Monday, September 13, 2010

What I want...right now at least

You keep what you want in prayer and speak it into here we go...

As a mother I hope to show my child many things, but confidence in his self and his decisions while showing humility and honesty while remaining faithful and optimistic are values that I want him to hold dear.

I want him to make decisions with "I dunno" not being a reason.

I want him to kno material possessions are just that material...and moments make up memories in life.

I want him to have love for and respect for others while not being a push over.

I want him to be the man that has respect for woman, I want him to kno the truth and understand why I've cried so he never hurts a woman as his mother has been hurt

I want him to think for his self, be his own individual and love his self, with out being cocky

I want him to kno I love him more than any form of measure

I don't want him to think he owes me anything for being his mother

I want him to look back and say "my mom is amazing, and I love her"

I want him to love the lord and have faith in his word and his plan

I want him to help others in need yet stand up when he has been taken advantage of

I want him to kno I support him

I want him to know love in all forms in his lifetime

I want him to enjoy his ages and stages in life, while learning from his experiences

I want him to know success in his heart not by societies measures

As contradictory as it sounds I want him to have reason, logic, confidence, faith & optimism

I want him to smile, to love, to laugh, to fall and get back up, to be faithful and strong...and I want to lay a good foundation for him so he knows I will always be his support as he shines in his life time.

I want him to be a better person than i am

I kno there is so much more I want to do as the Momma Bug to this Baby Bug but as for now that's skimming the tip of my buckets-o-wants being a mom so far.

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