Friday, September 17, 2010

Good clothes for low prices

Here are two ways i save money buying outfits for my Baby Bug.

If you like Carter's clothing but don't really like the price and you have access to a Costco card...then you don't have to pay high prices for every day outfits, pj's and even lined hoodies! Costco sells some of the EXACT same Carter's items that are in Carter's stores. Not a wide variety but good stuff. I bought my baby bug two two-piece outfits and 2 pair of pj's all Carter's brands at costco. Then went to Carter's and found the SAME four outfits in their store. Each outfit was 12$ at Carter's and 18$ for the pj's. I would have spent $60 at Carter's BUT instead I spent less than $32! Yes at Costco each outfit was with my savings the Baby Bug got a lined winter Hoodie, from Costco for 15$. Still less than I would have spent at Carter's.

I have to be smart with cash. So whatever I buy its gotta last and I have to get my use out of it.

Another way I save on clothes is buy shopping at the children's place online. Online at certain times of the year they have T-shirt s on sale for $0.25...yes twenty five cents! Jeans, sweaters, pj's everything goes on sale. I use these sales to buy things in sizes that are 2 times bigger than what the Baby Bug is wearing so when I need it he has it and it was cheap!

There are many more ways to look for good deals but these are just two things I've learned to do so far!

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