Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working on our stuff by 24 months

Today we are 15 months!

So it seems pretty fitting to list everything we (the Baby Bug really but its a team effort) have accomplished so far.

•we are 31 inches and 23.5lbs

•Walking has been mastered (since we were like 8months we got that down) and we have been walking backwards for 3 months now, so recently we started doing a mini run backwards, we have also master this cool slide/shimmy backwards crawl.

•we have two premolars that have began to break and four more that await bulging below the gums

•we can sign four ASL words

•we can pick up our toys and put them in the basket when we r signing the "clean up song"

•we love to climb and run. We have escaped grandpas watch and climbed 5.5feet up a 7foot ladder

•our favorite foods are cinnamon toast eggos, tater tots, soft tacos, spaghetti, and anything grandpa eats (so true as I've blogged before anything Grandpa eats the Baby Bug will feast on!)

•we ride our power wheels quad up and down the hall, but can't steer it just yet so we crash often

•we know a circle and what it looks like and what it fits in

•we talk up a storm and point. Words we say mama, this, that, sit, varoom, hi, hey, see ya later, bye & oooooo

•we stack blocks, all with the color side facing up then tear them down to do it again

•we can jump in the pool, we can get in and out of the pool on the steps splashing all the while

•we color and our control is getting tighter and more confined in smaller areas

Everyday its something new and I am so excited for all the great things to come so I will have much to share!

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Super Friday Night

A few short years ago I was living fancy and free, my own keys to my own on my time. Sleep was more of a option than a necessity to function. Staying out late and up all night happened frequently and sleeping in was expected. I still went to work every day and church every Sunday no matter how kind or devious the night before was to me.

I didn't realize my life had changed so drastically until this past Friday night when I was in line at the grocery store. My brother and his girlfriend took the Baby Bug to a high school football game. So this was my opportunity to take a long shower, hit the store and take a mini nap.

Taking long showers are the first thing I miss being an unattached mom. When the Baby Bug is around I have time for those quick two minute showers, you know the ones where you don't have time to feel the water hit your skin. You hit those key areas on your body quickly without spending time to caress and enjoy the filth washing away. So a shower is how I started my Friday night. Everything was cool and normal there.

Next stop the grocery store. This is where it hit me that my life was complete different. I was standing in a line of 5 people at the only check out standing open, so naturally I start looking at the items that people where buying. EVERYONE in line had liquor and snacks. A case of beer, a bottle of crown and ginger ale, flips etc. Then I looked at what I was buying, Soy milk and oatmeal. What a lame! Who goes out on a Friday night for soy milk and oatmeal...parents. People with lactose intolerant kids who wanna be prepared for their kid to wake up at 2am for milk and at 6 am ready for their oatmeal. That's when it hit me my life is no longer anywhere near where it once was, I am now the person in line at the grocery store on a Friday night not buying provisions for that nights wild events!

As I marinated on that and laughed. Yes I laughed, b/c I wouldn't' change my life for anything I just see that as growing stones. I was once there but now there is something greater that pushes me out at dark hours of the night on a friday and its not a dude, a drink, or a party but I happily stand in line in my yoga sweats and tank with my hair in a pony tail for my Baby Bug.

Then I went home and slept. Slept good to on some much needed catch up sleep until my Baby Bug returned home energetic and ready to play. Every since I was pregnant sleep is something I can do at the drop of a dime. Especially now that its been 15 months since I've sleep two nights in a row straight without being awaken by the Baby Bug with a wet diaper wanting milk.

Its funny how a couple years of living make a huge difference in your life when your paying attention. I recognized this on Friday night.

My Signing Baby Bug

When the Baby Bug was 6 months old we started learning ASL, through the Baby Signing Time videos AND now we are almost 15 months and we are starting to sign back.  He has known what some signs are as he reacts to them when i sign and speak to him, but now he is starting to sign back and its so EXCITING! 

I wanted to take advantage of his growing brain and get him involved and enthusiastic about learning a second language.  I am so glad i choose these DVD's.  He loves the songs, he watches the words and the other kids sign on the DVD, and i sign with my hands as well as use his hands to make the gestures.

The Baby Bug now makes the sign for the "All Done", "more", "Sit", and occasionally signs "outside".

Here is the Baby Bug Signing more
Here is the Baby Bug Signing Sit...
(yes he signs sit when he stands up in his seat and i tell him to sit-which lets me know he REALLY does understand what i am saying just chooses not to following directions lol)

I haven't been able to film the other two signs he does yet but believe me more will be coming.  I am determined now more than ever to continue to grow my vocab and usage of the ASL language to and keep my Baby Bugs growth in the language growing as well! i would recommend this series of DVD's in a heart beat.

They may seem a little pricey but they work! I have now started purchasing the next in the series so that little by little i will build my library for the Baby Bug and i to keep learning and do so in a way that is friendly to the Momma Bugs budget.

If you have any questions about these DVD's or when and where we watch them feel free to ask away.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying to get a Wagon

I have this silly little concept in my head that every boy needs to have a wagon. With all the fairs, missions and other outside activity's that i am planning on attending with my Baby Bug i believe a wagon would come in handy for him.  Not to mention my Baby Bug loves wagons, riding in them and pulling them, so this will be something that we will be using for years to come. What i didn't know starting this journey to purchasing a wagon, was that it was gonna be so much work.  To my surprise (and benefit) my boss is a wagon expert.

This is what i learned to look for:

1. All Wood is better than steel and wood b/c the all wood wagon comes apart so you can use it for different stuff as well as take it apart to put it in different vehicles.

2. If you can get padding cheap awesome, but if not then you can take old throw pillows or buy cheap garden furniture cushions, then that makes for a better ride for the little ones in the wagon.

3. Spring for the all terrain balloon wheeled wagon, then you can take it to the beach or through fields at a pumpkin patches with ease.

4. Canopies are good for longer rides in the sun, but maybe not for all rides for me b/c i have a child who might stand up and be jumping in and out of the wagon.  

The project of searching for a wagon that i thought was gonna take about 30 minutes of research then became a 3 hour research project, but i found one i love that isn't as pricey as all the rest and gets all four points covered. Like i keep saying, i spend money on things that i will get more than my money's worth out of them.  Its gotta last and anything this expensive is a complete investment so it has to last and be very useful in the process.

I like this one a lot, now i just have to put all my pennies together over the next couple pay periods to make it happen. I wanted it for the pumpkin patch in October but it might turn out to be my Christmas gift to the Baby Bug if i'm paying for it alone.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

September 20th, 2010

113 facebook messages
5 text messages
4 BBM's
3 voice mails (funniest vm's ever!)
3 cakes (one a beautiful flower and one ice cream and cake and cake)
3 birthday cards
1 tool box FULL of tools I can't even name (yes I wanted it actually)
1 toaster oven (that my son brought to me all wrapped up like a Christmas present)
1 friend flown in from out of town
And 1 all expense trip to the county fair (which was also my sons 1st ever fair trip)

A amazing, unforgettable birthday showered by all those who love me.

Thank you friends and family for making this day such an amazing one for me. The fact that so many took the time to wish me birthday joy means the world to me.

The last year of my twenties has started to be a cherry on top of a great sundae and I can't wait to enjoy it all.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Birthday Love

I have been showered with so many great birthday wishes today.  Its so hard to keep up with giving enough thanks in appreciation for all the love being shown to me.  Im humble, im thankful im just happy and blessed. 

Thank you all for partaking in the first day of my last day to end my 20's and step into my 30's!

Single Parenting Vs. Co Parenting

I went a rant on my other blog and this weekend i got my buttons pushed yet again about the same topic so i wanted to start a discussion on my public blog.  

Before i get started i want to say i am thankful i have so many people in my life who care about me and my child to help lend a hand, time, and their heart at times before i can ask.

I do not understand women who think they are raising their child on their own with a present active father figure in their child's life.  How can you being doing it alone if your child's father is in the picture? Maybe he is in the picture but not contributing activity wise or financially.  At that point i might be able to comprehend. It really makes me laugh when their kids are not with them and that's when they talk about doing it all yet the child is with the other half, who they are with on a CONSISTENT basis.   Especially when its like Thursday through Sunday, dont know what they were the ones up every night, in charge of every little decision and every big decision alone!

You do not do it alone if your child's father comes to get them Thursday, Friday, Saturday and brings them back to you Sunday night and i do not think u gain any creditability complaining when they also contribute financially?

Over the past year i have started my marathon journey of raising my Baby Bug as a single parent. Being a Single Parent raising a child alone means my child is with me 24/7, with the exception of the evenings he is with one of his grandparents, so that i do not have to wake up before the sun to get him to the house to be watched so i can work. That check your child's father gives even if its court ordered that is given in aid also says your not alone. I cant even say i am doing it alone b/c i have so many family and friends to count on if i need them, but i am the only parent my child has. Any decision that is made or signature that is given will be mine.

The main reason i am revisiting this topic is b/c i'm noticing its more than one persons mentality. Co Parenting and single parenting are two completely different things.

You may not like the man but the person you are Co Parenting with, but the funds are given breaking bread even though he has his child 3 nights out of seven.  He is also giving you a break to be a better mother to your child when your child is in your presences. I mean he may not be the best dad, he could screw up on some other levels (could be many other levels), but i mean give the man credit for being with his seed, and giving you some sort of compensation for the times he can not be with his seed!

For those reading, i am not complaining, i am not saying the grass is greener...i love my bug and we are thriving in love and growth in our situation. Everyone's situation is unique to those who are in it, i just feel that people need to look at the entire situation before they start picking things apart for what they think they do not have! With so many divorces we have in the states these days, and couples who aren't married but hooked up even for just one night Co parenting exists more now that ever, and i think it can be successful if both parties focus on their child and not their differences with each other. BUT i'm not in that situation nor have i ever been so i really cant speak on it directly.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


We had an AMAZING day at the fair!

I didn't dare to take the Baby Bug alone so I had four friends with me for back up...no joke.

From the time we got into the fair we walked, ate, walked, and ate!

First stop the Mexican food booth at the front of the entrance to the Blue gate. Beef taco and a lemon fresca...GREAT!

Then we made our way to the Barn. The Baby bug loved the little piggys. I kept trying to show him all the animals, even a cow giving birth, but nope he kept booking it back to the piggys. He would look at me smiling and I'd say pig but do the asl sign for meat Hahaha.

We did make our to the petty zoo with the goats and llamas. SO fun! The baby goats kept surrounding the baby bug and he was talking to them like they could understand him....hilarious!

Then we made our way to get a roasted corn. I ate the kernels and the Baby Bug gnawed on the cob.

the stuff they were selling in the hangers was kinda cool but nothing caught my interest. So we left the hangers and went to eat!

Here is all the food on our table, two 12inch corn dogs, one regular corn dog, a pinks chili cheese dog, a pastrami sandwich, pinks chili cheese fries, and for the first time..tasti chips.. These were thee BEST! Thin sliced fresh potato chips with cheddar bacon cheese sauce. GRUB TIME!

After our feast we decided to walk and see the Baby Bugs God Mommys Photography entry, the Baby Bug ran all over the Grandstand, we sat on a couch and tag teamed chasing him. Then we he got tired we packed it up walked the rest of the fair grounds had an ice cream and left!

It was an amazing day for me. I truly love the LA County Fair and I spent it with great friends. It was also my Baby Bugs first time there and I know he had a blast.

The only thing I what to change for next year is to have a wagon. A sturdy one with shade and we can do things all over again!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Good clothes for low prices

Here are two ways i save money buying outfits for my Baby Bug.

If you like Carter's clothing but don't really like the price and you have access to a Costco card...then you don't have to pay high prices for every day outfits, pj's and even lined hoodies! Costco sells some of the EXACT same Carter's items that are in Carter's stores. Not a wide variety but good stuff. I bought my baby bug two two-piece outfits and 2 pair of pj's all Carter's brands at costco. Then went to Carter's and found the SAME four outfits in their store. Each outfit was 12$ at Carter's and 18$ for the pj's. I would have spent $60 at Carter's BUT instead I spent less than $32! Yes at Costco each outfit was 7.50...so with my savings the Baby Bug got a lined winter Hoodie, from Costco for 15$. Still less than I would have spent at Carter's.

I have to be smart with cash. So whatever I buy its gotta last and I have to get my use out of it.

Another way I save on clothes is buy shopping at the children's place online. Online at certain times of the year they have T-shirt s on sale for $0.25...yes twenty five cents! Jeans, sweaters, pj's everything goes on sale. I use these sales to buy things in sizes that are 2 times bigger than what the Baby Bug is wearing so when I need it he has it and it was cheap!

There are many more ways to look for good deals but these are just two things I've learned to do so far!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ear Infections & Teething

I probably know more about infant ear infections than most doctors at this point, since the Baby Bug has had one since his 1st birthday.

We have been to the doctors twice a month, every two weeks since June, to monitor them. We have been on 4 different types of antibiotics and 2 decongestants to try and "dry" the liquid up.

The latest medication is pretty awesome but sucks at the same times with the side effects. The Baby Bug has to take it 3times a day, after a meal and its gotta stay in the fridge.

That's sucks b/c

1. The Baby bug is teething and finicky about the foods he will eat if his gums hurt

2. Its 3 times a day, its heavy in his system and just like when woman are on a big dose of antibodies yeast infections come and in the Baby Bug its comes in the form of diaper rash. His bottom stays medicated right now and he still looks like a little baboon. At the same time he is allergic to milk so giving him yogurt to help is not an option

3. He has the squirts. So on top of #2 we have double the amount diapers I am use to using in a day for 14days.

4. You have to treat it like liquid formula if u go out for a day of events b/c its gotta stay at a cool temperature.

Through it all though the medication seems to be working this time around and the Baby Bug seems not to be phased by the situation. I'm GRATEFUL for that, he is a little whiny but content otherwise.

Things I do to help the Baby Bug teething:

Give him thick slices of hard fruits like cold apples to chew on- he gnaws away and gets the juice

Frozen a cloth diaper/burp cloth with formula or juice on it and let him chew/suck on it

Teething rings failed he hates them and I wasted my $$ so I took all back old to old skool methods

If you know my mom you know the Baby Bug chews on chicken Bones

That Oral Gel gum cleaner and the funny little index finger puppet it came with are great for a soothing gum massage

Gerber teething cookies are VERY messy but they help a lot too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Labor Journey with the Baby Bug

Some people ask me what it was like bringing the Baby Bug into the world and I don't know if I'm the best person to respond because nothing is ever normal or by the book with me so why would my labor have been.

Before I gave birth I watched the baby channel or TLC in the day time and that dumb movie "the business of babies" or whatever its called by Ricky Lake. (Yes I don't agree with her movie for the simple fact most over weight, African American woman, who give birth have complications BUT none of the race, ethnicity or weight class statistics were presented in her movie of leaving me feeling like others would think i was less of a woman for having a "non natural" type birth, but just wanting my baby here safely and healthy) I read the statistics of what could happen to me according to race, ethnicity, and age weight class. I took the Lamaze classes and all the education courses Kaiser offered. Yet NONE of that (well besides the reading statistics part) was true to my story. Still curious to read on about my Labor and Delivery...Oh kay here it goes...

I was expected to give birth on the 21st of the month, but the Baby Bug seemed mighty content in my belly and didn't have any signs or budging. I had a Doctors appointment on the 23rd and I walked in ready to be induced. The doctor did all his normal checking and found that my mucus plug hadn't budged, the Baby bug had dropped and his head was in position, but he seemed a bit big. So my 8am appointment turned into an all day affair at Kaiser.

I was sent to the ultra sound room, and not just any but some uber high tech one in a basement somewheres for a 2 hour ultra sound to determine the Baby Bugs estimated weight. OK for all of you reading who have never been pregnant and had to do an ultra sound its the pits!! For the first half of the ultra sound you have to go in with a full bladder. Now mind you I'm 40+weeks pregnant, at this point I was drinking 1/2 a gallon of milk, 64 ounces of water, 32 ounces of Dr.pepper, and about 16 ounces of apple juice...A DAY. So when this ultra sound took place I was on FULL and had the Baby Bug bouncing on my bladder like it was a trampoline. Once I could release my bladder I was sent back to the ultra sound room to finish the estimates. Then at 11am they said go eat lunch get full and come back full at 2pm.

That's the day I rediscovered Sizzler and their salad bar, in walking distance of the hospital and all you can eat. So I did...I mean really when your pregnant what stranger tells you stop or gives you dirty looks. I came back to the hospital full and sleepy. They hooked all these baby monitors up to me, laid me in this nice big fluffy recliner chair and said OK you can relax and sleep you'll' be here for 2 hours. So naturally I took a NICE two hour nap.

I then got to see my doctor again at 4pm and he said everything looked great. Baby wasn't being stressed but looked like he was 10+lbs so he didn't want him to wait another week in my belly (b/c in your last weeks they gain .5+lbs a week). We schedule an induction for that Saturday the 27th.

I went home and I walked and swam. I walked in the mornings and the evenings and swam in mid day, trying to get the Baby Bug to evict himself before the induction date, I was going into my 2nd week on maternity leave I had nothing but time. My sister spent the night with me Friday night and woke me up Saturday the 27th early in the morning and said "you betta eat now b/c they won't let u in the hospital" and I did. Then we headed off to the hospital about 10am.

I thought an induction meant baby was here in 5 hours...little did I know it could take up to three days until after the nurse told me when I was admitted! I was trapped, in a little room with my mom glued to my bed side waiting on her first grand baby to arrive.

They hooked me up to an ivy and two teams of staff came in to check me. One team was the "natural delivery team" they were the team pushing for a natural birth no matter how long or what it took. The second team was the "C-section team" this doctor was the most straight up honest chill person ever. Both teams of doctors checked me for size of the Baby Bug and position and then gave their opinion. They both said I wasn't dilated at all (to a zero to be exact) and I wasn't delivering natural b/c he was to big, but the natural team was admit that I still try. I said no harm in trying if they both agreed that at any point I could opt for drugs and or a c section. They agreed and then they started me on this drug called citadel. It was like a long tampon that was suppose to soften my cervix. I was suppose to be on that 15 hours then I would get checked again to reevaluate the next step.

In the middle of the night, about 7 hours in, the contractions came on swift and strong. 2 seconds apart and hard. The nurse came in to check me and she said well Rose your not doing so well with this your dilated .5. I was like WTF I want drugs now! My nurse who had the good drugs came in and shot something in my ivy and all I remember her saying "This may make you droooowwwwwwwww....." And I woke up in the morning. When I came to she laughed at me and told me I asked what the street name for it was the drug she had given me the night before...ehhh can't blame me it took all the pain away from those contractions...blissful.

So at 7am ish they cane in checked me again and I was still .5. I said I wanted a c section but would try the second induction drug first. This time they came in with patosin(sp). They hooked me up and it took a minute to get in my system then my Baby Bugs heart rate started to drop. Never in my life had I felt a sinking of my heart so fast. I watched the monitors and heard his heart beat get slower with every second. When his heart got under 3digits my mom stood up yelled at the nurse who was already on the phone calling in the delivery teams. Both doctors did a quick check and then looked at me and said "your not against a Csection right" I said not at all i want my baby here safe and healthy!

Within twenty minutes I was on a gurney, down the hall, with an epidural some antibiotics in my ivy and my baby bug was out peeing on the doctor.He really peed on the doctor as soon as they pulled him out my tummy, it was kind of funny. 

My mom got to hold my baby bug as they stitched me up and then i got wheeled in a room where they did my after surgery check up.  Then i got to hold my baby bug for the first time...he was so little and so alert.  He was opening his eyes, trying to hold his head up when we did the skin to skin first contact thing and then he ate and crashed.  It was awesome.

My doctor was amazing! My incision was small, I don't have a scar and I healed fast. My nurses were Angels sent by God placed there for me. They stayed on top if my meds, changed my baby, helped me learn to feed him, held the best conversations and even prayed with me. They walked with me and help show me ways to tell my body everything was great so I could heal faster.

My sister took me and the Baby Bug home were we lived on the chase of the couch for a good two weeks. My brother came to take me to my follow up apts wash my dishes bring me food and keep my Bug occupied so I could catch up on sleep. My mom & Dad even came through to watch the bug so I could shower or walk outside to get a change or scenery. My little cousins even came to spend the night and help me out.
I healed fast, I did well with help, and I got back to work quickly too. It was a great experience for me and hands down with out a doubt I would choose a Csection again any day!

Effortless Red Beans a Rice

Ok this isn't the way u make them for reals but its less work and they come out pretty good! my Baby Bug loves them too, fiber protein with little effort from me!

You will need
8oz of red beans
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
2 green peppers-the kind you would eat with a pastrami sandwich
1/2 a chicken bullion cube
1/4 a teaspoon of garlic powder
2cups of rice (cooked how ever u want)

Submerge your beans in water, add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and soak them for at least 6 hours

Pour the water out and place beans on your crock pot-again mine is a 1.5 liter so times and measurements could differ depending on what your cooking in

Submerge ur beans again in fresh water leave about 3inches of water floating above the beans

Add pepper, green peppers, chicken bullion cube, the remaining 1/4 teaspoon of salt and garlic powder

Cover and cook on high for 4 hours.

Reduce heat to Low and cook for another hours or until your beans are tender.

When done serve over rice and enjoy!

For my Baby Bug I mash some beans then mix my mashed beans with rice and serve to the baby bug.

Effortless just throw it in the pot and let it do the work, Great served as a meal or as a side dish.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What I want...right now at least

You keep what you want in prayer and speak it into existence...so here we go...

As a mother I hope to show my child many things, but confidence in his self and his decisions while showing humility and honesty while remaining faithful and optimistic are values that I want him to hold dear.

I want him to make decisions with "I dunno" not being a reason.

I want him to kno material possessions are just that material...and moments make up memories in life.

I want him to have love for and respect for others while not being a push over.

I want him to be the man that has respect for woman, I want him to kno the truth and understand why I've cried so he never hurts a woman as his mother has been hurt

I want him to think for his self, be his own individual and love his self, with out being cocky

I want him to kno I love him more than any form of measure

I don't want him to think he owes me anything for being his mother

I want him to look back and say "my mom is amazing, and I love her"

I want him to love the lord and have faith in his word and his plan

I want him to help others in need yet stand up when he has been taken advantage of

I want him to kno I support him

I want him to know love in all forms in his lifetime

I want him to enjoy his ages and stages in life, while learning from his experiences

I want him to know success in his heart not by societies measures

As contradictory as it sounds I want him to have reason, logic, confidence, faith & optimism

I want him to smile, to love, to laugh, to fall and get back up, to be faithful and strong...and I want to lay a good foundation for him so he knows I will always be his support as he shines in his life time.

I want him to be a better person than i am

I kno there is so much more I want to do as the Momma Bug to this Baby Bug but as for now that's skimming the tip of my buckets-o-wants being a mom so far.


I'm working on news ways to use my little bugs energy in positive ways.

Now every night we engage in a physical activity outside of our house for at least one hour.

We have gotten in the pool and been to the playground, but tonight I think I found the winner...walking.

We walked about 2 blocks together and then he rode in his "6-4" (his convertible tricycle) for the return. Best activity every. By the end of our walk the Baby Bug was trying to walk in front of me so I'd picked him up and carry him home! He was running and walking and just burning energy the whole time.

We got home and the Baby Bug took a bath drank some milk and crashed as we settled down to watch the Boondocks. We went to sleep by 8pm, just wonderful, walking is the winner...I will be a complete fan if he sleeps through the night!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beef Stew

Its time to cook and freeze meals for the Baby Bugs up coming week and today I've decided to start some beef stew for him. Its really easy with the help of my little CrockPot!

Little head of Broccoli
2 Carrots
1 big potato
.5lb of beef stew chunks
1 can of cream of mushroom
1 Packet of Lipton powder onion soup mix
1 small onion

*all the above cost me about $10 and will make at least 4 meals for the Baby Bug

*All my veggies are fresh not frozen

*my CrockPot is a 1.5 liter baby CrockPot so portions are small and u can double the ingredients but no need to double the Lipton packet it will stretch for bigger stuff if u add a 1/4 Cup of Milk.

1. Peel and cut your potato into about 1/2 inch cubes then toss them in your CrockPot

2. Peel and cut your carrot into about 1/2 inch cubes then toss them into your CrockPot too

3. Cut your broccoli they way u like (I use tops and stems) and toss that into the CrockPot

4. Cut your onion in cubes or slices and toss all of it into the CrockPot

5. Toss your meat in the CrockPot

6.In a separate bowl mix you Lipton packet and Can of cream of mushroom together them pour the mixture on top of everything in that's in the CrockPot

7. Mix the ingredients in the CrockPot together-just to allow the liquid mixture to get everywhere

8. Turn your CrockPot on Low and leave it alone for 5-6 hours or until the meat is cooked and the veggies are soft to your liking

9. Enjoy!

I like this a lot b/c it takes all of 10 minutes to prep and u leave it alone all day to cook. It freezes well too. Everything in it get soft enough to mash together and the Baby Bug never knows he is eating a well balanced meal with all the veggies. You can get creative with it too and add veggies like Corn, Green Beans etc!

My Baby Bug is a meat and potatoes kind of man so this is always a hit when served in my house!
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Friday, September 10, 2010


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Tamale Pie

Following my Friday Food mentality here is good recipe that freezes well and can be used for so many many things! 

Tamale Pie

How it all came about:

When i was a little girl my Aunt Gracie would make Tamale pie on special occasions.  I would be in her small kitchen watching her over the stove place corn shells on the bottom of her white tin like casserole dish and layering all her ingredients before she baked this dish for us to enjoy.  My Aunt passed some years ago and for some reason i saw her in my dream recently, not only just saw her, but she was teaching me...and as i listened  carefully i observed her mannerisms.  She told me i was to make this pie on the night that followed.  Sounds weird and like a random dream but she explained all the ingredients, their order and reason.  This was different for me b/c i never remember her as a kid going in so much depth on the whys and hows as i watched her cook, but this time i paid attention and agreed.  Then when i woke up thats all i could think of all day long, so i went to the store and collected my groceries.  Went home and did everything she did but instead of layering shells i decided to use cornmeal for more of that tamale texture, and i did not eat meat before so soy crumble was a substitute that had to happen.  It worked well for me, so i know there was some reason she came and brought this to me so i have been making it and sharing it with friends and family members.  I am grateful for being able to not just make it but to share the recipe.  I just wanted to share my story with it as i pass it long, b/c having that moment with my Aunt, though i was unconscious, stuck with me and enabled me recreate a moment of her that meant something more than i will ever know in this lifetime, i believe.  Even if it something that seems so little, that can be seen as random and weird, its special to me to see her once more and interact with her again.  Now more than ever I can testify that her memory is truly alive in the things she continues to teach me as she watches over me.  So be blessed and i hope you enjoy as i have been able to :o)


  • 1 cup off meatless crumble
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 large green bell pepper, chopped
  • 1 cup chopped (minced) mushrooms (optional but i use them)
  • 1 large can (15 ounces) spicy tomato sauce (el pato in 7.5 ounces little cans is perfect)
  • 1 large can (28 ounces) tomatoes, cut up
  • Serrano peppers (chopped) (i use up to three large ones but it is to ur taste)
  • 1 can (16 ounces) whole kernel corn, drained
  • 1 small can (4 ounces) sliced ripe olives
  • 3 stalks of green onions sliced
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 teaspoons chili powder
  • dash black pepper
  • 1 cup grated Cheddar or Mexican blend cheese (this is optional and u can use soy cheese product works just as great u just need to make sure it will melt)
  • .
  • Crust:
  • 3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 cups cold water
  • 1/2 teaspoon chili powder
  • 1 tablespoon butter or margarine
  • 1/2 cup grated Cheddar or Mexican blend cheese, for topping (optional)
  • 2 stalks green onions (optional)
  • 1/4 cup olives sliced (optional)


In large pot (like a spaghetti pot, b/c all the liquids and veggies will turn out to be a 6 cups of filling probably if not more) Brown meat crumble with a table spoon of olive oil with onions, green pepper and mushrooms. Add tomato sauce, tomatoes, corn, olives, green onions, garlic, sugar, salt, chili powder and black pepper. Heat to boiling; reduce heat and simmer, uncovered, for about 20 minutes, or until thickened. Add cheese; stir until cheese is melted. Set filling aside.

the filling above normally makes two large Pyrex dishes.  OR i split the filling make one Tamale pie and freeze the other half of the filling for later use ;o)

In a saucepan, combine cornmeal, salt, water and chili powder. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until thick. Stir in butter. Spread half of the mixture into a baking dish, about 12- x 8-inches. Spoon filling over bottom crust; spoon remaining cornmeal mixture over filling. Bake at 375° for 45 minutes. If desired, sprinkle 1/2 cup cheese over the crust about 5 minutes before casserole is done.

You might have to repeat these steps to make more or the cornmeal crust depending on how big your dish is and how thick you make the crust on bottom and top. But the steps above should make enough for a top and bottom of 1/2 of the filling you make. 

What we eat now

I think its funny to sit back and watch my Baby Bug grub on things he likes and throw things off his tray that he doesn't like. I even think he may have a mini OCD b/c all the stuff he doesn't want to eat ends up in a little pile before it ends up on the floor.

Some of my friends who have kids younger than my baby bug have asked me what sort of "real" foods i feed my Baby Bug, to get a bit more confidence in what they start moving up with their kids.So now here is one list of the things my little bug eats the most often. Take in mind he is allergic to most dairy products so you will see a lot of that substituted.

Breakfast Foods

Cinnamon eggos- they come as four little toast's connected to make one eggo and i just cut them in four and he eats 2 full eggos 

Oatmeal-i mix a packet of instant oatmeal with fruit with a plan packet of oatmeal and he eats the whole bowl

Apple sauce-natural Motts applesauce

Sausage-he loves fresh sausage cooked , i give him a link and he gnaws away just as happy

eggs-now he is allergic to milk but if i scrabble two egg with a little bit is salt he will eat it all and be ok

Potatoes-he LOVES tator tots, hasbrowns, potatoes o'brien

Now he will normally get two of the things listed above or one depending on the morning and how much had to drink when he woke up in the middle of the night...yes he still wakes up during the night


He kind of eats the same things for lunch or dinner just depends on his mood for the day

Lunchable-crackers and meat he doesnt eat the cheese as he is allergic so i do not give it to him

Veggie Sticks-not fresh veggies but the kind that are like chips but made from spinach, tomato, and sweet potato...stuff like that will accompany something from lunch or be a snack during the day...in my mind its better than giving him a chip

Tator tots, mash taters, french fries (i baked them)

Pizza with out the cheese topping-he loves the sauce and the dough and will eat an entire slice

Turkey hot dogs-boiled or grilled he will eat one to two

Spaghetti-this is my favorite, b/c i make one big pot with mini bow tie pasta instead of using spaghetti noodles and then i portion it out in those "take along" baby food storage containers and i freeze them!

*Being a working unattached mother its hard to get off work get the baby Bug and then have to do dinner too. So one pot cooked on the weekend and frozen in portions gives me a million little spaghetti dinners/lunches for him and when he goes to a sitter or needs dinner i take one out and toss it  in the microwave and in 3 minutes homemade spaghetti (noodles, sauce, veggies)

boiled chicken and rice- at the beginning of the week i boil a chicken de-bone it season it add a little broth and rice, and portion it out for the week or freeze it to have in portions for the rest of the week 
**I also make stew and beans in my crockpot and portion those out and freeze them too.  I really like these b/c they are soft, full of what i put in them.  The veggies, the seasonings are all amounts of what i know and they are then available to be quick meals for me getting off work and needing a good filling dinner for him. 

My kid likes veggies too but it is hard for me to get him to eat green veggies so instead i buy Naked's Green Machine Superfood Juice.  To adults it looks to odd to even think of drinking.  Its green and looks thick, but if you were to close your eyes and taste it, it taste like apple juice.  So my Baby Bug has no clue its not apple juice and i LOVE it b/c i do not feel like i am giving him 6 ounces of sugar in a sippy cup but i am giving him fruits and veggies to supplement in his diet.  Its a wonderful little trick i use at least three times a week.

Generally the Baby Bug eats what ever is on my plate but above are the things that have grown to be his favorites along with a few of my mine that are pretty simple and fast. I think the most important thing is to keep trying new things, i am constantly trying new foods more then once to get his little world some more experience while keeping his little belly full!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spider Man

My dad came to me last week and said " You must have been a bad bad kid, or you did something horribly wrong in your life b/c God is gonna make you work with this child."

This is my first and only child at the moment so everything he is does is a learning moment and normal. Its hard right now to see that my Baby Bug is as busy as he is until he does something drastic or until i have to stop and give someone new watching him the run down on him. To me that's what he is suppose to be doing...then i see other kids his age and then i think something is wrong with the "normal" kid.

Moments i realized that my Baby Bug is not a typical kid of his age:

When... Granddaddy was watching the baby bug last week and he neglected to put the baby gate up to block the Baby Bug from getting into his "work in progress room", a room that is full or paints, ladders, scaffolds etc.. He went into the kitchen to get a sippy cup for the bug and when he came out he didn't see the bug but saw the gate down. So he immediately ran into the "work in progress room" and there he found my almost 15 month old Baby Bug 5 feet up his ladder. The only reason the Baby Bug Stopped Climbing was because he couldn't figure out how to get on the scaffold that the ladder was sitting on.

When... God Mommy was watching the Baby Bug and i think she took a wine break and a nap after i came to pick the Baby Bug up from her house. He even made her poor new puppy tired...what kid makes a dog tired, apparently mine.

I just need to find a way to keep him challenged in a positive way. SO he is learning, he is growing in the skills he was born with and not just into the trouble all the time for the stuff he should not be doing. Every day we are at the park, the pool, coloring, painting just to keep his brain growing and body moving.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


My bug is 14months and I have cleaned the most random things in that time period!

I know its probably not even 1% of the random things I will have to clean in his life time but I'm gonna share some of the random things I have to clean up to this point.

Poop in my bathtub
I've learned you have to be smart and time bath time just right or you will be lookin at that little floater trying to figure out "what toy is that"

My couch
Suede/cloth/microfiber...be prepared to clean it often.  Milk, food and what ever else you can think of has had to be cleaned off my couch. 

Hand prints
Hand prints get on EVERYTHING! not just hand prints either, but hand prints dipped in food, drinks.  The messy hand prints i have cleaned up have been Vaseline hand prints.  I walked in the room to find my Baby Bug using the Vaseline jar as his color pallet as hand prints were on my walls, my couch, my glass and in my carpet! 

After your jaw drops and your cleaning the mess you are always gonna think that has to be the worst this kid can come up with but it won't be. I believe this is one of the reasons my Baby Bug is so creative with making his messes. I just gotta stay one step ahead and try to channel his energy with things i learn along the way.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best Gift

I was once a person who went to baby showers and didn't know what to give as my gift to commemorate the creating of this life we were celebrating.

Now that I've gone through being the one hibernating that life, I want to share what I think are the best gifts, the things that came into play at the perfect times!

~didn't matter the size or the brand they ALL came in at just the right time. If it wasn't the size or the brand I needed at that time I took them to the store and exchanged them.

2. Blankets/receiving blankets
~blankets the softer the better, the better the sleeping and snuggling. He never grows out of them & they don't expire.

3. Gift Certificates
~you may think that your not putting a lot of thought in your gift but in reality you are. These helped me out the most get the odds and ends I needed to feel "prepared" before my Bug came. I was also able to save some of those gift certificates to get everything I needed but didn't know I needed. Perfect gift!

The cute clothes, stuffed animals, and all the necessities like bottles breasts pumps etc were all helpful as well but I think the three things above that came in baskets (I still have and use every basket I received) are great things for others to bring to anyone's shower.
After all of my showers things looked liked the babies r us show room!

The best gifts I got were the ones assuring me my child was being born into a village surrounded by love. As long as your gift is filled with love and well wishes then its the perfect gift to celebrate this life!

Try something new

If Grammy is eating something then my bug wants to taste and if he likes it then he wants to eat from her bowl with her.

If Grandpa is eating something then my want my own because it is gonna be good no matter what.

The thing that makes me laugh is that i can give him something before he sees Grammy or Grandpa with it multiple times and he will turn it down.

Every books tells you when you start to give your child food you will have to try a variety of foods and you will have to try to give them to your child more than one time, but i have learned there are other factors that need to be taken into play as well.  With my Baby Bug i have learned it is not all about the amount of times you give him something but its about who gives it to him. So if you cant get your baby to eat certain foods on the first coupled of try's give someone else give it, they might enjoy it that way!