Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today is the day i realize my baby Bug is no longer a baby.  
The Bug

With his "Fish"
He can wear a Boys extra small or size 4 small shirt, and his pants size is just in the little boys category too. We are speaking and communicating with words and sentences more, which is fun because he still cant/wont say too much still but enough that you know he is learning and still trying.

Today my Bug went fishing with his PahPah.  He was looking forward to using his "pishing pole" so much so that the other day when my dad was packing up the truck with all their gear.  I drive up to the house and see my bug sitting down at the foot of the garage crying. I mean crying like balling crying. I asked what was wrong and he pointed to his PahPah's truck saying "momma sit sit pishing". He thought they were going fishing and he wanted to make sure he was going with all the fishing stuff but when i showed up he knew that meant he was not going fishing right then and it broke his whole world.

With his "Shark"
The day came today and he got to go fishing.  I forgot to send a heavy coat and a hat but the bugs sweat suit was warm enough with his PahPah doing man stuff.   I was at work but i hear he had fun at the water and he even reeled in three fish! The first fish he reeled in he called it a fish, he held the line it was on, touched the fish, and looked so excited.  The second and third fish were bigger so he said those where "sharks".  I do not know if it was because he had already caught his "fish" or if it was the fact that the other two were bigger, but it was still funny to me.

All in all i know my Bug is not a baby any more and he had a great day.  Even if he does not remember this day i know it means a lot to my dad to have his smart as a whip grandson share an interest of his and do it well.