Monday, January 30, 2012

Potty Training

Today my Co-Worker showed me the coolest thing that will aid in our potty training endeavors!

Its called the the Pottete Plus.  It is awesome for the following reasons:

1. You can slide it into a diaper bag, purse, back pack or just leave it in the car-which is good because you always have it so when your toddler says "I GOT TO GO!" you dont have to be frantic looking for a potty to avoid any accidents.

2. You can use it as an aid on a potty in a stall and your kids dont have to touch the gross potty, or you can use it with it liners as a stand alone potty for the times i mentioned above when there just is no potty. 

3.  The liners that attached to the potty have absorbent in them so you dont have pee and poop sloshing around with the possibility of leaking out.

If your interested in it this is how it works!

How to set the legs for potty use
(23 seconds)
How to fit the liner
(40 seconds)
How to set the supports for toilet training use
(30 seconds)
General how to use the Potette Plus
(61 seconds)
How to bag the Potette Plus for travelling
(35 seconds)
Click on a picture to view the required video on You Tube or CLICK HERE to access all of them

This will work well for us in our quest to concure the potty! Since i am a working mom my Bug is left with grandparents, aunts, uncles and grandparents who help me when i can not be there.  This is something that can travel with him well and is consistent to him when he ie learning.

Grandpa has been doing AMAZING and in two days has the bug peeing on the pot.  He has not been wearing bottoms so he has otten use to the feeling and runs to the pot when he has to go.  We are now moving onto get him to pull down training pants/ pull ups when he has to go...this is challeneging but its all a learning progresion so one day at a time and we will get there!

If you are interested in buying this for your self or as a gift (this would make an AWESOME GIFT!) Click here for distribution in the US... They also sale the liners too!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Magical Bug

My Bug thinks he is a magaican.

The funniest part is i have no idea where he got all this from.  He covers your hand in a napkin or whatever cloth thats available, then he says "where did it go".  He then blows on his other hand, says oh there it is and the first hand magically appears!


He started doing it one day at my brothers girlfriends house and now its like the thing he does, but i have no clue where he got it from. 

I start thinking of the things like how does he know you have to do something , blowing on the opposite hand, to make the first hand reappear.  The fact that he is understanding cause and effect, put two and two together, thinking makes me proud!

New Years 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Its a new year with so many wonderful things happening, i just hope i have time to share and document them all!

This new years we got to spend with Auntie April, my sister and my three nieces.  We had a blast too.

I made a pot of spaghetti, and we watched movies, played games and told jokes.  We played with the kids and trains, and the basket ball hoop Auntie April bought the bug and we let the kids party til the dropped!  The bug was the first to drop it was funny.  At 1030pm I was in the kitchen he came and grabbed my finger and said "Go" and lead me to the couch.  He said sit sit, i did just confused, and he jumped up in my lap nestled his head in the fat of my arm sighed and went right to sleep.  Two point five seconds and he was gone.  He could not hang at all i never would have thought he would have crashed so hard so soon, but he did.  My nieces were riders and they stayed up ready!

I even got to teach my middle niece Baby J, what do when the clock struck tweleve!  our conversation went like this:

ME: Ok J we are gonna see the tv do a count 10, 9, 8, 7 6 and when they get to 1 we all scream happy new year and drink sparkling grape juice
J: um why
ME: cuz that you do to welcome the new year
J: so i count, scream and then i get to drink sparkley juice?
Me: Yes!
J: Ok i can do that

It was awesome! we counted down, we screamed happy new year and then we drank sparkley juice! Then no joke by 12:18 my sister and i had the entire house sleep LMBO

We woke up the next day, and ate so great (waffles for the kids and chorizo, potatoes and eggs for adults) then headed out to the spend the day at the park.  It was an amazing way to start the new year.  Since we live in beautiful California, the weather was amazing too and i think we will now start the tradition to have a New Years BBQ at the park for the day after new years.  on a nice sunny hot day tanks, sandals, activities and food...i mean that sounds like a wonderful way to bring in the new year with folks you love!

Christmas 2011

Christmas was amazing.  Not only amazing but AMAHZING.  I truly understood how blessed we are to have so many people think of us and think so share their spirit with us...just to amazing for words.
My Bug learned that the house gets cold in the winter and house shoes are important and now he puts them on him self.  He is talking more and more but not full conversations yet so its still fun and cute.

His grammie flew in to spend the holiday with him and he LOVED it, because with grammy here that meant he got to go to bed with a movie while sharing his bed with someone at night.  He also went to the park with grammy and had her running all around.

On Christmas day my immediate family was together in one room for the first time since i was in junior high was great. The bug got so many presents he sighed toward the end of the mound of presents as if the paper around the gifts was just annoying.  My house was full of paper, boxes, and toys. We couldnt even step in the front room until my mom came through with bags like a cleaning machine! We then went to my God Mothers house for family dinner and there were more gifts!

SO at the end of the day we have a house full now of cars, trains, balls and a scooter hahaha.