Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Trying to get a Wagon

I have this silly little concept in my head that every boy needs to have a wagon. With all the fairs, missions and other outside activity's that i am planning on attending with my Baby Bug i believe a wagon would come in handy for him.  Not to mention my Baby Bug loves wagons, riding in them and pulling them, so this will be something that we will be using for years to come. What i didn't know starting this journey to purchasing a wagon, was that it was gonna be so much work.  To my surprise (and benefit) my boss is a wagon expert.

This is what i learned to look for:

1. All Wood is better than steel and wood b/c the all wood wagon comes apart so you can use it for different stuff as well as take it apart to put it in different vehicles.

2. If you can get padding cheap awesome, but if not then you can take old throw pillows or buy cheap garden furniture cushions, then that makes for a better ride for the little ones in the wagon.

3. Spring for the all terrain balloon wheeled wagon, then you can take it to the beach or through fields at a pumpkin patches with ease.

4. Canopies are good for longer rides in the sun, but maybe not for all rides for me b/c i have a child who might stand up and be jumping in and out of the wagon.  

The project of searching for a wagon that i thought was gonna take about 30 minutes of research then became a 3 hour research project, but i found one i love that isn't as pricey as all the rest and gets all four points covered. Like i keep saying, i spend money on things that i will get more than my money's worth out of them.  Its gotta last and anything this expensive is a complete investment so it has to last and be very useful in the process.

I like this one a lot, now i just have to put all my pennies together over the next couple pay periods to make it happen. I wanted it for the pumpkin patch in October but it might turn out to be my Christmas gift to the Baby Bug if i'm paying for it alone.

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