Monday, June 13, 2011

First Day of School/Day Care

So we have done it! We have successfully finished our first "drop off" on the first day of day care/ school.

My Bug was having a blast. From what i saw there were toys, freedom, water, and colored shaving cream oh my!  He was up and ready to go this morning like he knew something big was happening.

We got to the school bright and early when we were greeted by Auntie KC, who met us there to capture the first drop off (pics to come in the future im sure).  We walked in, met his first teacher and so far i have to say the lady is awesome and her on top of her game! She loves her job and you can tell through her education and interaction. 

I waited around and kids started to pour in when it was breakfast time.  SO cute! They teach the kids to sit at the table,  pour their milk, serve themselves and eat by themselves.  My Bug was the only one who thought the serving and pouring was kool but the eating didn't last past two or three bites. Then everything ended up on him and on the floor.
Everything is so little and so cute, because its just the right size for this little humans to do it themselves successfully! The bowls were not even as big as my 1/2 cup measuring bowls, and they pour milk from a little container that looks like the syrup container at IHOP.  I got a HUGE kick out of that.

While i got the run down on the place, the teachers, the aids, the procedures and all other stuff boring to my Bug but VERY important to me the Bug played...

I even got to see his teachers put out water and they had water fun, and shaving cream fun.  They learn through playing at this school. This is gonna be a messy hands on place and i LOVE that!

Everything was going good while i was there, but i did see he did have issues when he had to let another boy wash his hands after him.  Sharing will be a concept that he has to get down, but in due time he will learn.  There is no time like the present to start a routine of habits he will need in his lifetime to be successful so lets get it in now!

I gave him kisses and hugs and then he ran back to play while i finished talking to his teacher then i left.  Do not know if he processed i left, or if he put two and two together that he was staying with out me, but ill get a report when its time to go home.  In a nut shell that's our first morning at day care.  We will see what his day was like this afternoon when i talk to the teachers and read the status sheets.

I'm excited still for my little bug.  Many more blogs of fun times to follow but today is the first so jump up for joy it has been great so far.

PS- Thanks for the great pictures Auntie KC!!! 

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