Thursday, September 2, 2010


My bug is 14months and I have cleaned the most random things in that time period!

I know its probably not even 1% of the random things I will have to clean in his life time but I'm gonna share some of the random things I have to clean up to this point.

Poop in my bathtub
I've learned you have to be smart and time bath time just right or you will be lookin at that little floater trying to figure out "what toy is that"

My couch
Suede/cloth/ prepared to clean it often.  Milk, food and what ever else you can think of has had to be cleaned off my couch. 

Hand prints
Hand prints get on EVERYTHING! not just hand prints either, but hand prints dipped in food, drinks.  The messy hand prints i have cleaned up have been Vaseline hand prints.  I walked in the room to find my Baby Bug using the Vaseline jar as his color pallet as hand prints were on my walls, my couch, my glass and in my carpet! 

After your jaw drops and your cleaning the mess you are always gonna think that has to be the worst this kid can come up with but it won't be. I believe this is one of the reasons my Baby Bug is so creative with making his messes. I just gotta stay one step ahead and try to channel his energy with things i learn along the way.

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