Friday, July 29, 2011


My Bug is now two so i thought id share a little of the random things i notice that i do now as habit!

When i was single and mom free, i had cute purses with random knick knacks now the purse i carry and contents of my purse have drastically changed. Here is what is in my purse on a daily basis now:
  • a hot wheels
  • my wallet
  • flip -ya never know when a good video moment is gonna arise!
  • tissues
  • one diaper 
  • travel pack of wipes
  • sanitizer
  • my sun glasses
  • the bugs sunglasses
  • and my cell phone---if it fits

My car use to be comfy and homey i even had throw pillows inmy car at one joke. Besides all the normal "suppose to be in your car stuff" Now this is what is in my car on a normal day:

  • an umbrella stroller
  • a bag of toys
  • blanket
  • light jackets
  • bottle of water
  • tissues
  • wipes
  • emergency diaper
  • santizer
Even the stuff on my night stand has changed! I use to have tissues, a book botle of water maybe nut now its just extra stuff!

All this stuff is random yet comes in handy just at the right time.  I know as the years keep going i will have gained so many other habits but for now i think im good adjusting to these daily adjustments. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Food GREAT Price!

Yesterday my Bug had to give blood.  Something the little ones have to do when they are around his age and with allerigies. When he gave he filled up 7 of those little things...SEVEN! He was a trooper too.  He did not cry when he got stuck and he wasnt to much upset about the process. He was more upset/annoyed that i was holding him the enitre time and he wanted me to let him go.

When we left the lab i knew he had not eaten much at school that day and he had just given a massive amount of blood, so i knew i needed to get some food in him so this little guy didn't pass out on me.  I was going to grab him a happy meal or some nuggets but then i remembered Vince's!

Vince's Spaghetti is an amazing restaurant in the Inland Empire.  It is real home cooked food that is cost effective for people on a budget. The fast food meal i would have gotten for my bug would have run me about $5 just for him, but instead he got a hot plate of spaghetti for $2.85. The best part is he ate the ENTIRE child's plate of spaghetti and a portion of my salad.  He sat in his chair huming and eating the whole meal. He was trying to poke at his noodles with a fork to pick them up but that was not working very well, so mommy gave him a spoon and then it was time to get down to business! He got meat, sauce and noodles in every bite and did not stop until the entire plate was gone. 

I was thrilled and amazed.  Thrilled he was eating so well and it was good filling food, yet amazed that he ate so much! I guess it just the life of a growing Bug from here on out.  So in that case i am sure the people at Vince's will soon know us on a first name bases especially for an under $3 home cooked meal!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I can do it...

I never wanted to say my bug is too smart for his own good, because i do not wanna speak that into existence...BUT i believe this guy is a little genius. I do, plain and simple he is a thinker and problem solver.

I got him some chips from the pantry the other day and then went to transfer the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  Well in-between that time he had finished the chips that where in his bowl and he wanted more.  So i saw him go to my kitchen table, grab a chair and drag it to the pantry.  He then stood up in the chair open the pantry doors and looked for the chips.  He didn't know i was watching him the entire time. When he looked around and couldn't find then he looked at me and signed more smiling. Now my Bug is a man of few words in English still, he speaks gibberish most of the time, but when its something he wants he finds a away to let you know !

I laughed and said go get your bowl, he got down ran and got his bowl and i gave him more chips, he walked away just as happy and said "kay koo" (thank you).  Finished his little movie eating his chips just as happy. 

Now the big thing is dragging his little chair around to use as a step stool.  Apparently he found that his chair is lighter so he can carry it and it enables to reach just about everything, but we still use mommy's chairs to look for the chips.

GRRRRR Feed Me Mommy!

Last week one of my Bugs Teachers let me know that he woke up from his nap screaming like he had a nightmare or a terror. He had not done this with me since we were teething, so i was a little in shock.  That night he stayed with Grandpa and grandpa said he woke up screaming in the middle of the night too. So naturally what do i do...pray and start researching to educate myself and fix the problem.  I knew it couldn't be anything a doctor could fix as we had just been to the doctor for his runny nose and I could not find anything as to why he would be waking up screaming. 

So i just prayed about it, then low and behold in the middle of the night this weekend my bug wakes up screaming but i knew what to do even without thinking. He was crying and saying "owe!" holding his tummy, so i went into my old routine that started when i brought him home. It was like he was an infant again. I got up poured him some milk, changed his diaper and rocked him to sleep. He drank every last drop of his milk and went straight to sleep. In the morning when i woke up and could think clearly again it dawned on me, he is in a growth spurt. His tummy was hurting and he woke up screaming because he was hungry. 

I am sort of use to this as my brother is a really fit guy with a very high metabolism, so he has to eat every couple hours and before he goes to bed he has to have snack or else he wont make it through the night.  So last night i kicked my plan in action.  It started when my brothers girlfriend got my bug to eat some dinner, then he took a bath and watched a movie and at the end of the movie i gave him a snack, animal crackers and milk. He slept all night long.  Well almost all night, he woke up this morning screaming but he woke up right before the alarm was scheduled to go off.  So he slept until breakfast.

I told the bugs teacher what i think it is and she immediately asked me if i had any reason to think he was gonna be a big boy, i let her know his dad was a big guy so i as long as he takes from him and not me he very well could be a big boy. Instantly she started telling about some cases she studied in child development classes about kids, and mostly kids who are assumed to be bigger kids, who have to have snacks or food multiple times a day when they are going through a growth spurt. Then everything made sense to her. I am grateful God put my body into motion with out knowing all the reasons why, but just making it possible for me to solve the problem.

It was kinda of funny too, because i never thought of my Bug as a big boy, and his teacher today said um no he is big for a toddler. Then she said she felt sorry for my grocery bill from now until he was out of my house.

So now i am on "Keep the Bug fed" mode.  This could be very costly and time consuming...but like everything else with this little guy i look forward to where we go from here and the story's i will have to share!

New Milestones

My Bug is now 30lbs you know what that means? We can wear a shoulder strap in his car seat! This means that harness business is gone gong gone! So now the seat belt can strap in front of him and the car seat instead of going through a loop in the back of the car seat. 

Now the next task is to take the car seat apart, wash the cover and take out the harness'.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Last night my Bug and i were watching Nemo when he looks out the patio window and sees a black guy in a wife beater with a baseball cap on.  The guy was out side cleaning out his girlfriends tires and my bug thinks its his Uncle Tre'.  My Bug stood up on the couch looking outside screaming "TEY TEEEEEEY" and i was laughing so hard i could not help my self that was just to cute.  It was beyond cute that he was so emotional and  passionate about seeing Uncle Tre'.  He jumped off the couch ran to the screen door and flung it open, in his excitement.  The guy down stairs heard him screaming looked up and waved to my Bug.  All the while my Bug just kept screaming "TEY TEEEEEEEY". The guy and his Girlfriend finished doing what they were doing, got in their car and drove away.  All the while my Bug see's them leaving, lifts his hand out toward the car with tears in his eyes and rolling down his face crying out "No Tey No Tey No Tey".

It was so sad but so funny all at the same time because to him that was his Uncle.  This isn't the first time this has happen to him either.

Grandpa has a big black truck.  Well we were leaving our place one day going to the store and a big black truck like Grandpa's was parked in front of our place.  My Bug shot down the stairs and ran to the truck faster than i could catch him.  It took me a minute to realize he was waiting on my dad to open to the door but it was not my dad so the door never opened. When i picked him up to leave i realized, to my Bug it just looked like i would not let him to see his grandpa. When in reality i was taking him away from putting his little hand prints all over some strangers shiny truck.

I cant fault him he is trying to put two and two together with his recognition skills so maybe someday soon he will realize he needs other factors to be true as well so he wont keep getting his little feelings hurt.

I need a cootie shot...

All i have to say is, cooties from Pre Pre School and day care SUCK TOES!!

I mean if i had them when i was in school, and have been around for many more years one would think my Bugs immune systems has to get them BUT i should have an immune system that is DONE with them!

BUT OH NOOOOOOOO fever, snotty nose, and slight cough...all my symptoms passed on to me from my Bug who got these cooties from school BLEEEEEHHHHH

hopefully tomorrow will be better and ill be able to breath through my nose.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Getting Sleep in!

My Bug is an active little guy, but when he stops he is dead weight.  He only stops when he is sick or sleepy, and i have been in awe over the last two years of the positions that he stops in.

Sometimes he looks like he is in the most awkward positions, yet he makes you wish you were sleeping as good as he does when you look at him all the time. I look at him and smile and i look at him wishing i knew what it was like to sleep as hard and good as he does. 

I caught my self looking at all the sleeping Bug pics i have and decided to share, b/c i truly enjoy them and him so much. Maybe one day he will look back at his pics and wish he could recreate this good sleep haha.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st bake sale!!!

My inner Martha Stewart and Bee Smith was rejoicing last night when i got to make goodies for the Bugs first ever school fundraiser!! 

I kept my skills quite low key and contained as this was my first.  Didn't wanna jump out the gate with to much but at the same time didn't wanna under do anything either.  So i made a batch of gooey scrumptious sweet fudge brownies. 

Not to much and not to little for the first bake sale right?!? I mean we have years and years to come of bake sales and other fundraiser events to come so ill let my skills and talents slowly make their way out to the magnificent wonders they can be! Cant wait for the nights to come when all the aunts including the Bugs oh so talented God Mommy will be over for baking night, and assembly line production etc creating goodness.  The Bug has a big team pushing him to success.

I handed them over and people were looking at me like i did the most of something, but to me this was not even a sprinkle of how talented i can be! I LOVE THIS STUFF! I was quite shocked that none of the other parents who bring their kids in early came empty handed.  I was even more shocked because i was so eager to be baking for a cause. I mean the brownies may have cost me $8 to make but all the cash they make for the kids is what counts. But you never know whats going on in peoples lives, or even if that was an activity they would have enjoyed.  All i can say is i think i did pretty well for our first bake sale fundraiser and i am excited for all the next ones that will follow.

Monday, July 11, 2011


When i was a kid we went to the drive in quite a lot! As an adult i now know this was a very practical treat for my parents, but i didn't know that or care back then. So this weekend i thought about the pro's and ended up taking my Bug to his first drive in movie!

A few Pro's to being a parent and taking your kid to the drive in...

1. You get to go out with having to pay for a sitter

2. Getting to bring your own food and snacks lets you avoided paying an arm and leg at the concession stands

3. Your kids can talk, be whinny, roam around and you wont disrupt anyone one else, but those in your car

4. Its CHEAP! It cost 7$ per adult (which is cheaper than the regular theater) and children under 5 are FREE...AND you get two movies for that price

I haven't been to see a movie since before my Bug was born, so this was a long awaited treat.  Two movies for 7$, in the comforter of my own with my own...amazing.

When we arrived at the drive in it was the bugs normal bed time.   So being in a car at bed time meant one thing, Sleepy time and he was KNOCKED out in his car seat before we pulled in. We chose our screen and paid, our two-fer special was Cars 2 and the Green Lantern. 

Cars 2 was up first and as soon as he heard the cars on the screen he popped up.  My Bug was wide awake the entire movie laughing and watching with intensity! We had a snack while watching the movie, he had a chat with me in his gibberish, and he pointed at the screen talking every time he saw Lighting McQueen.  Then the movie was over and the credits begin to roll and he decided it was time for bed and knocked out in my lap.  I laid him down in the back seat and got to watch the Green Lantern in silence.  WONDERFUL Saturday evening.

If your a parent, or not this was a great deal! The theater was packed too,I'm glad this is a place that has not died off but is still alive...i will be going back with my Bug again this summer!


We have been attending Crossroads Church in Corona and i have to say i love this church.  Its really like a second family when we get there, and i do not think i ever felt this way when i have arrived at a church.  I am starting to build relationships with other members and hopefully we will be able to attend more fellowship activities and get involved more when our schedules get a bit defined in the future. 

I really love knowing my Bug has an enjoyable time with people who have God in their life guiding them.  Helps me know that the things being said and care be given to my son is all grounded by a common faith. It is also great to know that he gets to class and is EAGER to get in his classroom and fellowship with his teachers and peers!  Makes me wish i had the means to send him to this school full time.

All his crafts he creates he walks out of class holding as if he really knows "I did this, and i know what it is" I LOVE it, and God willing this motivation and love for church, our faith and beliefs is something that he will grow to know and love with each passing day!


Rice Bowl "I was hungry and you fed me-Jesus"
Apparently he wasnt into coloring this day

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th, 2011

2011 fourth of july has been one of the best!

We went to hang with Uncle tre's Girlfriends family for the day and had a blast.  The bug was a little unruly but it was a holiday so it was OK.  There was water playing for the kids, table tennis, football, double dutch action, a mini pool in the front yard, music and so much more. 

My Bug was a champ when it came time for fireworks too. He had a bit of break down b/c he had to sit still for a while but then fireworks started and he was in awe.  He looked in amazment and said " oooh wow" LOL CLASSICLY FUNNY.

A fire work fell over from the neighbors firework show and shot to the drive way where we were sitting..scary at the time but now funny.  It started raining, yes in the middle of fire work action it started POURING rain.  We hide for shelter in the garage watching all the fire works in the sky and my niece Baby J looked up and said "are we hiding from the fireworks so they dont kill us" b/c she was afraid of the fire work that had fallen over later...can you traumatized for life! LOL

Great food, family friends and fun times equal memories that will last us a life only if we had taken a picture or two...LOL

Beach Birthday!

Beach Day was amazing. It was the Bugs first time at the beach and his birthday, surrounded by friends and family and good times.

The Bug LOVED the sand, but didn't care for the water much. He ran and ran all through the sand from our pit to the water.  When he got to the water he IMMEDIATELY turned around and ran away.  I picked him up and held him and walked in the waves...instantly he turned into a spider monkey with a death grip.  It was funny but i didn't want it to be traumatic.  I put him down and instantly he ran away from the waves and jumped in the nearest family members arm who was no where near the water.

Besides playing in the water he loved the sand, hot dogs and family. I use to LOVE the beach as a kid, but now as an adult the beach is exhausting! It was a lot of work just walking from the pit to the water, it could be i was out of shape or im just old, but despite the workout i got i think it is a day we will repeat again sometime this summer.

We are TWO!

We weigh 28.5 pounds and stand 28.5 inches tall...83rd percentile! GGOO BUG!

Eating Chocolate Cake His Grandpa Made for his birthday

Great Grandpa was in town and had him some birthday cake as well,with his broke hand and all...