Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Its quite interesting to watch my little Bug grow. I find the things he gets fascinated with keep my attention just watching him explore, imagine and play with all this knowledge he is gaining.

I get lost watching him play with his toys, i often find my self wondering what is going on in his head??!?!

 Not only does he mimic what he sees but he adds on to that, and i get to see it all come out of his head the way he envisioned it.  I know it can all only get better and i am excited to be apart of that.  I am trying to keep up with him to i continue to nurture and educate him in his creative and learning and thats exhausting!

As we come up on being 2 we have some new and exciting things that are gonna start taking play, so it time allows hopefully i have way more to blog!

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