Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning to make the Sparks Fly!

Today I gave my Bug a disposable camera that I got from work, thinking of would be a fun 10 minute something to do. Boy was i wrong on how much he would learn and have fun with this thing.

He was using it for its correct function at first, advancing the film, turn on the flash, saying cheese and taking pictures. Then we got home and he ran out of pictures so the flash and button stopped working.

If this was me i would have been done and onto the next toy, but not my Bug.  What does he do next...try and figure out why it's no longer working duh. So the bug went to work. He ripped of the paper covering the camera, then split the camera in two by repeatedly dropping it on my tile floor. Once he got it open it kind of shattered into many pieces. A battery case, a battery, the front and back to camera, then the electronic board that the flash is connected to (note i have NO CLUE on the technical terms for these parts).

I was certain that the camera was trash and he was going to loose interest in it since it was all disassembled, but no the interesting part just started. My bug went to work and put the camera back together piece by piece. Not only did he put it together but he did it correctly! When he pressed the button after assembling the camera the flash went off. His face lite up he looked up clapped and said yaay! Truthfully my heart melted a little because that was a big accomplishment...well to me it is because HE IS ONLY THREE!!

He took it apart again, and when he was putting it together this time he learned that the with out the battery in the camera the flash wouldn't go off.  That's when he started messing with the wires in the camera. He moved the colors around, with the battery not in place and nothing happened.  Then he moved the wires around and put the battery in place and a big spark just popped off!

Total he had thirty more minutes with the camera experimenting on trail and error before he took it apart to build it again.  Then i ended up having to take it away...Yes I ended up taking it away and throwing it away when his engineering skills got too good. Once he started messing with the flash and the wires and a spark flew...I then confiscated it with the quickness and or disposable camera time was over.

I understand more now why this guy gets bored in school. In the schools he was in they sang the days of the week or they are required to sit still on a shape on the carpet.  He could not use trial and error doing things like taking apart a camera or working with things that give him a reward when he built it right like "making the camera flash".  So i am now on the hunt to find things to nurture my Bugs intellect and curiosity to learn in a positive growing way. 

This morning i am glad to say I have a step in the right direction.  I shared my story with my friend at work who hipped me to littleBits . The idea behind these came because the CEO saw that Lego's helped with kids with construction and architecture skills, but there was nothing circuit and electricity wise.  THIS is exactly what my Bug needs, its just a bit pricey for my single mom budget, but if it going to be something that aids in educating my Bug i will make it happen! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy Busy Learning

So i had to take my Bug out of the head start school he was just in, it just wasn't the right program for him. 
Through the couple months he was there i did learn a few things...

A. My child is super smart
       -He puts together puzzles three at time (like mix three different puzzle pieces up in one pile) while all the other kids are trying to do one AND he still finishes before they do! BOMB.COM

B. He gets bored at mundane tasks
       -sitting on the mat of shapes and going through a list of 12 kids to each have a turn to point out a color or shape on the bored...he sees no point. Instead the bug starts handing out books to the kids like hey guys lets keep busy and read. 

C. He likes to stay busy and challenged
     -He sits still at challenges trying to concur them, like trying to use the safety scissor and cut shapes out. Its new and he wants to figure it out and complete the task before you move on to something new.

D. He will act out and find something to occupy him if he is bored. 
     -Everyone is sitting at the table waiting on a kid to finish their food, my Bug decides to go get a toy and sit quietly and play.  (this was a problem with his teachers because it was not the scheduled activity) So when he is told to put it all away and sit at the table break down occurs because he is being forced back into boredom

I think i am going to have a challenge with finding the right school, program and teachers for him as our public education journey begins so i am trying to  find new things to do in between to prepare us for this next step. 

I am grateful that the grandparents is with during the day teach him and show him things that he would not be able to do at school.  which makes me sad for some of the kids who have to only learn within those walls. For example i know the teach kids animals and the sounds they make.  I do the same with the Bug at home like other parents do as well (i assume).  My Bug went to PaPa's and he not only reinforced the names and sounds BUT he took him to the zoo to see and hear.  

My Bug knows snakes say ssssssssssss, but now when you ask him what snakes do he says "Snakes Bite".  He knows now that he can read about lizards and see one behind a glass with no issue, but if it one outside the glass or able to be touched, he is cool and content looking only while he stands behind closest adult.

I guess its through the mud that's where our clear water lies. We will keep filling his mind and satisfying curiosity's in learning.

Happy Birthday Mama

My Bug never ceases to amaze me.

Yesterday was my birthday and i have to say how amazing it was because of all of those in my life who took the time to just wish me well as a start another year in my life.  Apparently i think my bug heard this a lot through the day, because today on the way to Nana's house he surprised me.

This is our conversation this morning:

Bug: MAMA!

Me: Yes Sir

Bug: Ummm (singing) Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday you.

Me: Happy Birthday me?

Bug: YES! (singing) Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday you.

I said thank you grinning from ear to ear because it was the cutest thing. He is learning, he knew the tune to sing to, he knew the words (kinda) and he wasn't being told or prompted he just did it.  Maybe he will think everyday is my birthday and do it everyday HAHAHA

Monday, September 17, 2012

Animal Sounds

Lately i have been working with the bug on recognizing animals and the sounds the make. We are getting good too.

I say what sounds does a Dog Make?
The Bug says Woof

I say what sound does a cat make
The Bug Says Meow

...And we go down the list Dog, Cat, Snake, Bear, Lion, Mouse, Monkey, Bird then we get to fish.

I say what sound does a fish make
The Bug runs around in a circle with his hands at his side saying fishy fishy fishy, THEN he puts one hand on the top of his head (imitated a shark fin) and he starts humming the jaws theme song...Dahdah daahdaah (faster) Dahdah dahdah dahdah!! Then LUNGINGS at you.

When we did this in front of grandpa and i asked the bug "what does a fish make" my dad looked at me and said fish do not have a sound i said well my in my bugs word they do!

I do not know where we we picked this up, but its pretty funny.