About the Momma Bug & her spot

I'm blessed beyond measure knowing that above all things i am highly favored. A daughter, a sister, a niece, a cousin, an aunt, a mother, a friend, an employee, a mentor...a rare breed, truly one of kind type of lady...that's me.
Taken By Valerie Ackerman Amazing Maternity and new born shots http://www.valerieackermanphotography.com/

I have lived in southern California my entire life. In college i was highly involved in campus activities, so involved that i been to just about every state ( When i hit Idaho i will have concurred every state in America!). Being involved in my past years with family, school and work i have gained a lot of experience  wearing many different hats that have prepared me for the major roles i play in life at this point.

Being an unattached working mother i have come to the conclusion that i have never been challenged more in my day to day life than i am now. At the same time i would not trade any of the situations or circumstances that have gotten me to this point. My grandmother once told me, "never regret anything you do. You did it for a reason so you learn from the experience.  If it was good you smile reminiscing of the memory, if it was bad you still reminisce but you also know what not to do in the future." That little phrase along with my faith in God have molded me into the woman i am today.  I am an optimistic because i have faith, and i have faith because i am optimistic.  It all works out in so many many ways.  I understand my life is planned and it is my role to keep moving forward and live out the plan and live in the overflow of blessings.  In doing so i am not gonna bring on any more "bad days" or negative experiences on my self that aren't already planned or promised.  

When i found out that i was pregnant i had so many mixed emotions and feelings racing through my  mind and body (along with so many hormones). The guy i was dating at the time had many of his own as well.  After numerous discussions we split ways at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I went through my pregnancy and labor as an unattached parent.  I can not say i am doing it "alone" because i have been blessed with an unaccountable amount of family and friends who are the village aiding in raising my baby bug, but I am my Baby Bug's only parental unit. 
Taken By Valerie Ackerman Amazing Maternity and new born shots http://www.valerieackermanphotography.com/

I have come to many moments where i have to stop pray and re-think the strategy at hand to concur the situations i face to stay on the right path im being guided down.  That's where my blog idea started and came into to play.  I am starting this blog in hopes that one day in the future when my bug is almost a grown man i look back and see the record of all the stuff that was forgotten or doesn't get told. The stories and pictures i know years from now i will forget but would love to recollect and reminisce about.  Along the way i may even help someone else who was facing a similar issue.

So enjoy, laugh, or even learn because with my Baby Bug any journey started will be an interesting one!