Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planning to Take the Baby Bug in the air

Been doing some research on traveling with babies and i'm even more nervous about traveling after i started reading all the do's and donts!

Beyond the normal, clothes suitcase etc that you need to travel here i go brain storming all the stuff i know i am going to "need" on top of all that, lugging in the airport alone with my Busy Baby Bug:

  • Car seat 
  • Umbrella Stroller
  • sippy cups
  • jackets since we are heading to the land of freezing cold weather
  • probably gonna have to get the baby bug some little boots and thicker socks too
  • Portable DVD player-I am not going across the country without the upside down show and cars
  • a new toy-so its something new to figure out and investigate which should equal quiet time
  • diapers and milk i am just gonna have enough to travel with and buy the rest there, b/c those are disposal things.  

Factors like should i take a Red eye Flight, in hopes that he sleeps?  Non stop vs stops, but i am pretty set that i am going to fly non stop so that way we just get it over with no breaks in between of trying to settle him down again.

I worry to much about the what if and the plan b, but i think this is just one of those times where my organization, patience and PRAYER will have to take the lead over my What if feelings...updates will come in the future i am sure.

Hook up of the week-Perscription Glasses on a budget

Prescription glasses and contacts are no joke when it comes to them as a necessity and not just an accessory.

But now with my hook up of the week Glasses Unlimited, you can have so many of your necessities that they can turn into accessories!

These are frames and prescription lenses CHEAP! These are not name brand frames but they are cute, they get the job done. I am a generic kind of shopper but styling it up at all the right times, and believe me this is one of those finds!

If you are like me things can super expensive when it comes to your eye sight.  $30 for your check up appointment, $75 for frames, and then paying for lenses is another arm and leg.  But now with sites like these you can get 2 pair of glasses different styles and frames with more than 50% of a discount than what you would normally pay for one pair of lenses at the eye doctor!

Its LEGIT i know at least two people who have done it and been VERY satisfied with their purchase!  Especially when your on a tight budget like me, this is a MAJOR hookup.  The frames are $9.99 and shipping is 5$.  All you need is your prescription and to know the distance between on of your eyes (and you should be able to get both of those ate your yearly check appointments).

Click on over check it out and enjoy being able to see a fraction of the cost that you were paying before!

Cutting the Grass

The Baby Bugs Grandpa was spending some time with the Baby Bug yesterday but he needed me to occupy the Baby Bug while he cut the grass. 

We bounced the ball up and down the drive way, ran up and down the street just had a grand time outside.  Then Grandpa started the lawn mower.  The Baby Bug was not scared he was more intrigued. All i saw was my Baby Bug studying what his grandpa was doing, but little did i know the wheels were turning in his head. 
No more than 3 minutes after i saw him stand frozen with with his lips poked out saying "ooooooooo" in amazement he grabbed his car and started "cutting the grass".

He was making sounds with his mouth and i did not know if he was mimicking the lawn mower of if he was making car sounds as he was driving his car, but he was FOCUSED! 
Cutting the grass like a pro, look at those turns!
Trying to Follow Grandpa to HELP

I'm glad he is learning good habits to mimic this young.  Watch out world in a few years i may have a young entrepreneur on my hands, or even in a few more years a young urban planner!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Non Dairy Milk vs. Soy Milk

Today i learned that i should not keep the Baby Bug on Soy Milk much longer as there is a chemical some where in the process of making the milk that makes your body react to it like estrogen would.  There are many breast cancer sites that warn woman on consuming to much soy products as they don't know if it helps or harms with breast cancer and it does a host of things to guys boobies and their "tenders"!

After the Baby Bugs NEW and improved Doctor hipped me to game she said something that gave me even more confidence in her, "go home, google it and read the research so you know what im saying isnt just words".  I appreciated that, even though she didn't know i was already on my google search via my BlackBerry before we stepped out of the office.  She was giving me information and telling me to make her accountable on her advice that she was giving me. ***snaps to her***

Here are some links i found that might help you if Soy Milk is something you want to give your child or even if you just want to be educated and no more:
My brother had a milk allergy growing up as well, and he grew up drinking Mocha Mix a non dairy milk.  I do not know the affects that had on him as a non dairy milk but i can tell you this he doesnt have boobies! LOL

The more i start to think about this stuff the more technical i get i confused i get, especially with government programs like WIC limiting my choices for my non-lactose drinking child. Your program is designed to help kids and mother stay healthy so why wouldnt you be on top of all the news about the food that have so many restrictions? 

So now i am looking to switch my Baby Bugs milk to Lactaid b/c thats Cows milk with out the enzyme that makes people with milk allergies sick.  If its better than soy milk, and its real milk just with out the enzyme why is this not an option when your participating in the WIC program?  Maybe they dont think moms will read up on all these signs in the times and lower incomed families will be test subjects to see if we will be raising little men who could grow up with boobies.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Its Official...the Baby Bug is now considered a toddler.

For any of you who know my Baby Bug you know he has really been a toddler since he was about 10 months old, since he started walking in his 7th month.  But now its official and legit per his doctor. 

She gave me a pamphlet on Toddlers which include the range of 16-23 months.  This pamphlet made me laugh.  It discusses all these signs to recognize if your kid is a toddler and honestly these are all things my Baby Bug was doing by the time he was 12 months old.

It felt kinda good like one thing down onto the next.  The next accomplished goals id like to hit are getting rid of the diaper bag and him forming sentences, signing or speaking.  Getting rid of the diaper bag seems like you get to breath a little more with out out being so dependent and the biggest part about it, i get to carry a purse again...WOOHOO!!

A few stats for you a few days shy of being 16 months:
  • Weight 24 lbs
  • Height 31.5 inches 
  • Head size 19.5  (yes he has a big head, she measured twice to get the right measurements)
  • Shoe Size 6
  • She said he has big hands to, so i am thinking by the combination of things it sounds like he is gonna be a big guy...but we shall see what the future holds.  

    Baby Crack

    Little moments come when the Baby Bug stops moving and is engrossed in something and i am thankful for them.  Recently he has been into this show called the "Upside Down Show", or as i like to call it baby crack.

    When this show is on he is mesmerized.  His attention is locked in and i have 20 minutes of thinking time, washing dishes time, doing laundry or cleaning.  For us it comes on Nick Jr. every night at 8 and 830, times i use to look forward to, BUT now with the help of the Baby Bugs Grandpa i have a few episodes on DVD.  Yes, so at any given moment i can be productive and multi task as i listen to him laugh, giggle and talk back to Shane and David.

    This show seems sooo simple, two guys with an imaginary remote, some fuzz balls, and a hand puppet.  Thats it, they imagine just about everything else and my son loves it!

    If you haven't seen and you have kids check it out, if you have kids and you watch it i am sure you like myself catch your self doing the "The Happy Fly Ditty" or dancing "Utter Chaos" to make your little laugh...i know i do.

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    Sesame Street Hair Song

    I do not have a little girl and i dont think i will have the Baby Bugs hair grown out any time while i make the decisions about his hair.  BUT i love this video so i am sharing.

    I think i love it so much b/c i have always had THICK THICK hair and when i was little my mom and dad wanted their little girl to have long hair.  So when i was little i walked around with a blanket of hair on my head.  No Joke.  If you know any one who knew me when i was little ask them one thing they remember about me and the first thing they will say is she had hair she was tender headed. My dad even got schooled at one point when he was given the opportunity to "do my hair" one day...didn't even make it through one pony tail before he handed the comb and brush back to mom  saying " i will never question anything that deals with her hair again".
    When i was 1 it was just kinda all over the place and free
    I think i was 4 or 5 here, but check the pony tails...not pressed, and in at least 4 pony tails at all times, my mom kept it done and CUTE!

    I loved and still LOVE my hair.  Even though i have had stylist charge me more, refer me to other stylist because they couldn't deal, and even threaten to cut my hair off before my mom came back pick me up.  So i share this song b/c even at 29 years young it makes me smile and sing along.  Enjoy it, share it and maybe you to will be able to relate at any age!

    No Sleep No Sleep La La La La La LAAAAAAA

    Keeping it real, times like today happen and are rough! My friend said it best when she had her baby-"if i could purchase sleep on the black market that would be the best come up ever!" -A. That statement is truer to me now than ever before in my entire time experiencing mother hood thus far.

    The Baby Bug fell asleep last night at 7:30pm. I thought ok kool, then 30 minutes later he was up and ready to play.  So i sighed but i knew it was still early and could get him back to sleep by 10:00pm so i would at least get some sleep.  6 hours cumulative is all i really need to function these days.  

    10pm came and we were sleep again, so i said well im not gonna pack lunches or clean (didn't even completely any of my night time activities) b/c i was tired and was determined to try and get some sleep.  Good thing i thought to lay it down then too b/c my night took off from there. 

    Midnight we were up again, whining and wanting to play. We changed his diaper, rubbed on some Ora gel and headed back to bed.

    2 am we are up AGAIN  whinning and tossing and turning. We take some tylenol change the diaper have a cup of milk and head off to sleep again. 

    4 am taaadaaa we are up again! we drank a little milk had another diaper change and at that point i just layed down with him. He was laying in my arms talking to Angels or family members who have passed and are now watching over him, til he fell asleep.  We both drifted off to sleep only to be awaken by my alarm telling me i was late getting up for work. Each time we were up i was up for 45 minutes at least.  So needless to say i am drained right now.

    Thank God, i asked his grammy to come early today, before i knew what the night had in store for me i had hopes i was gonna get to work early.  My mom came in the door this morning like super woman grabbed her little grandbaby and they snuggled.  She snuggled better than me today apparently because he went right back to sleep instantly with her!  

    Then i ran around like flash took a shower, packed my lunch and threw my hair in a pony tail and just as i walked out the door i see them snuggled under a blanket on the couch sleeping the morning away.  It was a cute sight.  BUT now cute is out the window, im exhausted and still have to put on my worker hat and then put my mommy hat back on in a few hours.  Worst part is when i get home he is gonna be rested, cleaned and fed and ready to get through the day and im gonna be dragging. 

    Oh well though thats just today, tomorrow will be better so i just send prayers up all day and keep it pushing and all will be GREAT!

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    Nipping the sniffles in the bud

    Ahhh its October finally so you know what is just around the corner...winter colds!

    I am a product of a mother who is not into medicine and pill popping so I've learned a bunch of home remedies that i have already started pumping in and around the Baby Bug to make sure he doesn't get hit hard with sniffles and coughs this winter.  Im on a mission to get his little body to keep those immunity's built up and fighting off the bad guys.

    This weekend i cleaned house.  I mean cleaned too, like my Grandmother said from the front door to the back door, from the ceiling to the floor clean.  Cant fight new germs while old germs are lingering.

    Next i put 4 cups of water in a pot, added a cinnamon stick and a tsp of olive oil.  Let it boil on the stove for a couple hours. I do not know all the reasons why we do this or even it is scientifically sound and true BUT my mom and aunts have done it and it works.  I think the cinnamon burns bacteria in the air, but hey even if that is a bunch of hogwash your house will smell great for a long time using an inexpensive method. 

    After we cleaned we took a trip to the store.  Picked up some chicken, and made chicken soup.  I didn't post this as a recipe b/c its one of those recipes where you don't measure the ingredients.  A lot of my cooking education came this way, it works for me but i cant pass things on to others well this way, with out you watching me the entire time.  I can tell you all the goods in the soup though!  I was taught to boil a whole chicken, but i cheat b/c a whole chicken has way to many bones for me.  I take four chicken breast halves (with the bones, gotta have the ones with bones the fillets wont work the same) and boil them in a pot, sub merged in water with two onions and seasoning.  When its about to fall off the bone, I take it out and de-bone it, and put the shredded chicken back in the water with a bouillon cube.  Then i toss in chopped carrots, cilantro, peppers & ginger.  My mom adds SO many more veggies in hers that i do but thanks to my lovely mother I know  the reason i add everything that i do into my soup.

    Beyond the fact that all the veggies in my soup are packed with great vitamins here are some of the things i learned from my mom about what is and isn't in my soup.
    • Carrots-lower blood pressure, prevent constipation, and  i think they do something for asthma people (my bother had asthma HARDCORE when we were little so that might be when those got introduced in our diet)
    • Cilantro- i think this a detox in some way for you, helping to flush the bad 
    • Peppers-Cayenne, Serrano help to cleanse your colony.  Especially as all these veggies with dietary fibers are running out the bad you cleanse while they are on way out
    • Ginger is a wonder veggie not many capitalize on, my mom puts it in tea's, soups and sometime she just sucks on to clear her nasal passages and cleanse her palate.  I took this answer from wiki b/c it was the best one in so little words:
    "Ginger is one the foods with the highest content of antioxidants. Not only does it act as a natural antihistamine and a mild decongestant, it is also great for sore throat. The herb promotes the release of bile from gallbladder for people suffering from gallstones. Ginger may also decrease joint pain from arthritis, and blood thinning and cholesterol lowering properties that may make it useful for treating heart disease. "
    I made a pot of rice on the side and put some soup on top and the Baby Bug smacked away! No noodles b/c that is way to many carbs as your laying down, brown rice is best for you with chicken soup but i dislike brown rice soooo i get half way good and just do rice hahaha.

    Next week we are gonna get him to sip some of his Grammy's famous "Juice". If you have been around my mom sick then you know about "The juice" as she has probably tried to make you sip on at one point or another.  I am not posting that break down here b/c i am not sure she wants it spread around on the net for someone else to sell in the masses and make some money on her invention.  Yes its that good (like works) and homemade.

    I start all this prep to guard off hopefully some level of what sickness comes knocking at our door this year, and as i start contemplating weather or not the baby bug will get a flu shot. I think people need to get back in the swing of doing things at home, being proactive and handling problems with their health even before they start to happen.  Doctors can only prescribe pills to do so much, but if you handle the simple things it may be less expense in time and money in the end.

    Pumpkin Patch 2010

    As foreseen we had a blast at the pumpkin patch and left with so many memories, stories & pictures to share.  I get so excited for this day and it never seems to fail me.

    We have been to Cal Poly Pomona's Pumpkin Patch before.  I made my first trip with my old college roomie our first year at CPP.  The Baby Bug's first patch happened when he was 4 months old!

    The Baby Bug at his 1st Pumpkin Patch Event

    This year i couldn't get this rambunctious little guy to even think about sitting on a pumpkin to pose for a picture. 

    Every year we have exposed someone to our Pumpkin Patch tradition, this year his God Mommy Kippyskppy and Big Mike came out with us to make our 2010 trip very special.  We all had a blast too, click on over to Fairy Godmother Photography's Blog to check out all the great pics of the baby bug.

    We were planning to be at the Patch at 0745.  I do not play when it comes to getting there early because this patch see's over 2000 people in two days...its a big deal. I didn't set an alarm because when you have kids they are your alarm, but the one day i have early morning plans the Baby Bug decides he was gonna sleep in.  SO we ended up leaving a little later but we still got there in enough time to beat the huge crowds.

    We met up with Kippyskppy and Big Mike, well really they met up with us as the Baby Bug decided he was gonna run laps through the pumpkin patch. The Baby Bug found some little Baby Pumpkins perfect for him, with the assistance of Big Mikes keen eye.
    Baby Bug's 2nd year  at the Pumpkin Patch
    He brought me a pumpkin like this is it mom this is thee one! So i put his little baby pumpkin in my pocket and we frolicked some more through the patch as his God Mommy snapped away with her fancy camera and creative eye.

     On our way o the petting zoo, at some point along the way, i noticed their was a name on the baby pumpkin.

    I do not know if he gaffled someones pumpkin or if someone was requesting a prayer. So we just called the pumpkin by the name written on it Ethan and sent a prayer up for a child named Ethan who crossed that CPP pumpkin patch.  If that was a moms way of "reserving" her kids pumpkin she now knows that was a horribly failed method.  I mean I thought everyone at the patch at least knew that rule...if its not in your arms, your wagon, or being carried by whatever method worked best for you to get the pumpkins out of the patch it was free game.  Hey if his mom didn't the Baby Bugs mom did ;o)

    It amazes me how many people live close to the college and do not take advantage of such a great event.  I mean its practically free for the most part, and the money that you do spend on pumpkins, food, and activities goes directly to the clubs on campus. All the alum in the area should at least be partaking in a the great Patch weekend if not for the event but to show support.

    Its fun to be a veteran at events like these.  I sit back and watch people who walk into the patch and then leave using their kids strollers, their sweatshirts, and arms full of pumpkins just to get them all to the car.  I learn each year what to do and what not do, what to bring and what not to bring, and the order in which you should the activities there.  This year we saw a lady who duck-tapped her pumpkins in a pile on her they wouldn't fall off in transit! I also know that by next year the Baby Bug should have his wagon so then i will be a legit veteran with kid.  Right now the rule is we will take home what he can carry, but as he gets older i know that's gonna change quick.

    We took a visit to the petting zoo, climbed up a tractor, ate pumpkin bread chocolate chip cookies and had a great time.

    If you haven't gone before i really suggest next year you should definitely at least check it out. ESPECIALLY if you have kids! Its free to get in, its free parking, and things are cheap like $1 kind of event to make your kids tired and create great memories to last their life time.  Who knows it might even be something they start doing with their own families.

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Once a month I take the Baby Bug on an excursion.

    Last month we went to the LA County fair. This month we are going to Cal Poly Pomona's annual pumpkin patch!

    This will be the Baby Bugs 2nd pumpkin patch in his like time! I love this patch, and have been for the last 10 years. Games, rides, farm store sales, insect fair, and petting zoo. They also sell fresh honey, fruits, meats and Dr.Bobs ice cream, all of which is made/grown on campus...well except the ice cream that's a former professors creation.

    When we get back I am sure I will pictures and hopefully an amazing story or two to tell!
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    Monday, October 11, 2010

    When you are older you know you are suppose to go to the dentist, but sometimes your 6 month check up gets pushed back while.  What does your dentist or send you a post card, or an email now a days.  The Baby Bugs dentist is a little more pro active.   

    We received a package from the dentist, colorful and big. I went into grown up mode thinking it was paper work to be filled out also including paper work to let me know when to make my way into the office for his first dentist appointment.  I was sadly mistaken, it was a package to get us both excited about making our first trip the dentist and how to make it a good one. 

    The Baby Bug got
    • a tooth brush- not a rinky dink generic one any one can use BUT an oral b kids tooth brush
    • a big tube of tooth paste- not a trial size but normal size like what adults would buy
    • floss and mouth wash- i do not quite understand why he got these just yet i mean other than to look at, but ill save it for the right time
    • instructions on how to brush his teeth correctly-detailed place the brush at a 45 degree angle and lightly stroke back and fourth 
    His dentist said "why wait for him to come in with his new teeth all rotted out" ( not that i would let that happen within my power).  I do not think my dentist would do that, but if he did i just maybe feel a little bit more on top of making my appointments on time.  At the same time i now have know room to come up with excuse for not being on top of the Baby Bugs dental health. 

    To date we have four front teeth on the top, four front teeth on the bottom, one molar on the bottom right that has broken free and one molar on the bottom left about to peak through the gum!

    Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Mimi Time

    Things I do when the Baby Bug sleeps:

    1. Above all things I SLEEP- he gets charged up and ready for round 2 so I think I should as well!

    2. Cut his nails and hair- he doesn't move doesn't whine and I get the job done quickly and efficiently!

    3. Clean- perfect time to pick up toys with out little hands helpin me by taking then all out their baskets. Wash the dishes with no interruptions.

    4. Organize things for the next moment he will be up- like at nap time I start preparing what he will eat for dinner, what we will wear after bath time pour the milk and juice in sippy cups etc. At bed time I make lunches and lay out clothes for the next day.

    5. Take a bath- the only quiet time where I can count on a good 1 hour soak and do something for myself.

    6. Bake cookies- my toaster oven is a gift from God. Pre made chocolate chip cookie dough makes three cookies perfect in 5 minutes, my cookies and cup of tea while watching something other than Nick Jr....bliss.

    When you are the one doing it all you gotta manage your time well and do thing that also keep you sane!

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    The Baby Bug has Big hands

    Today I found a fun prediction activity on the mayo clinic's website.

    How to assume the height of your kids. Now its not pin point accurate but the statistic show that most kids range within 4 inches of the estimate. Don't know how true that is but it seems fun to see how accurate it will be.

    There are two popular methods of guessing your child's adult height. The first one is what I've heard of most, when your child is 2 years of age take their height and double that. Well since my Baby Bug isn't two yet I'm going with the 2nd method I read about.

    You take the mother and fathers height (in inches) and add them together. For a boy you add 5 to the total and for girls you subtract 5 from that total. Then you divide that number by 2.

    Ok so the Baby Bugs donor was 6'3'' (give or a take a few inches). I am 5'2". So that's {(75+62)+5}/2.

    That's about 6 feet! Not to bad for a Baby Bug. So when he is two we will revisit this blog and see if his then height double will be about 6 feet. Between 13-17 years old boys stop growing and at that time ill revisit again to see which method was most accurate.

    Hope I remember to check back in, somebody remember to ask me!

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010


    Last night i was sitting on the couch watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, yes its HECKA FUNNY, and the Baby bugs comes up to me and says "EAT" while doing the ASL sign for eat. 

    He may not do these signs when i want want him to yet, and i do not know how many of them he really knows, but he is learning.  He is learning the signs and putting them into the play at the right times. This is by far mmy favorite stage in his growth.  It is amazing to watch him grow, and truly understand words and gestures while using them correctly. 

    I could do with out the tantrums, the throwing of objects, and piercing high pitch scream but this to shall pass. 

    P.S. Attached is a video of the Baby Bug Signing eat last night.  I had to get up and give him food after he so CLEARLY stated he was hungry!  Thanks to  his Auntie Amber for taping him on the down low, hence why you see so much of our kitchen island. Every time she would pull the camera out to tape him he would shake his head back and forth saying no instead of eat, so we had to be a little sneaky, but enjoy!

    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Apple chips

    Great snack idea I got from the Food Networks twitter via the Fairy God Mother KippySkppy!

    It sounds like the bug will enjoy it so I'm excited to try it out and see!

    Make apple chips: Thinly slice 3 apples; bake on a parchment-lined cookie sheet in a 200˚ oven, 1 hour. Sprinkle with salt.

    Monday, October 4, 2010

    Diapers off

    Whose kid takes their diaper off while they are sleep in bed?

    Yes that's right the baby bug does. What kid does that!!! His diaper was fully off one leg in his pajamas...this can't be normal.

    Maybe he will learn that's why he woke up drenched...he didn't quite like that so maybe just maybe that was his ah haaa moment with this experiment.

    I don't wanna discipline him for taking it rather than let him know OK If u don't want your diaper on then we r gonna sit on the potty. But at night, laying in bed going to sleep...come on little bug!

    A different sort of night out

    This weekend I was so excited to hang with adults and just kick back i didn't know what to do.

    I did my hair and make up for the first time in months. Had a sitter for as long as I was gonna be out and I was ready! I even showed up early to hang with the girls and do the "let's primp" thing with radio blasting like we were in college once again.

    A couple hours later people started showing up and the party had started. A couple years ago 30 minutes into the party where was I to be found? Making a drink, in the middle of the dance floor around the snack table cracking jokes maybe but this day and age where was I to be found...In a bed, with the covers on me snuggled with a pillow in the pitch black quiet room knocked out. No joke I wasn't sleep I was knocked out. My siblings came to try and wake me up but I wasn't budging.

    It was the first time I just got to sleep. No thoughts of waking up for a diaper change, a feeding, or a fussy baby. I just slept. I was comfortable and my brain wasn't on. I didn't think of putting in overtime, what lunches had to be packed or assignments that were waiting on me to be finished at work. I just slept.

    Never in my life have I slept through a party. Never say never because it was officially the most relaxing deep sleep I have gotten in two years to date. I know many where amazed who know me and were there. Though for those in attendance and especially those who put the effort in to wake me and did not succeed, this may be hard for anyone to understand BUT I had the best time that night out.

    It was a much different night than those I am use to, especially from what I remember of partying... I laughed, I danced and I slept a long non thinking undisturbed restful sleep, it was a great night out.