Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Working on our stuff by 24 months

Today we are 15 months!

So it seems pretty fitting to list everything we (the Baby Bug really but its a team effort) have accomplished so far.

•we are 31 inches and 23.5lbs

•Walking has been mastered (since we were like 8months we got that down) and we have been walking backwards for 3 months now, so recently we started doing a mini run backwards, we have also master this cool slide/shimmy backwards crawl.

•we have two premolars that have began to break and four more that await bulging below the gums

•we can sign four ASL words

•we can pick up our toys and put them in the basket when we r signing the "clean up song"

•we love to climb and run. We have escaped grandpas watch and climbed 5.5feet up a 7foot ladder

•our favorite foods are cinnamon toast eggos, tater tots, soft tacos, spaghetti, and anything grandpa eats (so true as I've blogged before anything Grandpa eats the Baby Bug will feast on!)

•we ride our power wheels quad up and down the hall, but can't steer it just yet so we crash often

•we know a circle and what it looks like and what it fits in

•we talk up a storm and point. Words we say mama, this, that, sit, varoom, hi, hey, see ya later, bye & oooooo

•we stack blocks, all with the color side facing up then tear them down to do it again

•we can jump in the pool, we can get in and out of the pool on the steps splashing all the while

•we color and our control is getting tighter and more confined in smaller areas

Everyday its something new and I am so excited for all the great things to come so I will have much to share!

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