Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Doggie Door

We went to Auntie Stacy's for dinner one night and the Bug had so much fun with her puppies.  He wanted to do almost everything they did,  We played with them in the back yard until dinner was done.  Then when it started getting cooler we shut the sliding glass door leading to the back yard.  At this point the Bug was curious on how the dogs could be out side and still play when he was in the house when the door was shut.  So he watched the dogs go in and out their special door carefully a couple of times before he realized "Hey i can do that!".

This little experience reminded me how everything is new to his little discovering thinking self. As adults we know what a dog door is and what it purpose is but the Bug had never seen one before. This was a new and novel concept for him, and if he the dogs were doing it why couldn't he?!

On the video, its a little loud in the background because we were laughing hystercially. My mom keeps trying to get me to send it in to Americas Funniest home videos, as this is one of her favorites videos to date of the Bug. So i figured i share a laugh and a giggle with you all...ENJOY and comment ;o) 

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