Monday, September 27, 2010

My Super Friday Night

A few short years ago I was living fancy and free, my own keys to my own on my time. Sleep was more of a option than a necessity to function. Staying out late and up all night happened frequently and sleeping in was expected. I still went to work every day and church every Sunday no matter how kind or devious the night before was to me.

I didn't realize my life had changed so drastically until this past Friday night when I was in line at the grocery store. My brother and his girlfriend took the Baby Bug to a high school football game. So this was my opportunity to take a long shower, hit the store and take a mini nap.

Taking long showers are the first thing I miss being an unattached mom. When the Baby Bug is around I have time for those quick two minute showers, you know the ones where you don't have time to feel the water hit your skin. You hit those key areas on your body quickly without spending time to caress and enjoy the filth washing away. So a shower is how I started my Friday night. Everything was cool and normal there.

Next stop the grocery store. This is where it hit me that my life was complete different. I was standing in a line of 5 people at the only check out standing open, so naturally I start looking at the items that people where buying. EVERYONE in line had liquor and snacks. A case of beer, a bottle of crown and ginger ale, flips etc. Then I looked at what I was buying, Soy milk and oatmeal. What a lame! Who goes out on a Friday night for soy milk and oatmeal...parents. People with lactose intolerant kids who wanna be prepared for their kid to wake up at 2am for milk and at 6 am ready for their oatmeal. That's when it hit me my life is no longer anywhere near where it once was, I am now the person in line at the grocery store on a Friday night not buying provisions for that nights wild events!

As I marinated on that and laughed. Yes I laughed, b/c I wouldn't' change my life for anything I just see that as growing stones. I was once there but now there is something greater that pushes me out at dark hours of the night on a friday and its not a dude, a drink, or a party but I happily stand in line in my yoga sweats and tank with my hair in a pony tail for my Baby Bug.

Then I went home and slept. Slept good to on some much needed catch up sleep until my Baby Bug returned home energetic and ready to play. Every since I was pregnant sleep is something I can do at the drop of a dime. Especially now that its been 15 months since I've sleep two nights in a row straight without being awaken by the Baby Bug with a wet diaper wanting milk.

Its funny how a couple years of living make a huge difference in your life when your paying attention. I recognized this on Friday night.

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