Sunday, October 10, 2010

Mimi Time

Things I do when the Baby Bug sleeps:

1. Above all things I SLEEP- he gets charged up and ready for round 2 so I think I should as well!

2. Cut his nails and hair- he doesn't move doesn't whine and I get the job done quickly and efficiently!

3. Clean- perfect time to pick up toys with out little hands helpin me by taking then all out their baskets. Wash the dishes with no interruptions.

4. Organize things for the next moment he will be up- like at nap time I start preparing what he will eat for dinner, what we will wear after bath time pour the milk and juice in sippy cups etc. At bed time I make lunches and lay out clothes for the next day.

5. Take a bath- the only quiet time where I can count on a good 1 hour soak and do something for myself.

6. Bake cookies- my toaster oven is a gift from God. Pre made chocolate chip cookie dough makes three cookies perfect in 5 minutes, my cookies and cup of tea while watching something other than Nick Jr....bliss.

When you are the one doing it all you gotta manage your time well and do thing that also keep you sane!

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