Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Play time

If you know my Bug you know he is probably one of thee most active little boys you have ever seen.  I know he is because he is 3 times as active as i remember my brother ever being, his grandparents and great grandpa say the same. 

9 months
24 months say cheese mom!
So we spend a lot of time at the park and other kid friendly places where he can climb, run and jump off things...ya know normal boy things.  I took him to the park a few days ago and we where having a ball!  

He climbed up steps to run to slide and headed down face first then tried to climb up the slide with out going around the steps and was successful almost every time. 


When he was 9 months i got him this tricycle that i push and he rides, now we are almost two and getting the concept down of pushing the pedals with his feet.  Its still fun to get off and push so i take it to the park and let him have a field day with that too! 

There are these things at the park that are similar to two tin cans on a string you can talk in with a friend, except they are flowers sprouting out of the ground.  Well my Bug was trying to climb one, so i went to the opposite one and said his name in it.  HE FREAKED OUT!  he is an investigative little guy so we he was looking around it and in it trying to find out where the voice came from for at least 10 minutes.  He figured our it was my voice eventually and was OK with it then.


Then it was time to leave the park, we went to the water fountain to get some water and i think that might have been the first time he has ever seen a water fountain.  It was amazing to him and then it was even cooler when he figured out he could press a button to the water. He was trying with all his little might to press the button and make water come out.  Of coursed i laughed and took pictures and then helped him make a cool mess. 

All in all a cool free fun outdoor activity with my Bug. Summer is here with summer nights and sun just for us to be out side and explore while burning all sorts of energy in a good way!

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