Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ear Infections & Teething

I probably know more about infant ear infections than most doctors at this point, since the Baby Bug has had one since his 1st birthday.

We have been to the doctors twice a month, every two weeks since June, to monitor them. We have been on 4 different types of antibiotics and 2 decongestants to try and "dry" the liquid up.

The latest medication is pretty awesome but sucks at the same times with the side effects. The Baby Bug has to take it 3times a day, after a meal and its gotta stay in the fridge.

That's sucks b/c

1. The Baby bug is teething and finicky about the foods he will eat if his gums hurt

2. Its 3 times a day, its heavy in his system and just like when woman are on a big dose of antibodies yeast infections come and in the Baby Bug its comes in the form of diaper rash. His bottom stays medicated right now and he still looks like a little baboon. At the same time he is allergic to milk so giving him yogurt to help is not an option

3. He has the squirts. So on top of #2 we have double the amount diapers I am use to using in a day for 14days.

4. You have to treat it like liquid formula if u go out for a day of events b/c its gotta stay at a cool temperature.

Through it all though the medication seems to be working this time around and the Baby Bug seems not to be phased by the situation. I'm GRATEFUL for that, he is a little whiny but content otherwise.

Things I do to help the Baby Bug teething:

Give him thick slices of hard fruits like cold apples to chew on- he gnaws away and gets the juice

Frozen a cloth diaper/burp cloth with formula or juice on it and let him chew/suck on it

Teething rings failed he hates them and I wasted my $$ so I took all back old to old skool methods

If you know my mom you know the Baby Bug chews on chicken Bones

That Oral Gel gum cleaner and the funny little index finger puppet it came with are great for a soothing gum massage

Gerber teething cookies are VERY messy but they help a lot too.

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