Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Play time

If you know my Bug you know he is probably one of thee most active little boys you have ever seen.  I know he is because he is 3 times as active as i remember my brother ever being, his grandparents and great grandpa say the same. 

9 months
24 months say cheese mom!
So we spend a lot of time at the park and other kid friendly places where he can climb, run and jump off things...ya know normal boy things.  I took him to the park a few days ago and we where having a ball!  

He climbed up steps to run to slide and headed down face first then tried to climb up the slide with out going around the steps and was successful almost every time. 


When he was 9 months i got him this tricycle that i push and he rides, now we are almost two and getting the concept down of pushing the pedals with his feet.  Its still fun to get off and push so i take it to the park and let him have a field day with that too! 

There are these things at the park that are similar to two tin cans on a string you can talk in with a friend, except they are flowers sprouting out of the ground.  Well my Bug was trying to climb one, so i went to the opposite one and said his name in it.  HE FREAKED OUT!  he is an investigative little guy so we he was looking around it and in it trying to find out where the voice came from for at least 10 minutes.  He figured our it was my voice eventually and was OK with it then.


Then it was time to leave the park, we went to the water fountain to get some water and i think that might have been the first time he has ever seen a water fountain.  It was amazing to him and then it was even cooler when he figured out he could press a button to the water. He was trying with all his little might to press the button and make water come out.  Of coursed i laughed and took pictures and then helped him make a cool mess. 

All in all a cool free fun outdoor activity with my Bug. Summer is here with summer nights and sun just for us to be out side and explore while burning all sorts of energy in a good way!

Stains Stains Stains!!

So when we started Pre Pre School i KNEW my bug was gonna come home messy and dirty.  I expected him to be in stuff and exploring things like markers, dirt, and paints. 

What i did not expect was EVERYTHING that was used having food coloring inside.  That stuff is murder on washing clothes.  I do not send him to school in nice expensive clothes but come on i am not sending him to school looking like a bum every day either, so i have to conquer getting food coloring OUT of his stuff. 

I have washed, bleached, shouted and pre soaked all his stuff and i STILL have a tie-died  little kid running around.  Its a little different when we do crafts at home to, because when he gets messy the clothes are taking off while fresh and stained then soaked pre treated etc. BUT now we are at school all day in stained clothes and they just set in those fibers thinking that are sticking around for life.

I know i have a boy and dirty is what i come to expect more of in the future, but FOOD COLORING is a beast of its own nature!  I mean i remember being a little kid and my mom making the dye for easters eggs and that stuff stayed on our hands for weeks after, or so it seemed.  I REALLY wish teachers could find something else to use in food colorings place.  Dirt i can handle, mud i can handle, snot and poo i can handle but the food coloring and i are having a fight as each day passes...a fight i am determined to win!

This wekeend we try SoilLove, that seems to work on everything when shout and bleach just do not do what are suppose too.  Hopefully that will work its magic and my Bug will look normal again so i can have my clean cut fresh little boy back. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday went great.  Gold starts for the Bug and his first day at Toddler School. Yes apparently that whats it called, not day care not pre pre school but Toddler School.

Last night i got to thinking this is a great thing.  Not just for my Bug and his well being, education but for sports! Yes him starting school is great for his activity schedule too.

The way i figure it Toddler school is his first introduction to schedule, routine, following directions from non family adult. Also he is starting to participate in group activity's with other children his age.  All things he is going to need to know and understand when he starts playing sports next year. So now we are on a good transitioning path in my mind.  Toddler school is easing us into all that.

We are starting the ground work for greatness while knocking out two important things in his life. Education and Activity oooooh I'm so excited for my Bug we are on a road that is opening so many doors.

Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day of School/Day Care

So we have done it! We have successfully finished our first "drop off" on the first day of day care/ school.

My Bug was having a blast. From what i saw there were toys, freedom, water, and colored shaving cream oh my!  He was up and ready to go this morning like he knew something big was happening.

We got to the school bright and early when we were greeted by Auntie KC, who met us there to capture the first drop off (pics to come in the future im sure).  We walked in, met his first teacher and so far i have to say the lady is awesome and her on top of her game! She loves her job and you can tell through her education and interaction. 

I waited around and kids started to pour in when it was breakfast time.  SO cute! They teach the kids to sit at the table,  pour their milk, serve themselves and eat by themselves.  My Bug was the only one who thought the serving and pouring was kool but the eating didn't last past two or three bites. Then everything ended up on him and on the floor.
Everything is so little and so cute, because its just the right size for this little humans to do it themselves successfully! The bowls were not even as big as my 1/2 cup measuring bowls, and they pour milk from a little container that looks like the syrup container at IHOP.  I got a HUGE kick out of that.

While i got the run down on the place, the teachers, the aids, the procedures and all other stuff boring to my Bug but VERY important to me the Bug played...

I even got to see his teachers put out water and they had water fun, and shaving cream fun.  They learn through playing at this school. This is gonna be a messy hands on place and i LOVE that!

Everything was going good while i was there, but i did see he did have issues when he had to let another boy wash his hands after him.  Sharing will be a concept that he has to get down, but in due time he will learn.  There is no time like the present to start a routine of habits he will need in his lifetime to be successful so lets get it in now!

I gave him kisses and hugs and then he ran back to play while i finished talking to his teacher then i left.  Do not know if he processed i left, or if he put two and two together that he was staying with out me, but ill get a report when its time to go home.  In a nut shell that's our first morning at day care.  We will see what his day was like this afternoon when i talk to the teachers and read the status sheets.

I'm excited still for my little bug.  Many more blogs of fun times to follow but today is the first so jump up for joy it has been great so far.

PS- Thanks for the great pictures Auntie KC!!! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Care/School

OK not so much school but Child Care!

By the grace of God we have been accepted into a financially friendly GOOD program for toddlers, that starts next week. I didn't really think of it as School till the Bugs God Mom made the correlation last week, and boy oh boy i was excited before then but now i am even more excited! 

When i started to think about it this is his first activity that's not family or church based but solely education orientated. SO EXCITING to know his mind will be challenged, his logic will have answers and methods to other logic questions and he will be in a setting to gain the social skills that he will need his entire life!

I loved him with grand parents and i am blessed for what they give me, but now we are in for routine and consistency ...oh my garage i am excited!!

Grand Parents all across the board seem to be the ones who are  gonna miss their time with him.  I am gonna miss being able to send a text or a call saying "whats he doing is he OK". or knowing if he fell, or got scratched he was consoled by a family member.  BUT the God mom has devised a great plan to help me. I will just text her "hows my Bug" and she will respond with some witty humor like "oh he is great just went sky diving" to make me smile and feel at ease...thank God for this woman!

This is just the begging of many many more  posts about this great journey we are starting.  I am looking forward to every moment that is to come!  Be on the look out for more pics and story's to come SOON!

I mean the first day of Day care, preschool and kindergarten is just one big photo shoot right?!?!

The great Big Bugs Birthday Book

I have a coupe people asking me "what do i get this guy for his birthday!"  My response...a hug and a smile!  Literally knowing that he has love prayers and support is all that is needed.

BUT for those who INSIST on spoiling him...posting things here i have seen him play with and know he would enjoy makes things a lot easier on me!  Its like the Big Christmas book toys r us puts out hahahah He is two and you have to buy him gifts in the 3-4 yr old range, sounds weird i know but its true.  If you buy him things in the two year category they will collect dust, he likes the challenge and stays busy. 

Again this is just for those who want direction in how to spend their cash, but we are NOT asking or expecting for anything.  Hope this gives some people direction but if you have question still feel free to ask away!


 Clothes, gift cards are always nice as well...anything that is a gift is amazing and we will be grateful. Some of the stuff above is very expensive, but can used as guidelines of interest for those who have been asking. 

Here we go two!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bugs first trip Scandia

My Bug was out with Grandpa yesterday causing havoc in the mean streets of the Inland Empire as usual, when they decided to bring their mischief to Scandia.

If you lived in the Inland Empire as a child Scandia was the hot spot! A mini amusement park where your parents dropped you off for some mini golf action, bumper boats, go carts and all sorts of random rides.  I had not been since i was in junior high school, and didn't have any sort of inkling to go until my Bug was old enough to do stuff on his own as i cheered him on from the "parents tables", so i was glad Grandpa jumped in to go.

The Bug had a blast running around, riding rides and when i got off work i heard all about their day.  THEN Grandpa informed me that he left the Bugs day pass on so that his mom, me the Momma Bug, could take him back when i got off work.  SO there i was after working an 11 hour day faced with these stories of how much fun my Bug had and given the opportunity to take him on his pre-paid ticket. Of course i mustard the strength and we bounced on over to the fun zone.  I could not sit at home resting in peace knowing my Bug could have been ripping and running having a ball, so my super mom cape went on and energy came along with it, in the form of a red bull.

It was actually a lot of fun and didn't take to much energy on my part.  Some of the ride attendants were cool as all get up too.  They saw he wasn't tall enough to ride some of the stuff by him self BUT they saw how not stupid he is for his age and height then let him bend some of the rules.  Plus it wasn't very packed there so he could run and burn energy with out being bombarded with people in his way. To him this place was huge and full of wonders...just like his Disneyland face except it was closer and cheaper.

The best part was his fascination just watching the big kids roller coaster.  The took off up the track and he waved and said "bye see you".  Just as they were about to make their dip down he covered his face real quick and ran under the coaster.  SO funny that something to simple kept him pondering yet occupied for about an hour.
He played on the poles in line
He drove a truck.
He rode a horse.

He flew a plane.

All in all we had a great time, and i think this is a great place to take your kid young or old to have some random fun, especially during the week.  Its not to expensive and its close to home...now i see why our parents drop us off there so much when we were kids! ;o)