Monday, November 21, 2011

Knocked Out!

In a 30 minute period i caught the bug sleep in three different positions laying on the couch...just seems like he wasn't sleeping well but he was snoring the entire time knocked out!

Sleeping with his Life line

So when your inhaler is your life line and you know it makes you feel better i guess you clutch onto it with your life even in your sleep!

Corn Bread

Last weekend i made dinner for one of my friends.  She had never had soul food, so we lightly touched the surface of comfort food fried and cooked with a lot of butter. 

I made fried chicken, cabbage, cornbread, mac-n-cheese, and mash potatoes.  My best friend came through and made greens..i do not eat greens so i cant make them...we had to out source that task. When all the food was done we had a house full of people who showed up to eat so it made it like a family dinner was nice, kind of made me excited for the day i have my own house and can do holiday dinners!

While we ate the Bug was in his room watching Cars 2.   When we were done and had migrated to couch to lay down fat and happy the bug emerged from his room.  He walked pass 5 adults, went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and got him self a Capri Sun.  On his way out of the kitchen he walked pass the table he stood on his tippy toes and saw the cornbread in little individual cup cake shapes.  He grabbed one, walked to an adult and said "help" while giving them his Capri Sun.  Someone put his straw in the hole, he said "thank you" which came out as "ya you" and walked back in his room to watch his movie.  Funniest thing EVER, this 2 year old served himself and went back his movie. 

Trying to Smile and say cheese lol
The next day his aunt was leaving our house and she was taking all the extra cornbread home with her, so she had a sandwich bag full of the little loafs.  The Bug walked past her bag, doubled back and opened her bag took one out then put the bag back in her bag. Yes you got it right she got corn bread jacked! HAHAHAH

So i now know if i make cornbread, or any other sort of bread if i put it in a cup cake tin to bake him individual servings it increases my chances of him eating it!  Oh how i how i love teaching and learning with my child. 

Ready to Hit the Road

This was a rainy weekend at home, filled with Decorating or Christmas, baking peach cobblers and errands in between showers. 

28 month old Mr. Bug

At one point i said "come bug lets go we have stuff to do" and he started throwing his hot wheels and train tracks in his back pack!  I watched in him carefully put all his toys in his back pack, zip it up and hand it to me.  He then turned around and put his hand out like come on mom help me put it on.  I put his back pack on and he waited for me to put his hat on his head then he grabbed the tow truck and the train and went to the front door. CLASSIC We are now at the point where he knows his back pack enables him to his toys with him. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Decor!

Today i set up my Christmas decor...well some of it.  As my bugs God mommy says "An elf came into our living room and exploded!"

The bug was napping as i decorated and when he woke up we left home to run some errands.  When we got back the house was dark and i plugged in the lights.  i can tell you the face my Bug made made me explode with joy!!  He was so excited and shocked, all he could say was "ooohhhh wow" as he walked up next to our little tree that was all lite up in multi color lights!

He is so intrigued with touching everything.  My decor has been up for less than 6 hours and he has managed to break a Penguin, pull off my jingle bells on the door, and take 3 bulbs off my tree.  He is going to learn very quick whats decor you can touch and what you have to leave alone.

I can not wait for Christmas now.  He is gonna have so much fun when he wakes up and see's all the gifts and toys surrounding our tree.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blowing out the Fire

The Bug is paying hooky today. He is sickie still, a little congestion with a runny nose so thank GOD for retried grandparents. His school sent him home for the day yesterday, so i kept him home today. Its a little cold outside so the Bug and Grandpa are snuggled up next to the fire.

The Bug has been able to sign hot for quite sometime now, but now he really knows what hot is, so i thought id share his cute little video Grandpa sent me today.

He knows the fire is hot so he is trying to blow it out but he doesn't quite understand his little blowing wont make moves on the big flames.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bye Bye Fall

Fall is almost over and we are now getting to my favorite time CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!

bye bye fall!
This year we are on our own for the FIRST time ever, so i just might start decorating before thanks giving so i have more Christmas time in my house.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season and cant wait for the baking, the smiles, the good nature in everyone tat should come out all year long to blossom in full affect  all as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our savior! SO EXCITED!!!

This year i thought id be smart and start buying the bugs Christmas gifts little by little.  I went to target and found this cool wooden train set, with a round house and magnetic hook up train cars and tow truck truck.  I let hi play with it in the cart so i could see if it was a toy he really enjoyed.  He did enjoy it so i bought it and i left it in the car when i brought up all the other items i had purchased.  When i put all the other bags on the ground int he house the bug was looking through them all saying "wherisit" (yes all one word) and i KNEW what he was looking for but i kept replying "where is what?".  He eventual forgot BUT i guess that's the end of buying gifts with him seeing them. 

When i was little i remember the conversations on the phone spelling words i didn't know when my parents were telling my aunts and grandparents what i wanted and they bought it.  My mom has done the complete opposite yet just as cool.  She said ima send you money tell me what you buy him, wrap it put my name on it and bam done.  So SMART! the bug gets what he wants/needs, she doesn't have to stand in any line or do any wrapping and the goal is accomplished with the bug getting spoiled by Gramie Ya Ya. 

All in all we are saying good bye to fall and hello to winter and i am excited.  So here is to all the posts of sweet baked goods, and sweet memories we will make this season!


This year Momma Bug got to dress up with all the Aunties and the Uncles to celebrate Uncle Rob's Birthday! We had a blast!! 

Then when it came down to dress up with the kiddies the Bug was sick on Halloween, but i still got a picture of him in his costume...even got one of him crying which i think is classically kind of funny.  He picked his outfit and carried it to the cash register, but when i dressed him up to take the pic he cried because i made him wear the hat!  It was an out fit, you cant just wear pieces of it and call it a fit.

Hopefully next year the Bug wont be sick and we can dress up together and go to a trunk or treat celebration!

Sickie Bug

Whew i found another moment to log whats been going in our lives!

Tracs-for all those who know but don't know
I feel extremely busy right now in our lives, on top of everything normal we are doing i had finals this week and wouldn't you know it the bug gets sick! This is the first time he has been sickie.  On Sunday he was congested when he came home from Grandpa's, and cousin J was there, she had a fever so they were both under the weather. Cute thing was the Bug wanted to play and J was laying lifeless with her fever watching a movie and the bug goes over to her puts his hand on her forehead and gives her a kiss on her forehead then goes away.  Every time he came in the room where she was laying down he did this.  SO CUTE!

So Sunday we were congested, and we went about or normal routine.  Then at 11pm he walks out of his room sweating buckets! Temperature of 103 came to visit.  i got it down to 98 pretty quick when i called grandpa to see if he could watch the bug so i didn't have to send him to school.  Grandpa said yes and wanted to have the bug over night so i took him over there with medicine wrapped up like a piggy in a blanket. The night was good the bug was just congested a bit, and the next day was Halloween so we were looking forward to going trick or treating with cousin j and seeing JD ..but none of that happened.

We stayed home and handed out tracs with grandpa.  The Bug was so cute, he couldn't say trick or treat but he could make his voice go up and down in sounds like he was saying trick or treat and he put a bag of candy and a trac in all the kids bags. He got to the point he saw the kids walking up the drive way and he would stand in the door way and wave the bag of candy like here it is come and get it!

As soon as the last trick or treater left the house...BLEH the bug threw up all over me!  I froze, i didn't want to run and make a trail or throw up and i didn't want him to feel scared because it was his first time throwing up thats got to be traumatizing all in itself.  The mean while my dad is yelling in the background "take him to the toilet, move move move".  Did not help the situation at all.  I ended up leaving him at grandpa's for two days, then taking him to the doctor on the third day.
Never seen a chamber with cool cartoon instructions

We came to the conclusion that he was congested and wheezing, which made it harder for his body to breath and ended up making him sick.  SO we know have a cough medicine hat has a nausea suppressant and an inhaler with an aero chamber.  Things seem to be better, but now is the time where when he is better we have to keep a close on eye on him, to see if this is going to be something that occurs when the seasons change or if it is something that might be a chronic problem with his health.