Thursday, March 24, 2011


I have always heard people use the saying "kids say and do the darnedest things" and now that i am a mom i am finding that to be so true!  All my close friends and family are probably sick of me texting and emailing videos combined with pictures but i cant help it, my Bug is hilarious!

For example, the other day i was cooking and he walked in the kitchen looked at me and said "ha ha ha tu". Not "ha chu" but "ha TU" and i had a puzzled look on my face and i said "did you just pretend to sneeze?" and he did it again!  Where did he see someone doing this, i have no did he know there are exactly 3 "ha's" before the "tu" i have no idea, but i do know i laughed a long time. 

I have been trying to get him to recreate it since that day and i caught a bit of it.  It is not as loud or animated as the first time but hilarious to me none the less so i am sharing! 

Ohhh, Awww, laugh and enjoy my Bug growing before our eyes like i am!

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