Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat your food Bug!

Today is not my Bugs day!

He refuses to eat and keeps signing that he wants milk. I refuse to fill him up with just liquid. So if we both refuse I am determined to win!

I have made popcorn chicken, baked fries, green beans, spaghetti, and lil smokies. I even gave him a few ounces of milk but not enough to fill him up and he wants to only drink and not eat so I won't give him more milk till he eats something off his plate.

So naturally he is walking around hanging on me crying. He signs milk and sign eat back and his cry gets louder...its actually kind of comical.

Then a moment ago he threw a mini fit but in a big boy way. He walked in his room still crying closed his door, got in his bed and started balling. He finished crying grabbed a toy, opened his door as if everything was ok because he was in a bad dream.

He played with his toy for a moment, looked at his sponge bob cup half way full of water and his plate and then signed milk. I signed eat back to him and the crying started back up as he ran in his room.

This kid is 21months doing this stuff, if this is the preview to the terrible 2's laughter better stay with me to get me through!

Oh and in the time it took me to write this he came out, sat down and started eating...doing it slow as if he is protesting but gosh darn it we are doing it. Food makes me happy so its hard to fathom someone who protests it so much! Especially when you have so many options.

Well now I'm off to tell him he is doing a good job...
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How im learning to sneak veggies in...

Beef Broccoli BOMBED fail #32 in the food department

I even tried to get him involved in the making of the dish to make it more appeasing. I washed and cut the brocolli and had him throw each one in the pan and help stir it up...but when it came time to eat it he spit it out and then scrapped his tongue with his little hand in disgust.  This is my Bug we are talking about and since he is my spawn he has to be a little dramatic to give you the full the effect that he didn't like what was in his mouth.

So onto veggie spaghetti. I knew he already loved spaghetti, but now i was gonna be sneeky  MWUAHHHAAAA and pack his spaghetti with so many veggies and hid them in every bit! IT WAS A HIT! he ate the entire bowl and didn't even know he got an UBER amount of super good food for his little body.

Heres how i did it...

Veggie Power Spaghetti

8ounce pasta stars or mini shells
2 Tomatoes
1 onion
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1 italian squash
1 yellow squash
1 zuchinni
1 can of salt free tomatoe sauce
1 jar of Ragu
1 lb ground Italian turkey
1 turkey polish sausage (optional, but my Bug loves meat so i usually do two meats)

Place one onion in my Pampered Chef AMAZING chopper, then place it in a large pot with my Italian ground sausage.  Brown or cook fully through.  While that is cooking i chop my polish sausage in quarter chunks and brown in a separate pan. 

While my meat is cooking i use my AMAZING chopper and FINELY (they have to be chopped fine b/c he cant see or taste them!) chop all my veggies and ad them one large bowl. When my onions are translucent and my meats are cooked i add them in the one large pot. Then i toss in all my finely chopped veggies in the pot to cook for a few minutes just to get all the veggies tender.  Then i add in my Ragu and my can of tomato sauce.  I learned making spaghetti you can make the sauce stretch by adding in a can or diced tomatoes and/or tomato sauce...i love that!

When my sauce is done i split it, i freeze half the sauce and save for dinner another night.  Cook the pasta and drain DO NOT WASH. If you wash your pasta once its cook you wash off the starch that helps the sauce stick the pasta.  Then I add in the cooked mini pasta shells or stars and serve.  It may look like a lot of sauce but over night spaghetti soaks up sauce to me.

The Bug's Loving it

Its is so hard to find food my Bug will eat now!

If he eats one thing on a Monday he very well might not be interested in it on Tuesday or any other day after.  So i have a difficult time shopping because money does not grow on tree's so i can not plan ahead very well with him.  When i find something he does like i clinge too it and that's not always good. Its not the best thing to do but i do because i know he is eating something consistently.  I have to also remember not to only give him that one thing and burn him out on it at the same time.

Lately we have been stuck on McDonald's chicken nuggets.  I know there are big arguments about additives, preservatives, obesity, getting hooked on fast food, just going for the toy etc. BUT ima say this...i grew up on McDonald's so if its not "real chicken" or whatever any other excuse maybe, it was fine for me and i am sure in moderation it is fine for my Bug. 

He does not know there is a toy in a happy meal, he just knows there are nuggets and those are GOOD in his belly!  He drinks his 8ounces of green machine a day and he does not eat McDonalds more than twice a week. NOW as a parent i have to challenege myself to

  1. 1. make sure when he eats his nuggets he also gets his veggies and has a well balanced meal.  
  2.  I also make sure i am the one keeping track that he does not eat 7 nuggets every day for a week.  

I think that's what it all comes back to the parents holding responsibility for the kids who don't make decisions.  Kids will end in the end conform to what they are being taught, but you have to be consistent in your teachings. We eat healthy, and we are conscious of whats going in and our activity's during the day and week.  Parents need to be more responsible, busy or stay at moms all can do it...but the consitency and effort into doing it is what i think people need to focus on.

So McDonald's, thank you for being something my son will eat and allowing me to give it to him in moderation along with other options.  I loved it as a kid and i know he is thrilled when he see's the nuggets in front of his face!

W are still trying knew things, this week we will try beef and broccoli and a veggie filled spaghetti!  Hopefully i will have lots of great things to post after!


I have always heard people use the saying "kids say and do the darnedest things" and now that i am a mom i am finding that to be so true!  All my close friends and family are probably sick of me texting and emailing videos combined with pictures but i cant help it, my Bug is hilarious!

For example, the other day i was cooking and he walked in the kitchen looked at me and said "ha ha ha tu". Not "ha chu" but "ha TU" and i had a puzzled look on my face and i said "did you just pretend to sneeze?" and he did it again!  Where did he see someone doing this, i have no did he know there are exactly 3 "ha's" before the "tu" i have no idea, but i do know i laughed a long time. 

I have been trying to get him to recreate it since that day and i caught a bit of it.  It is not as loud or animated as the first time but hilarious to me none the less so i am sharing! 

Ohhh, Awww, laugh and enjoy my Bug growing before our eyes like i am!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cup O Noodles

So we were walking n the store and my Bug sees a cup o noodles he points and says ddddddddd so I give it to him since it was only 25 cent.

He held that cup of noodles the entire time I shopped! He looked at the noodles on the pictures pointed and spoke his gibberish but he held on tight!
When I was done, I put him in his car seat and he was still gripping his noodles pretty tight. On the drive home he was quiet but I knew he wasn't sleep because he didn't wanna drop his noodles.

I get ready to get him out of his seat and I notice my bug had started ripping into the cardboard cover of his cup o noodles! So I took them and baited him as if he was horse trying to get a carrot to get him in the house. We got in and he was only concerned about getting these noodles!

I boiled some water in preparation because I knew it wouldn't take him very long to get in the package and I was right. He ripped off the cardboard and ripped into the plastic with quickness! What I didn't count on was him picking up the trash and putting it in the trash joke, he knew what to do!

So I made his noodles and served them to him. His little face lite up when he saw his noodles going in a bowl, like finally.

Now I've come to the conclusion if you wanna see something funny give my Bug a cup o noodles when he is hungry you will laugh and sigh as he knows exactly what it is and what to do with it at every step!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chicken Cilantro Soup

One of my friends moms use to make me Cilantro soup when I was sick and over the years I've made some adjustments that have turned out pretty tasty. It freezes well and goes well alone or with rice. My bug is smacking away right now so I said let's share!

As always if you make it let me know how it turned out!

2 Chicken breast halves with the bone
(u need the ones with a bone for broth, boiling a whole chicken works too!)
1 medium onion
2 carrots
2 bundles of Cilantro
2 cloves of garlic

Seasoning salt
Cayenne Pepper or 1 serrano pepper
1 Chicken bullion cube

Take the chicken breast halves place in a pot, cover with water and add the onion (sliced). Then sprinkle about a tbl spoon of water and a 1/2 tsp of black pepper. Chop up the garlic cloves and add to the pot. Cover and boil until the chicken is tender and falling off the bone.

When chicken is done take out the pot and do not through away broth!! De bone the chicken, toss the bones and shred your chicken. Toss the bullion cube in the water. Chop the cilantro leaves up (both bundles) and toss them in the pot along with the chicken you've shredded. Add in ur carrot (chopped up) half a tsp of canyon or ur serrano pepper. Let it simmer for about 30 minutes then serve over rice and enjoy!
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