Saturday, September 18, 2010


We had an AMAZING day at the fair!

I didn't dare to take the Baby Bug alone so I had four friends with me for back joke.

From the time we got into the fair we walked, ate, walked, and ate!

First stop the Mexican food booth at the front of the entrance to the Blue gate. Beef taco and a lemon fresca...GREAT!

Then we made our way to the Barn. The Baby bug loved the little piggys. I kept trying to show him all the animals, even a cow giving birth, but nope he kept booking it back to the piggys. He would look at me smiling and I'd say pig but do the asl sign for meat Hahaha.

We did make our to the petty zoo with the goats and llamas. SO fun! The baby goats kept surrounding the baby bug and he was talking to them like they could understand him....hilarious!

Then we made our way to get a roasted corn. I ate the kernels and the Baby Bug gnawed on the cob.

the stuff they were selling in the hangers was kinda cool but nothing caught my interest. So we left the hangers and went to eat!

Here is all the food on our table, two 12inch corn dogs, one regular corn dog, a pinks chili cheese dog, a pastrami sandwich, pinks chili cheese fries, and for the first time..tasti chips.. These were thee BEST! Thin sliced fresh potato chips with cheddar bacon cheese sauce. GRUB TIME!

After our feast we decided to walk and see the Baby Bugs God Mommys Photography entry, the Baby Bug ran all over the Grandstand, we sat on a couch and tag teamed chasing him. Then we he got tired we packed it up walked the rest of the fair grounds had an ice cream and left!

It was an amazing day for me. I truly love the LA County Fair and I spent it with great friends. It was also my Baby Bugs first time there and I know he had a blast.

The only thing I what to change for next year is to have a wagon. A sturdy one with shade and we can do things all over again!


  1. LOVE this...

    I am so glad you got to go to the fair...but I'm a little bummed I couldn't go with you!

  2. awww i was too, but hey always something to look forward to in 2011 ;o)