Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Its like play dough but with a purpose

For everyone who knows me you know i LOVE sweets...especially sweets in the form of cookies.  This weekend i had sugar cookie dough and added a little food coloring then BAM instant play dough with a purpose. 
Momma Bug and Baby Bugs Cookie Creations

The Bugs Cookie Creations
My Bug was only concerned with taking the dough in an out of its container at first, until i showed him how to flatten it and use the cookie cutters. Cookies cutters equal awesome destruction in a boys world, BUT they get a good result.  He made little men and was trying to get them waking on the table.  He quickly got frustrated when the men (my uncooked cookie dough) wouldn't stand up. 

Once we had our creative moments we baked our cookies and i have to say this was an AWESOME project i will be repeating.  I mean everyone likes play dough and now this is play dough u can watch form into something and you EAT it...score in my book!

Having WAY to much fun making cookies

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