Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Labor Journey with the Baby Bug

Some people ask me what it was like bringing the Baby Bug into the world and I don't know if I'm the best person to respond because nothing is ever normal or by the book with me so why would my labor have been.

Before I gave birth I watched the baby channel or TLC in the day time and that dumb movie "the business of babies" or whatever its called by Ricky Lake. (Yes I don't agree with her movie for the simple fact most over weight, African American woman, who give birth have complications BUT none of the race, ethnicity or weight class statistics were presented in her movie of leaving me feeling like others would think i was less of a woman for having a "non natural" type birth, but just wanting my baby here safely and healthy) I read the statistics of what could happen to me according to race, ethnicity, and age weight class. I took the Lamaze classes and all the education courses Kaiser offered. Yet NONE of that (well besides the reading statistics part) was true to my story. Still curious to read on about my Labor and Delivery...Oh kay here it goes...

I was expected to give birth on the 21st of the month, but the Baby Bug seemed mighty content in my belly and didn't have any signs or budging. I had a Doctors appointment on the 23rd and I walked in ready to be induced. The doctor did all his normal checking and found that my mucus plug hadn't budged, the Baby bug had dropped and his head was in position, but he seemed a bit big. So my 8am appointment turned into an all day affair at Kaiser.

I was sent to the ultra sound room, and not just any but some uber high tech one in a basement somewheres for a 2 hour ultra sound to determine the Baby Bugs estimated weight. OK for all of you reading who have never been pregnant and had to do an ultra sound its the pits!! For the first half of the ultra sound you have to go in with a full bladder. Now mind you I'm 40+weeks pregnant, at this point I was drinking 1/2 a gallon of milk, 64 ounces of water, 32 ounces of Dr.pepper, and about 16 ounces of apple juice...A DAY. So when this ultra sound took place I was on FULL and had the Baby Bug bouncing on my bladder like it was a trampoline. Once I could release my bladder I was sent back to the ultra sound room to finish the estimates. Then at 11am they said go eat lunch get full and come back full at 2pm.

That's the day I rediscovered Sizzler and their salad bar, in walking distance of the hospital and all you can eat. So I did...I mean really when your pregnant what stranger tells you stop or gives you dirty looks. I came back to the hospital full and sleepy. They hooked all these baby monitors up to me, laid me in this nice big fluffy recliner chair and said OK you can relax and sleep you'll' be here for 2 hours. So naturally I took a NICE two hour nap.

I then got to see my doctor again at 4pm and he said everything looked great. Baby wasn't being stressed but looked like he was 10+lbs so he didn't want him to wait another week in my belly (b/c in your last weeks they gain .5+lbs a week). We schedule an induction for that Saturday the 27th.

I went home and I walked and swam. I walked in the mornings and the evenings and swam in mid day, trying to get the Baby Bug to evict himself before the induction date, I was going into my 2nd week on maternity leave I had nothing but time. My sister spent the night with me Friday night and woke me up Saturday the 27th early in the morning and said "you betta eat now b/c they won't let u in the hospital" and I did. Then we headed off to the hospital about 10am.

I thought an induction meant baby was here in 5 hours...little did I know it could take up to three days until after the nurse told me when I was admitted! I was trapped, in a little room with my mom glued to my bed side waiting on her first grand baby to arrive.

They hooked me up to an ivy and two teams of staff came in to check me. One team was the "natural delivery team" they were the team pushing for a natural birth no matter how long or what it took. The second team was the "C-section team" this doctor was the most straight up honest chill person ever. Both teams of doctors checked me for size of the Baby Bug and position and then gave their opinion. They both said I wasn't dilated at all (to a zero to be exact) and I wasn't delivering natural b/c he was to big, but the natural team was admit that I still try. I said no harm in trying if they both agreed that at any point I could opt for drugs and or a c section. They agreed and then they started me on this drug called citadel. It was like a long tampon that was suppose to soften my cervix. I was suppose to be on that 15 hours then I would get checked again to reevaluate the next step.

In the middle of the night, about 7 hours in, the contractions came on swift and strong. 2 seconds apart and hard. The nurse came in to check me and she said well Rose your not doing so well with this your dilated .5. I was like WTF I want drugs now! My nurse who had the good drugs came in and shot something in my ivy and all I remember her saying "This may make you droooowwwwwwwww....." And I woke up in the morning. When I came to she laughed at me and told me I asked what the street name for it was the drug she had given me the night before...ehhh can't blame me it took all the pain away from those contractions...blissful.

So at 7am ish they cane in checked me again and I was still .5. I said I wanted a c section but would try the second induction drug first. This time they came in with patosin(sp). They hooked me up and it took a minute to get in my system then my Baby Bugs heart rate started to drop. Never in my life had I felt a sinking of my heart so fast. I watched the monitors and heard his heart beat get slower with every second. When his heart got under 3digits my mom stood up yelled at the nurse who was already on the phone calling in the delivery teams. Both doctors did a quick check and then looked at me and said "your not against a Csection right" I said not at all i want my baby here safe and healthy!

Within twenty minutes I was on a gurney, down the hall, with an epidural some antibiotics in my ivy and my baby bug was out peeing on the doctor.He really peed on the doctor as soon as they pulled him out my tummy, it was kind of funny. 

My mom got to hold my baby bug as they stitched me up and then i got wheeled in a room where they did my after surgery check up.  Then i got to hold my baby bug for the first time...he was so little and so alert.  He was opening his eyes, trying to hold his head up when we did the skin to skin first contact thing and then he ate and crashed.  It was awesome.

My doctor was amazing! My incision was small, I don't have a scar and I healed fast. My nurses were Angels sent by God placed there for me. They stayed on top if my meds, changed my baby, helped me learn to feed him, held the best conversations and even prayed with me. They walked with me and help show me ways to tell my body everything was great so I could heal faster.

My sister took me and the Baby Bug home were we lived on the chase of the couch for a good two weeks. My brother came to take me to my follow up apts wash my dishes bring me food and keep my Bug occupied so I could catch up on sleep. My mom & Dad even came through to watch the bug so I could shower or walk outside to get a change or scenery. My little cousins even came to spend the night and help me out.
I healed fast, I did well with help, and I got back to work quickly too. It was a great experience for me and hands down with out a doubt I would choose a Csection again any day!

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