Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh my it has been half of a year since i have been able to take a minute and fill in on this blog...oh how i have missed checking in!

Well lets go down the months


Christmas in our first house was AMAZING!
Our neighbors gave us an 8 foot Christmas tree and we hosted Christmas dinner with the family.  We had our house full of family, memories and love. It was amazing. 

My bug opened one present from his Papa (a set of three air planes) and then sat on the couch clutching his planes and would NOT open another present. I think he was afraid he would have to trade the planes, so he was clutching them for dear life saying "no my planes, i want planes" LOL  My dad has now decided that he will get one large bucket to open instead of individually wrapped presents.

The Bug did get a BIG present this year.  All the aunties and Uncles pitched in and bought a swing set (aka the playground/jungle gym) and my brother and i set it up in the backyard.  TOTALLY under estimated the size and effort to put this beast together but in the end its pretty amazing.  The Bug and all the kids love it.  Its also nice knowing they have something to play with, use their imaginations and energy on outside and not in front of the TV. 

New Years was only amazing because i closed out one great year with my Bug and we started a new one together, happy and healthy! When the clock struck 12 he ran from one side of the house to the other watching all of our neighbors and surrounding areas light fireworks... then promptly at 1:09am he said "night night mama" and went to sleep (in my bed)

Our Ravens won the super bowl and of course we said if they made it the house would be purple and black during our super bowl party sooo we went all out.  Someone was even nice enough to make us matching shirts for the day! 

After a year or trying different things, my brother FINALLY got the Bug to fall asleep in his own bed.  He still wakes up in the middle of the night to get in bed with me, but at least this is a start.

I took my bug for his first Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles trip. It was classic.  We went with one of his aunties (she calls the Bug "poopoo" so he started calling her TiTi Poo Poo LMBO) The bug ate all his waffle but didn't care for the chicken...That was fine with the auntie and i who then split his chicken on his "Country Boy Number 9"--to you REAL Roscoes fans it will always be a country boy and not an Obama :-P


The Titi came out for her first visit since she moved all the way to the other ended of the earth to be with her boo-thang and she brought the Bug a tent.  Not just a tent let me correct myself she bought him a gigantoid Circus tent.  It takes up a fourth of the Bugs room and he LOVES it.

I got the Bug peeling cuties. He wont eat one but he will peel it for me. When the cutie has the skin on it he says "mama look apple" i say no its an orange, "oh yea sure Orange"...then he peels it and with a gasp of excitement screams "MAMA LOOK a Pumpkin!" lol I was stumped the first time but i just explained its still and orange. Deep down i do not think he believes me.

Resurrection came and was amazing this year spiritually for me. I joined a lovely women's group at our church and i started new traditions. I made a resurrection tree this year. It was a tree with plastic eggs and each egg had a visual of a scripture, like am advent calendar counting down until Resurrection day.  I also had the nieces and nephews over for a day of pizza, dieing eggs, decorating paper baskets on Resurrection eve.  Family + Fellowship= Memories!

Brings us up to date!

We are ending the Bugs FIRST organized sports venture.  It has been a funny funny season and i am exhausted, but my Bug had a blast and that is what counts. 

Next i am looking into preschools still (prices are just outrageous for me like 100 for two half days a week...not conducive for a single mom)...and looking at swim and tumbling classes for the Bug possibly Karate/Judo sooo who knows!

I do know that i REALLY hope i get to update sooner than later, dont think i could wait another six months to add to this book!

Oh some stats
42 Inches (i think)
Size 4/5 in Boys (ekkk not toddlers anymore!)
and size 12.5 shoe