Saturday, October 22, 2011

28 Month Update

We are a few days shy of being 28 months and the words are starting to come more frequently now.  Other kids have been talking for months BUT not my bug.  I am not complaining either, silence is golden because i know when he does start to talk it means i will have to answer and answer and answer all day long.  SO i am in no rush we will cross that bridge when it comes.  

But i thought id take a moment an give an update on the words we are using frequently and in the correct context.  

Ball Ball
Sit Sit 
Ny Ny (night Night)-he says this when it's time to go to sleep or when we see a bed, a bed is a Ny Ny 
Icold-when he is cold 
Acoo-trying to say "a cookie"
No No
Eat Eat 
Ree Ree-Read
acah-"A car" even its if a train or a truck is "acah"
where is it
there it is 


You can give the bug any direction, or talk to him in English and he COMPLETELY understand he just wont talk in full sentences (in English) yet.  I can also sign sentences like "Mommy said come here" or "Mommy said no, do not touch" and he understands...he might not listen all the time but he totally knows what i am saying. 

So our work continues i bet by Christmas we will have conversations....maybe then daycare will jump on board with this potty training stuff.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Funniest sign i saw all day, something i would do...
This years pumpkin patch was AMAZING as usual.  The Bug walked, maneuvered and ran all through the pumpkin patch this year.  He picked a pumpkin, fed animals, rode a pony, ran through a hay maze, AND walked all over campus. It was a great day and i cant wait for next years already.  Check out some pictures of our fun day.

Picking the PERFECT Pumpkins!
Feeding the animals.

We searched for the Perfect Pumpkin and my Bug ran all over the field, rode in his wagon, and pushed pumpkins up the hill. 

Then we went to the petting zoo and he had a great time letting the goats eat from his hand. 

The Bug loved riding the pony's, but HATED wearing the helmet.  He cried from the time we put it on until we averted his attention by getting him to sit on the horse.   When he got on he loved it! The horse stopped and he poked it as if he was telling the horse "c'mon go go". 

When had to get from the patch to the petting zoo and the Bug insisted he be the one the dragging the wagon, yet he kept crashing into next year we will work on that.  Then we ran through a hay maze while the Auntie chased him back and forth and back forth.

When we got home, i carved one of the pumpkins and made pumpkin seeds for the first time!!  I have to say my pumpkin came out pretty well and my seeds well they tasted good but i think i cooked them just a little to long.  They tasted like sunflower seeds.  
Mommy made pumpkin seeds and carved a Pretty cool Pumpkin

When we got to the car the Bug crashed HARD! It was a GREAT day.
Pumpkin Patch 2011 Crew, Auntie's, Mommy and Bug!

Bird Grandpa!

Last night the Bug was staying with his grandpa....doing man things, when i get the FUNNIEST phone call went a little something like this...

Grandpa: Hey, why is your son putting his index finger and thumb together in a pinching motion...he just keeps doing it in my face!

Me: OOH he is signing Bird

Grandpa: Oh we did see a bird on his cartoon...I wish you would teach this guy how to talk, ohkay BYE! 

and he hung up lol

Funniest thing ever, i mean my son does talk just in another language.  I find it funny that people don't associate his correct usage and understanding of ASL as talking when i see it as communication.  I wonder if people would think differently if i had started teaching him something more popular like Spanish.  Or maybe it would make more "sense" if it was something verbal. 

Maybe its more comical to me as last week i had a mom at the Bugs school ask me "what its like to have a deaf son".  I must have had the most confused looked on my face when i responded with "um i would not know, my son is not deaf he is just bi-lingual". 

I guess its just off the grain to teach your child something other than Spanish.  I figure when my Bug goes to school, pre school, and everywhere in between Spanish will come...then he will know THREE languages when you look at it like i do!

Friday, October 14, 2011

We have been busy Bugs!

Wow its been almost two months since i have written one blog!  You KNOW i have been busy if i have not been able to update on here! 

So here is whats going on...

The Bug:
  • Is still in Pre Pre School and having a BLAST with every passing day
  • LOVES to go to places like Pump It Up sliding and bouncing his way around   
Look at my youtube channel for more (ilikefootballz)
  • Says and Signs-Eat, Sit, Drink, NyNy(night night) every day!
  • He can look at pictures now and say and sign words.. For example when he sees a bed he points at it and says "Ny Ny".  We are still confused on drink and eat.  He says eat, signs eat then signs drink all three combined means he wants a capri...we have some defining work to do BUT hey its progress. 
  • We are still working on the potty training thing-he will take his diaper off and poop (ANYWHERE on the bed in the corners) but wont poop on the potty.  Needless to say he always has on pants over his diapers. Maybe i should invest in some undies and see if that promotes a different feeling. He doesn't associate the feeling with the location but knows your suppose to see poop and pee when u get off the pot...its gonna be a long road.  I am convinced i would take the teething and ear infections over potty training.We are looking at sports teams he can join early
  • While at school last week we bit someone twice in one day! i do not know when this phase started but i want it nipped in the bud with the quickness!

So much more is come and happen in our lives in the next two years i look forward to sharing the stories, just bare with us because A LOT is going on so i might be missing in action to report with big gaps in between.