Monday, September 20, 2010

Single Parenting Vs. Co Parenting

I went a rant on my other blog and this weekend i got my buttons pushed yet again about the same topic so i wanted to start a discussion on my public blog.  

Before i get started i want to say i am thankful i have so many people in my life who care about me and my child to help lend a hand, time, and their heart at times before i can ask.

I do not understand women who think they are raising their child on their own with a present active father figure in their child's life.  How can you being doing it alone if your child's father is in the picture? Maybe he is in the picture but not contributing activity wise or financially.  At that point i might be able to comprehend. It really makes me laugh when their kids are not with them and that's when they talk about doing it all yet the child is with the other half, who they are with on a CONSISTENT basis.   Especially when its like Thursday through Sunday, dont know what they were the ones up every night, in charge of every little decision and every big decision alone!

You do not do it alone if your child's father comes to get them Thursday, Friday, Saturday and brings them back to you Sunday night and i do not think u gain any creditability complaining when they also contribute financially?

Over the past year i have started my marathon journey of raising my Baby Bug as a single parent. Being a Single Parent raising a child alone means my child is with me 24/7, with the exception of the evenings he is with one of his grandparents, so that i do not have to wake up before the sun to get him to the house to be watched so i can work. That check your child's father gives even if its court ordered that is given in aid also says your not alone. I cant even say i am doing it alone b/c i have so many family and friends to count on if i need them, but i am the only parent my child has. Any decision that is made or signature that is given will be mine.

The main reason i am revisiting this topic is b/c i'm noticing its more than one persons mentality. Co Parenting and single parenting are two completely different things.

You may not like the man but the person you are Co Parenting with, but the funds are given breaking bread even though he has his child 3 nights out of seven.  He is also giving you a break to be a better mother to your child when your child is in your presences. I mean he may not be the best dad, he could screw up on some other levels (could be many other levels), but i mean give the man credit for being with his seed, and giving you some sort of compensation for the times he can not be with his seed!

For those reading, i am not complaining, i am not saying the grass is greener...i love my bug and we are thriving in love and growth in our situation. Everyone's situation is unique to those who are in it, i just feel that people need to look at the entire situation before they start picking things apart for what they think they do not have! With so many divorces we have in the states these days, and couples who aren't married but hooked up even for just one night Co parenting exists more now that ever, and i think it can be successful if both parties focus on their child and not their differences with each other. BUT i'm not in that situation nor have i ever been so i really cant speak on it directly.

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