Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Casting like a Pro

My Bug has graduated from learning how to cast and now we on to the more technical things.

He "pish"-es so much at my house that he broke his reel and we had to have PawPaw fix it for him. When my dad was finished fixing it my bug was so excited he started casting in my dads house. He is not use to casting in a smaller area and he sent his line straight through family room, through the kitchen and hit my dad on the head on the dining room.

OF course i found it to be hilarious, my dad well not so much. He shoveled my bug and i out the door with the quickness.  When we were outside my bug did get show him how well he casts. All my dad dropped his jaw, and popped his eyes out saying wow.  I think he casted about 20 feet or so...for a three year old that's something special apparently (can you tell i am a non fishing mommy). 

Now PawPaw has giving us a bobber, so the bug can cast into water.  This way he can visually see what he is doing and maybe it will make the next step of waiting on a fish to bite a little easier.  So this weekend we are going to try and make our way up to a lake or some kind of water for the bug to practice his casting skills!

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