Friday, June 10, 2011

The great Big Bugs Birthday Book

I have a coupe people asking me "what do i get this guy for his birthday!"  My response...a hug and a smile!  Literally knowing that he has love prayers and support is all that is needed.

BUT for those who INSIST on spoiling him...posting things here i have seen him play with and know he would enjoy makes things a lot easier on me!  Its like the Big Christmas book toys r us puts out hahahah He is two and you have to buy him gifts in the 3-4 yr old range, sounds weird i know but its true.  If you buy him things in the two year category they will collect dust, he likes the challenge and stays busy. 

Again this is just for those who want direction in how to spend their cash, but we are NOT asking or expecting for anything.  Hope this gives some people direction but if you have question still feel free to ask away!


 Clothes, gift cards are always nice as well...anything that is a gift is amazing and we will be grateful. Some of the stuff above is very expensive, but can used as guidelines of interest for those who have been asking. 

Here we go two!!

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