Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Its quite interesting to watch my little Bug grow. I find the things he gets fascinated with keep my attention just watching him explore, imagine and play with all this knowledge he is gaining.

I get lost watching him play with his toys, i often find my self wondering what is going on in his head??!?!

 Not only does he mimic what he sees but he adds on to that, and i get to see it all come out of his head the way he envisioned it.  I know it can all only get better and i am excited to be apart of that.  I am trying to keep up with him to i continue to nurture and educate him in his creative and learning and thats exhausting!

As we come up on being 2 we have some new and exciting things that are gonna start taking play, so it time allows hopefully i have way more to blog!

Its like play dough but with a purpose

For everyone who knows me you know i LOVE sweets...especially sweets in the form of cookies.  This weekend i had sugar cookie dough and added a little food coloring then BAM instant play dough with a purpose. 
Momma Bug and Baby Bugs Cookie Creations

The Bugs Cookie Creations
My Bug was only concerned with taking the dough in an out of its container at first, until i showed him how to flatten it and use the cookie cutters. Cookies cutters equal awesome destruction in a boys world, BUT they get a good result.  He made little men and was trying to get them waking on the table.  He quickly got frustrated when the men (my uncooked cookie dough) wouldn't stand up. 

Once we had our creative moments we baked our cookies and i have to say this was an AWESOME project i will be repeating.  I mean everyone likes play dough and now this is play dough u can watch form into something and you EAT it...score in my book!

Having WAY to much fun making cookies


I love my Bug!

Doesn't matter where we are i try and make it so that we are having fun.  This weekend we were in the parking lot at the grocery store goofing around just because it made him laugh and smile...moments like these make everything else obsolete! I get so absorbed in the laugh and the smiles that my environment, my situations, my issues all melt away and i am focused in his laughter. This and getting hugs from his little self make my days great.

See a part of my smile for your self..

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Doggie Door

We went to Auntie Stacy's for dinner one night and the Bug had so much fun with her puppies.  He wanted to do almost everything they did,  We played with them in the back yard until dinner was done.  Then when it started getting cooler we shut the sliding glass door leading to the back yard.  At this point the Bug was curious on how the dogs could be out side and still play when he was in the house when the door was shut.  So he watched the dogs go in and out their special door carefully a couple of times before he realized "Hey i can do that!".

This little experience reminded me how everything is new to his little discovering thinking self. As adults we know what a dog door is and what it purpose is but the Bug had never seen one before. This was a new and novel concept for him, and if he the dogs were doing it why couldn't he?!

On the video, its a little loud in the background because we were laughing hystercially. My mom keeps trying to get me to send it in to Americas Funniest home videos, as this is one of her favorites videos to date of the Bug. So i figured i share a laugh and a giggle with you all...ENJOY and comment ;o) 

Ny Ny Sippy Cup

Don't know if this normal but my Bug falls asleep clinching his sippy cup. He doesn't fall asleep drinking it so I don't worry about his teeth rotting, but that's his security.

To hold something when you fall asleep sounds normal when you are referring to a toddler. Some kids fall asleep with teddy bears, action figures, even cars and trucks or blankets, but not my kid! My Bug falls asleep with a cup, holding a blue ice from his lunch pal or like last week a food container.  When we left church i got him some chicken nuggets, and he fell asleep holding the container. Every time i tried to take the container from him so he could sleep he woke up crying motioning for me to give him his nuggets back...and i did! Theres gotta be worse things in the world than him wanting to keep his nuggets safe right?!?

Maybe he will grow out of it, but for now I'm just uber excited he goes to sleep by just laying down. Now maybe the next step will be sleeping all night in his own bed!