Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Best Gift

I was once a person who went to baby showers and didn't know what to give as my gift to commemorate the creating of this life we were celebrating.

Now that I've gone through being the one hibernating that life, I want to share what I think are the best gifts, the things that came into play at the perfect times!

~didn't matter the size or the brand they ALL came in at just the right time. If it wasn't the size or the brand I needed at that time I took them to the store and exchanged them.

2. Blankets/receiving blankets
~blankets the softer the better, the better the sleeping and snuggling. He never grows out of them & they don't expire.

3. Gift Certificates
~you may think that your not putting a lot of thought in your gift but in reality you are. These helped me out the most get the odds and ends I needed to feel "prepared" before my Bug came. I was also able to save some of those gift certificates to get everything I needed but didn't know I needed. Perfect gift!

The cute clothes, stuffed animals, and all the necessities like bottles breasts pumps etc were all helpful as well but I think the three things above that came in baskets (I still have and use every basket I received) are great things for others to bring to anyone's shower.
After all of my showers things looked liked the babies r us show room!

The best gifts I got were the ones assuring me my child was being born into a village surrounded by love. As long as your gift is filled with love and well wishes then its the perfect gift to celebrate this life!

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