Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ny Ny Sippy Cup

Don't know if this normal but my Bug falls asleep clinching his sippy cup. He doesn't fall asleep drinking it so I don't worry about his teeth rotting, but that's his security.

To hold something when you fall asleep sounds normal when you are referring to a toddler. Some kids fall asleep with teddy bears, action figures, even cars and trucks or blankets, but not my kid! My Bug falls asleep with a cup, holding a blue ice from his lunch pal or like last week a food container.  When we left church i got him some chicken nuggets, and he fell asleep holding the container. Every time i tried to take the container from him so he could sleep he woke up crying motioning for me to give him his nuggets back...and i did! Theres gotta be worse things in the world than him wanting to keep his nuggets safe right?!?

Maybe he will grow out of it, but for now I'm just uber excited he goes to sleep by just laying down. Now maybe the next step will be sleeping all night in his own bed!

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