Friday, September 10, 2010

What we eat now

I think its funny to sit back and watch my Baby Bug grub on things he likes and throw things off his tray that he doesn't like. I even think he may have a mini OCD b/c all the stuff he doesn't want to eat ends up in a little pile before it ends up on the floor.

Some of my friends who have kids younger than my baby bug have asked me what sort of "real" foods i feed my Baby Bug, to get a bit more confidence in what they start moving up with their kids.So now here is one list of the things my little bug eats the most often. Take in mind he is allergic to most dairy products so you will see a lot of that substituted.

Breakfast Foods

Cinnamon eggos- they come as four little toast's connected to make one eggo and i just cut them in four and he eats 2 full eggos 

Oatmeal-i mix a packet of instant oatmeal with fruit with a plan packet of oatmeal and he eats the whole bowl

Apple sauce-natural Motts applesauce

Sausage-he loves fresh sausage cooked , i give him a link and he gnaws away just as happy

eggs-now he is allergic to milk but if i scrabble two egg with a little bit is salt he will eat it all and be ok

Potatoes-he LOVES tator tots, hasbrowns, potatoes o'brien

Now he will normally get two of the things listed above or one depending on the morning and how much had to drink when he woke up in the middle of the night...yes he still wakes up during the night


He kind of eats the same things for lunch or dinner just depends on his mood for the day

Lunchable-crackers and meat he doesnt eat the cheese as he is allergic so i do not give it to him

Veggie Sticks-not fresh veggies but the kind that are like chips but made from spinach, tomato, and sweet potato...stuff like that will accompany something from lunch or be a snack during the my mind its better than giving him a chip

Tator tots, mash taters, french fries (i baked them)

Pizza with out the cheese topping-he loves the sauce and the dough and will eat an entire slice

Turkey hot dogs-boiled or grilled he will eat one to two

Spaghetti-this is my favorite, b/c i make one big pot with mini bow tie pasta instead of using spaghetti noodles and then i portion it out in those "take along" baby food storage containers and i freeze them!

*Being a working unattached mother its hard to get off work get the baby Bug and then have to do dinner too. So one pot cooked on the weekend and frozen in portions gives me a million little spaghetti dinners/lunches for him and when he goes to a sitter or needs dinner i take one out and toss it  in the microwave and in 3 minutes homemade spaghetti (noodles, sauce, veggies)

boiled chicken and rice- at the beginning of the week i boil a chicken de-bone it season it add a little broth and rice, and portion it out for the week or freeze it to have in portions for the rest of the week 
**I also make stew and beans in my crockpot and portion those out and freeze them too.  I really like these b/c they are soft, full of what i put in them.  The veggies, the seasonings are all amounts of what i know and they are then available to be quick meals for me getting off work and needing a good filling dinner for him. 

My kid likes veggies too but it is hard for me to get him to eat green veggies so instead i buy Naked's Green Machine Superfood Juice.  To adults it looks to odd to even think of drinking.  Its green and looks thick, but if you were to close your eyes and taste it, it taste like apple juice.  So my Baby Bug has no clue its not apple juice and i LOVE it b/c i do not feel like i am giving him 6 ounces of sugar in a sippy cup but i am giving him fruits and veggies to supplement in his diet.  Its a wonderful little trick i use at least three times a week.

Generally the Baby Bug eats what ever is on my plate but above are the things that have grown to be his favorites along with a few of my mine that are pretty simple and fast. I think the most important thing is to keep trying new things, i am constantly trying new foods more then once to get his little world some more experience while keeping his little belly full!

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