Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Yesterday went great.  Gold starts for the Bug and his first day at Toddler School. Yes apparently that whats it called, not day care not pre pre school but Toddler School.

Last night i got to thinking this is a great thing.  Not just for my Bug and his well being, education but for sports! Yes him starting school is great for his activity schedule too.

The way i figure it Toddler school is his first introduction to schedule, routine, following directions from non family adult. Also he is starting to participate in group activity's with other children his age.  All things he is going to need to know and understand when he starts playing sports next year. So now we are on a good transitioning path in my mind.  Toddler school is easing us into all that.

We are starting the ground work for greatness while knocking out two important things in his life. Education and Activity oooooh I'm so excited for my Bug we are on a road that is opening so many doors.

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