Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Bugs first trip Scandia

My Bug was out with Grandpa yesterday causing havoc in the mean streets of the Inland Empire as usual, when they decided to bring their mischief to Scandia.

If you lived in the Inland Empire as a child Scandia was the hot spot! A mini amusement park where your parents dropped you off for some mini golf action, bumper boats, go carts and all sorts of random rides.  I had not been since i was in junior high school, and didn't have any sort of inkling to go until my Bug was old enough to do stuff on his own as i cheered him on from the "parents tables", so i was glad Grandpa jumped in to go.

The Bug had a blast running around, riding rides and when i got off work i heard all about their day.  THEN Grandpa informed me that he left the Bugs day pass on so that his mom, me the Momma Bug, could take him back when i got off work.  SO there i was after working an 11 hour day faced with these stories of how much fun my Bug had and given the opportunity to take him on his pre-paid ticket. Of course i mustard the strength and we bounced on over to the fun zone.  I could not sit at home resting in peace knowing my Bug could have been ripping and running having a ball, so my super mom cape went on and energy came along with it, in the form of a red bull.

It was actually a lot of fun and didn't take to much energy on my part.  Some of the ride attendants were cool as all get up too.  They saw he wasn't tall enough to ride some of the stuff by him self BUT they saw how not stupid he is for his age and height then let him bend some of the rules.  Plus it wasn't very packed there so he could run and burn energy with out being bombarded with people in his way. To him this place was huge and full of wonders...just like his Disneyland face except it was closer and cheaper.

The best part was his fascination just watching the big kids roller coaster.  The took off up the track and he waved and said "bye see you".  Just as they were about to make their dip down he covered his face real quick and ran under the coaster.  SO funny that something to simple kept him pondering yet occupied for about an hour.
He played on the poles in line
He drove a truck.
He rode a horse.

He flew a plane.

All in all we had a great time, and i think this is a great place to take your kid young or old to have some random fun, especially during the week.  Its not to expensive and its close to i see why our parents drop us off there so much when we were kids! ;o)

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