Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

As foreseen we had a blast at the pumpkin patch and left with so many memories, stories & pictures to share.  I get so excited for this day and it never seems to fail me.

We have been to Cal Poly Pomona's Pumpkin Patch before.  I made my first trip with my old college roomie our first year at CPP.  The Baby Bug's first patch happened when he was 4 months old!

The Baby Bug at his 1st Pumpkin Patch Event

This year i couldn't get this rambunctious little guy to even think about sitting on a pumpkin to pose for a picture. 

Every year we have exposed someone to our Pumpkin Patch tradition, this year his God Mommy Kippyskppy and Big Mike came out with us to make our 2010 trip very special.  We all had a blast too, click on over to Fairy Godmother Photography's Blog to check out all the great pics of the baby bug.

We were planning to be at the Patch at 0745.  I do not play when it comes to getting there early because this patch see's over 2000 people in two days...its a big deal. I didn't set an alarm because when you have kids they are your alarm, but the one day i have early morning plans the Baby Bug decides he was gonna sleep in.  SO we ended up leaving a little later but we still got there in enough time to beat the huge crowds.

We met up with Kippyskppy and Big Mike, well really they met up with us as the Baby Bug decided he was gonna run laps through the pumpkin patch. The Baby Bug found some little Baby Pumpkins perfect for him, with the assistance of Big Mikes keen eye.
Baby Bug's 2nd year  at the Pumpkin Patch
He brought me a pumpkin like this is it mom this is thee one! So i put his little baby pumpkin in my pocket and we frolicked some more through the patch as his God Mommy snapped away with her fancy camera and creative eye.

 On our way o the petting zoo, at some point along the way, i noticed their was a name on the baby pumpkin.

I do not know if he gaffled someones pumpkin or if someone was requesting a prayer. So we just called the pumpkin by the name written on it Ethan and sent a prayer up for a child named Ethan who crossed that CPP pumpkin patch.  If that was a moms way of "reserving" her kids pumpkin she now knows that was a horribly failed method.  I mean I thought everyone at the patch at least knew that rule...if its not in your arms, your wagon, or being carried by whatever method worked best for you to get the pumpkins out of the patch it was free game.  Hey if his mom didn't the Baby Bugs mom did ;o)

It amazes me how many people live close to the college and do not take advantage of such a great event.  I mean its practically free for the most part, and the money that you do spend on pumpkins, food, and activities goes directly to the clubs on campus. All the alum in the area should at least be partaking in a the great Patch weekend if not for the event but to show support.

Its fun to be a veteran at events like these.  I sit back and watch people who walk into the patch and then leave using their kids strollers, their sweatshirts, and arms full of pumpkins just to get them all to the car.  I learn each year what to do and what not do, what to bring and what not to bring, and the order in which you should the activities there.  This year we saw a lady who duck-tapped her pumpkins in a pile on her they wouldn't fall off in transit! I also know that by next year the Baby Bug should have his wagon so then i will be a legit veteran with kid.  Right now the rule is we will take home what he can carry, but as he gets older i know that's gonna change quick.

We took a visit to the petting zoo, climbed up a tractor, ate pumpkin bread chocolate chip cookies and had a great time.

If you haven't gone before i really suggest next year you should definitely at least check it out. ESPECIALLY if you have kids! Its free to get in, its free parking, and things are cheap like $1 kind of event to make your kids tired and create great memories to last their life time.  Who knows it might even be something they start doing with their own families.


  1. It makes my heart happy to see these photos being used & as always your son warms me to my core...

    Thank you so much for letting Big Mike & I tag along! We had so much fun!

  2. My office has chuckled at Ethan.