safety cover and on the first try again sticks it in the outlet! I say "not for babies" and relocate the fan. Then while he was sleep I placed clear tape on the outlets. He can't figure out why the plugs won't go in any more.

I feel bad like I'm hindering his rational correct thought process but I know by being proactive I'm preventing him from getting curious about trying to see "what else" can fit in the wall outlets.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Apple chips

My little Bug is a meat and potatoes man, as I've said time and time again, and I know part of my job as his parent is to keep trying to give him all the "good" stuff he needs besides meat and potatoes.

So yesterday I bought him some buzz light year freeze dried apples. Trying to keep it up with trying new things and trying to get him to eat fruit some way. I gave my little bug one little apple chip, he bit it spit it out gave me a crazy look and walked to the trash. He threw the other half away and then looked at me and with his eyes he said "never again mom" as he walked away!

It was hilarious! Not b/c he didn't like the apple BUT b/c he KNEW things u didn't want went in the trash. He will be 17 months tomorrow and my laughs, amazement, and brain keep growing with this little guy in my life.
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Meatloaf and mash tators

I've had a hard time lately feeding my little Bug, but today I scored!

If he had his choice he would be on a liquid diet, but I know that's not gonna work to well for my growing man, so I'm constantly trying all sorts of new things to give him.

Yesterday I made meatloaf and mas tators and that was a hit! I felt so good knowing he ate a full meal. So today I switched up the game and threw a fine chopped broccoli up in his tators. Score one for me cuz he ate it! He even washed it all down with a good 6ounces of green machine!

No additives no preservatives. I controlled the amount of sodium and balanced his meal with veggies...this was a struggle but I'm so glad he has been able to go to bed full of good food in his tummy!
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He doesn't talk but he does

This morning I realized a whole new chapter of fun with my Baby Bug is starting.

My Baby Bug signed milk and walked to the fridge. He has just finished some milk and I wanted him to drink some water so I filled a sippy cup up with water. I handed it to my Baby Bug and he looked at the see through sippy cup on the side, shook his head back and fourth sayin no, and then he signed milk.

He hadn't even tasted it BUT knew it wasn't milk by the color. I always knew he was a smart cookie but now he is starting to communicate bits of his genius this is gonna be fun.
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You've been Punk'd!

My son is SMART not just with a capital s but all caps and he does little things all day to show you that he is smart.

Laugh #1

He says my moms name when she is not there but when she says it or asks him to say it he looks at her like she is speaking Greek..HAHAHA

Laugh #2

Grandpa might be sitting down in a seat the Baby Bug wanted to make his own, so the Baby Bug goes to get something he is not suppose to have like the TV remote and he runs across the room with it.  My dad then gets up to get the remote, then my Baby Bug drops it and runs back to the empty seat grandpa left open...ya moved your meat you loose your seat.

Laugh #3
The Baby Bug can now sign Milk...when he wants milk he can sign it and he walks to the refrigerator so he will be right there when you get it out for him.   He knows if he signs Milk with his Grammy she will get him milk because he asked for it. He likes to drink more than he likes to eat so he signs milk and she gives it to him but she didn't correlate how many times she gave him milk vs making him wait for an empty tummy so he will eat, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and she played right in every time.

Laugh #4
My Bug likes to stand up in his chair. The funny thing is he knows he is not suppose to stand up in high chair so he stands up signs and speaks the word "sit" and then looks at u and says yaaaay!

All the things he does does may not be the things i want him to do, but i know he is getting and understanding what he is being taught and shown.  I cant wait for many many more wonderful things that he shows everyone until then i am just gonna keep going and keep teaching and in due time he will show what he knows b/c i now KNOW he KNOWS all that i'm teaching him!

Get Ready Coaches and Cheerleaders

I was raised with a mom and dad who were able to experience so many different things growing up. One of those things my brother and i got to venture in was extracurricular activities.  I hope to be able to do the same with my Baby Bug.  Along with allowing him to try a host of activities i will start him in City sports. 

This week i realized, we have we have EXACTLY a year and half until we start playing sports! Yes that is correct, aunties and cheerleaders get your T shirts, posters, hats and buttons in a bag.  Uncles family and friends grab your chairs coffee cups and your coaching voice b/c in in 2012 we are getting it in!

I am extra excited for this venture.  I grew up surrounded in sports, and i worked as a recreation leader in city sports and i loved the transition of the sports.  I am excited for my Baby Bug to learn team work, discipline, organization as well start to gain a knowledge of the games he will play.  I plan to enroll him in one sport a season, so he can get a basic knowledge of things and then we he is able to rationalize his likes and dislikes with reason i will keep him in the activities he enjoys. 

In my house my Baby Bug will have to be involved in something, at least one thing. Idle minds allows the devil to work, that's what i was taught.  I want him to be challenged, involved and have fun. I will not stress him out though and try to make sure he learns management skills starting with his time and stress level. 

By the time we hit 36 months (3yrs old) i do believe it will be time for T-ball, not baseball but T-ball...little people in the out field staring at butterfly's and planes, everyone rushing to the ball to get a turn to throw it to someone somewhere, swinging and missing at the stationary ball on a stand, all wearing a cute little uniform apart of a team of little people who are looking and acting alike...I CANT WAIT!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pregnant and Alone

People say i am a strong lady, but i know i am strong b/c of my faith. I am faithful b/c i am optimistic and i am optimistic b/c i am faithful...let that marinate and digest a while to completely understand it. 

I knew i was alone alone b/c i have been blessed to be surrounded by sooo many family and friends who have so much love for me and my bug, but i was alone. When i got pregnant and went through all the hub-bub with my ex things were circling through my mind and my heart that i couldnt talk to anyone around me about.  I talked to a counselor but then i just went on google and searched "pregnant and alone". Doctors appointments, turning over in bed (sounds simple but wait til your ginormous trying to go from your right side to your left, its a task beyond words), the stuff you dont wanna ask for help for but you hope your "partner" would be there with you for made me feel alone. 

Then one day this book made its way into my search Pregnant and Alone

It was amazing.  It was an account of someone who had faith and believe in God who had gone down the same path as i did.  She talks abut situations and stages she experienced in her pregnancy, and about how to prepare your self for the what if feelings.  But what i enjoyed the most was at the end of every chapter there was scripture for you to read, look up, and questions to pose for your self to challenge you to remain strong in so many ways.   Now she didn't go through the same situations i went through but similar enough to relate to all the random feelings i had inside...mixed with raging hormones.  After i read it i was at such peace.  I had so many thoughts that were circling in my mind, but there weren't lonely ones just plans on how to remain who i am and keep moving forward. 

This blog is for all those are unattached mothers with religious beliefs or even those who are spiritual...this book crossed my path at just the right time when i needed it most, so i hope it does the same for someone else with so many unanswered questions or lonely feelings during what can be one of the happiest times of your life!  

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Under the weather

Wanted to take a second and recognize the fact that its been a million years since I've written a new blog but ill be back!

One holiday after the other and now we are nursing head colds! As soon as get our strength and energy back my fingers will be clicking away on the keys.

Thanks for your patience shouldn't be to long before I have lots of great story's and ideas to share!
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Where a kid can be a kid

Today I took my Mr. Bug to Chuck E Cheese.

We had a blast. We went when it first opened so we could beat the crowd, go before nap time, and b/c we had been up for 3 hours already so why not!

When the band of characters was on stage singing the bug hide behind my legs, it was so cute! Then he saw I wasn't scared and he came out curious about them. A couple games scared him too but he was ok for the most part.

We had a blast playing games and eating pizza but the best part was the 3 hour nap he took when we chuck e cheese we will be seeing u again!
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