Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cup O Noodles

So we were walking n the store and my Bug sees a cup o noodles he points and says ddddddddd so I give it to him since it was only 25 cent.

He held that cup of noodles the entire time I shopped! He looked at the noodles on the pictures pointed and spoke his gibberish but he held on tight!
When I was done, I put him in his car seat and he was still gripping his noodles pretty tight. On the drive home he was quiet but I knew he wasn't sleep because he didn't wanna drop his noodles.

I get ready to get him out of his seat and I notice my bug had started ripping into the cardboard cover of his cup o noodles! So I took them and baited him as if he was horse trying to get a carrot to get him in the house. We got in and he was only concerned about getting these noodles!

I boiled some water in preparation because I knew it wouldn't take him very long to get in the package and I was right. He ripped off the cardboard and ripped into the plastic with quickness! What I didn't count on was him picking up the trash and putting it in the trash joke, he knew what to do!

So I made his noodles and served them to him. His little face lite up when he saw his noodles going in a bowl, like finally.

Now I've come to the conclusion if you wanna see something funny give my Bug a cup o noodles when he is hungry you will laugh and sigh as he knows exactly what it is and what to do with it at every step!

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