Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stains Stains Stains!!

So when we started Pre Pre School i KNEW my bug was gonna come home messy and dirty.  I expected him to be in stuff and exploring things like markers, dirt, and paints. 

What i did not expect was EVERYTHING that was used having food coloring inside.  That stuff is murder on washing clothes.  I do not send him to school in nice expensive clothes but come on i am not sending him to school looking like a bum every day either, so i have to conquer getting food coloring OUT of his stuff. 

I have washed, bleached, shouted and pre soaked all his stuff and i STILL have a tie-died  little kid running around.  Its a little different when we do crafts at home to, because when he gets messy the clothes are taking off while fresh and stained then soaked pre treated etc. BUT now we are at school all day in stained clothes and they just set in those fibers thinking that are sticking around for life.

I know i have a boy and dirty is what i come to expect more of in the future, but FOOD COLORING is a beast of its own nature!  I mean i remember being a little kid and my mom making the dye for easters eggs and that stuff stayed on our hands for weeks after, or so it seemed.  I REALLY wish teachers could find something else to use in food colorings place.  Dirt i can handle, mud i can handle, snot and poo i can handle but the food coloring and i are having a fight as each day passes...a fight i am determined to win!

This wekeend we try SoilLove, that seems to work on everything when shout and bleach just do not do what are suppose too.  Hopefully that will work its magic and my Bug will look normal again so i can have my clean cut fresh little boy back. 

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  1. My Aunt read my blog and told me to use oxy clean, and double the amount ...yeah the Bugs stains laugh in the face of ANYTHING!!!!