Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Baby Bug has Big hands

Today I found a fun prediction activity on the mayo clinic's website.

How to assume the height of your kids. Now its not pin point accurate but the statistic show that most kids range within 4 inches of the estimate. Don't know how true that is but it seems fun to see how accurate it will be.

There are two popular methods of guessing your child's adult height. The first one is what I've heard of most, when your child is 2 years of age take their height and double that. Well since my Baby Bug isn't two yet I'm going with the 2nd method I read about.

You take the mother and fathers height (in inches) and add them together. For a boy you add 5 to the total and for girls you subtract 5 from that total. Then you divide that number by 2.

Ok so the Baby Bugs donor was 6'3'' (give or a take a few inches). I am 5'2". So that's {(75+62)+5}/2.

That's about 6 feet! Not to bad for a Baby Bug. So when he is two we will revisit this blog and see if his then height double will be about 6 feet. Between 13-17 years old boys stop growing and at that time ill revisit again to see which method was most accurate.

Hope I remember to check back in, somebody remember to ask me!

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