Friday, October 22, 2010


Its Official...the Baby Bug is now considered a toddler.

For any of you who know my Baby Bug you know he has really been a toddler since he was about 10 months old, since he started walking in his 7th month.  But now its official and legit per his doctor. 

She gave me a pamphlet on Toddlers which include the range of 16-23 months.  This pamphlet made me laugh.  It discusses all these signs to recognize if your kid is a toddler and honestly these are all things my Baby Bug was doing by the time he was 12 months old.

It felt kinda good like one thing down onto the next.  The next accomplished goals id like to hit are getting rid of the diaper bag and him forming sentences, signing or speaking.  Getting rid of the diaper bag seems like you get to breath a little more with out out being so dependent and the biggest part about it, i get to carry a purse again...WOOHOO!!

A few stats for you a few days shy of being 16 months:
  • Weight 24 lbs
  • Height 31.5 inches 
  • Head size 19.5  (yes he has a big head, she measured twice to get the right measurements)
  • Shoe Size 6
  • She said he has big hands to, so i am thinking by the combination of things it sounds like he is gonna be a big guy...but we shall see what the future holds.  

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    1. so we are basically in the 50th percentile of everything except he has a big head lol