Thursday, September 9, 2010

Spider Man

My dad came to me last week and said " You must have been a bad bad kid, or you did something horribly wrong in your life b/c God is gonna make you work with this child."

This is my first and only child at the moment so everything he is does is a learning moment and normal. Its hard right now to see that my Baby Bug is as busy as he is until he does something drastic or until i have to stop and give someone new watching him the run down on him. To me that's what he is suppose to be doing...then i see other kids his age and then i think something is wrong with the "normal" kid.

Moments i realized that my Baby Bug is not a typical kid of his age:

When... Granddaddy was watching the baby bug last week and he neglected to put the baby gate up to block the Baby Bug from getting into his "work in progress room", a room that is full or paints, ladders, scaffolds etc.. He went into the kitchen to get a sippy cup for the bug and when he came out he didn't see the bug but saw the gate down. So he immediately ran into the "work in progress room" and there he found my almost 15 month old Baby Bug 5 feet up his ladder. The only reason the Baby Bug Stopped Climbing was because he couldn't figure out how to get on the scaffold that the ladder was sitting on.

When... God Mommy was watching the Baby Bug and i think she took a wine break and a nap after i came to pick the Baby Bug up from her house. He even made her poor new puppy tired...what kid makes a dog tired, apparently mine.

I just need to find a way to keep him challenged in a positive way. SO he is learning, he is growing in the skills he was born with and not just into the trouble all the time for the stuff he should not be doing. Every day we are at the park, the pool, coloring, painting just to keep his brain growing and body moving.

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