Friday, June 10, 2011

Day Care/School

OK not so much school but Child Care!

By the grace of God we have been accepted into a financially friendly GOOD program for toddlers, that starts next week. I didn't really think of it as School till the Bugs God Mom made the correlation last week, and boy oh boy i was excited before then but now i am even more excited! 

When i started to think about it this is his first activity that's not family or church based but solely education orientated. SO EXCITING to know his mind will be challenged, his logic will have answers and methods to other logic questions and he will be in a setting to gain the social skills that he will need his entire life!

I loved him with grand parents and i am blessed for what they give me, but now we are in for routine and consistency ...oh my garage i am excited!!

Grand Parents all across the board seem to be the ones who are  gonna miss their time with him.  I am gonna miss being able to send a text or a call saying "whats he doing is he OK". or knowing if he fell, or got scratched he was consoled by a family member.  BUT the God mom has devised a great plan to help me. I will just text her "hows my Bug" and she will respond with some witty humor like "oh he is great just went sky diving" to make me smile and feel at ease...thank God for this woman!

This is just the begging of many many more  posts about this great journey we are starting.  I am looking forward to every moment that is to come!  Be on the look out for more pics and story's to come SOON!

I mean the first day of Day care, preschool and kindergarten is just one big photo shoot right?!?!

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