Monday, September 27, 2010

My Signing Baby Bug

When the Baby Bug was 6 months old we started learning ASL, through the Baby Signing Time videos AND now we are almost 15 months and we are starting to sign back.  He has known what some signs are as he reacts to them when i sign and speak to him, but now he is starting to sign back and its so EXCITING! 

I wanted to take advantage of his growing brain and get him involved and enthusiastic about learning a second language.  I am so glad i choose these DVD's.  He loves the songs, he watches the words and the other kids sign on the DVD, and i sign with my hands as well as use his hands to make the gestures.

The Baby Bug now makes the sign for the "All Done", "more", "Sit", and occasionally signs "outside".

Here is the Baby Bug Signing more
Here is the Baby Bug Signing Sit...
(yes he signs sit when he stands up in his seat and i tell him to sit-which lets me know he REALLY does understand what i am saying just chooses not to following directions lol)

I haven't been able to film the other two signs he does yet but believe me more will be coming.  I am determined now more than ever to continue to grow my vocab and usage of the ASL language to and keep my Baby Bugs growth in the language growing as well! i would recommend this series of DVD's in a heart beat.

They may seem a little pricey but they work! I have now started purchasing the next in the series so that little by little i will build my library for the Baby Bug and i to keep learning and do so in a way that is friendly to the Momma Bugs budget.

If you have any questions about these DVD's or when and where we watch them feel free to ask away.

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