Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas was amazing.  Not only amazing but AMAHZING.  I truly understood how blessed we are to have so many people think of us and think so share their spirit with us...just to amazing for words.
My Bug learned that the house gets cold in the winter and house shoes are important and now he puts them on him self.  He is talking more and more but not full conversations yet so its still fun and cute.

His grammie flew in to spend the holiday with him and he LOVED it, because with grammy here that meant he got to go to bed with a movie while sharing his bed with someone at night.  He also went to the park with grammy and had her running all around.

On Christmas day my immediate family was together in one room for the first time since i was in junior high was great. The bug got so many presents he sighed toward the end of the mound of presents as if the paper around the gifts was just annoying.  My house was full of paper, boxes, and toys. We couldnt even step in the front room until my mom came through with bags like a cleaning machine! We then went to my God Mothers house for family dinner and there were more gifts!

SO at the end of the day we have a house full now of cars, trains, balls and a scooter hahaha.

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