Monday, October 4, 2010

A different sort of night out

This weekend I was so excited to hang with adults and just kick back i didn't know what to do.

I did my hair and make up for the first time in months. Had a sitter for as long as I was gonna be out and I was ready! I even showed up early to hang with the girls and do the "let's primp" thing with radio blasting like we were in college once again.

A couple hours later people started showing up and the party had started. A couple years ago 30 minutes into the party where was I to be found? Making a drink, in the middle of the dance floor around the snack table cracking jokes maybe but this day and age where was I to be found...In a bed, with the covers on me snuggled with a pillow in the pitch black quiet room knocked out. No joke I wasn't sleep I was knocked out. My siblings came to try and wake me up but I wasn't budging.

It was the first time I just got to sleep. No thoughts of waking up for a diaper change, a feeding, or a fussy baby. I just slept. I was comfortable and my brain wasn't on. I didn't think of putting in overtime, what lunches had to be packed or assignments that were waiting on me to be finished at work. I just slept.

Never in my life have I slept through a party. Never say never because it was officially the most relaxing deep sleep I have gotten in two years to date. I know many where amazed who know me and were there. Though for those in attendance and especially those who put the effort in to wake me and did not succeed, this may be hard for anyone to understand BUT I had the best time that night out.

It was a much different night than those I am use to, especially from what I remember of partying... I laughed, I danced and I slept a long non thinking undisturbed restful sleep, it was a great night out.

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