Monday, September 17, 2012

Animal Sounds

Lately i have been working with the bug on recognizing animals and the sounds the make. We are getting good too.

I say what sounds does a Dog Make?
The Bug says Woof

I say what sound does a cat make
The Bug Says Meow

...And we go down the list Dog, Cat, Snake, Bear, Lion, Mouse, Monkey, Bird then we get to fish.

I say what sound does a fish make
The Bug runs around in a circle with his hands at his side saying fishy fishy fishy, THEN he puts one hand on the top of his head (imitated a shark fin) and he starts humming the jaws theme song...Dahdah daahdaah (faster) Dahdah dahdah dahdah!! Then LUNGINGS at you.

When we did this in front of grandpa and i asked the bug "what does a fish make" my dad looked at me and said fish do not have a sound i said well my in my bugs word they do!

I do not know where we we picked this up, but its pretty funny.

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